New PeerFly Design – Sneak Peek!

As I mentioned in my post about how to login to PeerFly, we have a new design for our site being created. We have used our current site layout since we “opened our doors” in December of 2008 and although I believe it is very good and we get compliments on it daily, we needed to make some changes so we would have room to expand as we add new features to our network. We want the new design to reflect what everyone currently likes about PeerFly, but give us room for improvement.

It is important to know that these are rough drafts of a new design. It is likely that there could be many changes before the new design is finally implemented on PeerFly.


The features on the homepage will be similar to that of the current PeerFly homepage. The publisher application form will be the main feature and of course there will be some content explaining what we do and why you should join PeerFly. The page will also have a cool slider (stock image shown below).

Notice the Login box at the top? 🙂

New PeerFly Homepage

Updated Dashboard

The Dashboard will be similar to our current Dashboard with an update graph and offer information. We will also be adding information on when your next payment will be sent and for how much.

New PeerFly Dashboard

Publisher Profiles

The publisher profile page will be split up into sections to make it easy to navigate and change certain information. This screenshot shows how our sub-menus will work as well. One of the main reasons for the new design was to be able to implement sub-menus and expand our features.

New PeerFly Profile

New Offer Search

We have had a new offer search in the works for awhile, but never released it. You can see a mock-up of what it may look like in the future. Of course, you’ll also be able to still use (</shameless plug) 🙂

New All Offers page

My thoughts

I am thrilled of what this new design is going to offer us in terms of being able to expand. We have a few new features we plan to release with the new design and I think it is all going to tie together very well. I am happy with the layout of the new design and think the sub-menus will be very useful.

I am a bit concerned about the color choice. We have discussed this mock-up internally and hope that the color scheme is not to dark. It will really be hard to say until we have it fully coded and are able to use it. I think in the end it will be fine.

So, what do you think?

Of course, I’m interested to hear what you, the people who will be using the design, think. Please complete the poll below and leave your comments 🙂

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