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It is important as a publisher that you have an easy time looking through our offers and being able to find what you are looking for. As you would probably expect with our custom network, our offer search is also custom and pretty easy to use.

To get started in your offer search, login to PeerFly and go to the All Offers page. This is the page you will be taken to:

At this page you will see a list of all of our offers (currently 1,023 of them) ordered by total conversions. Although this is a great list to start with, you can easily search through and filter it to find just what you are looking for.

Search and Filter PeerFly Offers

All Offer Chart Explained

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1. Sort by Vertical

All of our offers are broken into different verticals. These verticals (catagories) make it easy for you to filter through the different types of offers we have. The drop down also shows how many offers in each vertical we have. For example, right now in our E-mail & Zip Submits we have 432 offers. Find the vertical you are looking for and push the Filter button to see the offers for that vertical.

2. Sort by Country

Although the majority of our offers are for United States traffic only, we do have international offers as well. You can sort our offers by country using the drop down next to the verticals box. Each country we have an offer for is listed in that drop down along with the total amount of offers we have that accept traffic from that country. For example, right now we have 99 offers that accept traffic from Canada.

Tip: You can view offers that accept traffic from ALL COUNTRIES by typing worldwide in the offer search bar.

3. Search by Offer Names

We also have a search bar where you can search by offer name. So, if you are looking an iPad 2 offer to promote on your new fancy iPad 2 blog, simply type iPad 2 in the search bar and push Filter. This will bring up a list of all of our iPad 2 offers. You can also filter by country and vertical with this search. If you want an iPad 2 e-mail submit that accepts traffic from Canada simply choose E-mail & Zip Submits from the drop down vertical box, select Canada under All Countries, type iPad 2 in the search box and push Filter.

4. Sort Offers by ID, Offer Name, Value, EPC, and CR

A feature that a lot of people overlook or just do not know about is the ability to sort the offer list by the different values listed. This is a great feature that really gives you insight to the data available on PeerFly.

Newest Offers – to find our newest offers simply click the ID link at the top of the All Offers page. This will sort the list by ID and the higher the offer ID the newer the offer.

Highest Paying Offers – if you click Value the offer list will be sorted by payout, showing you the highest paying offers.

Top EPCs and Conversion Rates – this is the search and list that everyone is always looking for. If you click EPC or CR at the top of the All Offers page it will show you our offers with the top EPC and top conversion rates. Here are permalinks you can bookmark:

How often do these statistics update?

The offer statistics that you see on the PeerFly backend all update every 5 minutes and they are for the past 30 days.

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