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When you are searching through our offers at PeerFly and finally find one you want to promote, we want it to be obvious how you are allowed to promote it and give you access to all the creatives, which is what our offer pages are setup to do.

offer pages

With our offers pages, you can find all of the information we have on the offer so that you do not need to contact your affiliate manager each time to ask.


The details section simply gives you a description of the offer. This is also the section where we include what page the offer converts on.

Allowed Marketing

The allowed marketing section shows you what methods you are allowed to use when promoting the offer. Each method has a [?] next to it that, when you hover over it, will give you a description of that method in case you are not sure what it is.

Allowed Countries

This section gives you a list of the countries you are allowed to promote the offer to. It does not matter where you actually psychically live. You are welcome to promote any of our offers if you are an approved publisher, but when you are setting up your affiliate marketing campaign you need to target only the countries listed. If anyone from outside of the countries listed tries to access your link they will be redirected to an offer that accepts traffic from their country automatically.

Restricted Marketing

Obviously, these are the methods that the advertiser has requested that you not use when promoting their offer. All of our offers have the following restrictions on them (we do not accept these methods):

  • NO Incent
  • NO Craigslist
  • NO Twitter

If you want to run an offer, but are unsure if what you are trying to do would fall under the restricted marketing techniques please contact your affiliate manager before you start your campaign.

View Landing Page, Category, and Offer Stats

The View Landing Page link is a direct link to the offer landing page (no PeerFly redirect). This is the link you would want to use when trying to view the offer in a proxy. The category is simply the vertical the offer is listed under on the All Offers page. The stats (Value, EPC, CR) are listed next. The type of offer (Lead or Sale) and then Reports. All of our offers report in real time (immediately).


The links tab is the tab open by default. This section lists your PeerFly affiliate links and shows how to add subids to our links. Typically, I suggest all publishers use the Short Link unless they are using 3rd party tracking software like Prosper202. You can also choose a Tracking Domain, but by default I suggest you just use the one unless you have a reason to use a different one (they all work the same).


The red banners tab obviously contains all the banner creatives we have for that offer. If you do not see the tab then we do not have any banners for that offer. You can find the banner image and HTML under this tab.


The e-mails tab has all of our e-mail creatives and suppression lists.


Our Tools tab has quite a few different options for you. Here is the menu:

PeerFly tools

The option used most often is probably the Place Tracking Pixel link. I definitely suggest you take a look through them all.

That pretty much wraps our PeerFly offer pages. As a publisher it’s important that you get familiar with them so they are easy for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. We have tried to make this as easy as possible. How have we done? I”m interested to hear any suggestions in the comments below 🙂


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