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One of our biggest assets at PeerFly is our custom platform. Our network has been custom programmed from the ground up and this leaves us with a lot of opportunity to expand and add features that other networks do not have. One great example of such a feature is our Cash Flow system. Pretty much every affiliate marketer has run into cash flow issues. You get a successful campaign going and start pumping money into it and just as it’s starting to peak you run out of cash. This is especially true for new affiliates that do not have a lot of capital.  So, we created an early payment system.

Net30 Sucks

By default our publishers start out on a net30 payment schedule.  On a net30 payment schedule you are paid at the end of each month for the previous months earnings.  So, you would be paid at the end of July for your earnings from June.  This is not the most ideal situation to be in.  We know.  We have to have net30 in place because it gives us and our advertisers an opportunity to look over your traffic before you are paid for it. There is a lot of fraud in the affiliate marketing industry and we do our best to detect it or stop it early, but sometimes that is not always possible. By placing new publishers on a net30 payment schedule we can look over their traffic and make sure everything is legit. This helps keep our advertisers happy and keeps us from losing out by paying publishers and then not being paid by our advertisers.

PeerFly Payment Schedules

peerfly payment schedules

We have several different payment methods that you can work your way into. They are all based on your total earnings per month. However, we do also factor in the quality of your traffic. If you have enough earnings to get you into the next payment schedule tier, that does not always mean that you will be bumped. Our compliance team looks over each person who would like to be bumped to a better payment schedule to make sure we have not had any complaints on the quality of the publisher’s traffic.

Important Note: You are not automatically bumped to the next payment schedule tier just because you have earned enough money to be bumped. You need to contact your affiliate manager to have your traffic reviewed and to be bumped.

Early Payment System

We send out payments daily at PeerFly. Most networks send out payments once a week at best, but our accounting sends out payments every single day. This does not mean if you generate $10 on your first day as a PeerFly affiliate that you will be paid that money the next day. As I mentioned above, we have payment schedules that depend on the amount of earnings you have.

However, if you do have some earnings in your account and you need the money to push your campaign forward we do have something for you. It’s called the PeerFly Cash Flow system. With Cash Flow, you can request an early payment at any time. There is a $50 minimum, but if you have $50+ in your account and you go to our Cash Flow page on PeerFly you can request an early payment and receive that payment within 8 hours!

We have two different daily (early) payment options:

  • Within 8 hours: 22% fee
  • Within 3 days: 17% fee

The fee is automatically removed from your total earnings and you are paid everything else. Your payment will be sent with whatever method you have on file with us (check, PayPal, ACH, etc).

If you have any questions about Cash Flow please feel free to post them in the comments below or contact me 🙂

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19 thoughts on PeerFly Cash Flow

  1. Well Luke,Only thing that bothers me in peerfly dashboard is the unpaginated list of offers.
    When I try to list all offers, it loads all 1000+ offers in a single page, which actually is really heavy on slow systems.
    If the Offer list page is paginated, then it will be good.

    1. Great suggestion. We are working to improve our interface and will definitely take pagination for the offer lists in consideration!

  2. Hi Luke,

    It’s my first comment.
    I looked that you are very welcome to every one by answering every questions.

    What are the real requirements to get paid within 8 hours?
    $50 and quality traffic only?
    What do you mean by quality traffic?

    In case I got $50 and I want to get paid within 8 hours and I got quality traffic, will I qualified to get paid?
    Is this the right calculation: $50 – (22% x $50) = $39?

    Thanks! 😉

    Success for you and PeerFly!

    1. We don’t disclose all of the requirements, but you can always put in a request. Worst case senario you will get denied. No harm 🙂 Your calculation is correct. The page will also tell you how much you will be paid.

    1. I’ll agree that the fees are high, but they’re where we need to have them to offer this service to our publishers. Having an optional early payment is a big risk for PeerFly, but a huge benefit for our publishers 🙂

  3. Hi Luke, how much is the interest if I want a custom payout within 7 days? Am I able to get the custom payout if I havent received any payments from peerfly yet? Its just that I want to start a big campaign but need that cash flow to make it work, net 30 will never work. Thanks! 🙂

    1. The interest depends on how much you are going to request. For example, if it’s over $5,000 then the fee would be 5%. Typically we require one net30 payment before we’ll approve early cash outs, but it really depends on the offer and your traffic. Once we see some traffic we can access quality and then discuss payment options.

      1. hi, luke really you are the best affiliate manager. however, i am new in peerfly but i want to spend daily a lot of money for marketing in this case your first net 30 payment is very problem to run campaign daily in this case when i will complete some offer and if i request you to check my traffic status and after checking it can i get cash flow system.

      2. Oh ok so if my traffic quality is good then we may be able to bypass the net30 and go straight to custom payout because this would be a lot more convenient fpr the expenditure of my budget! 🙂

  4. Hi, luke .
    I am emeline . I am a newbie in ppv . I have been doing ppc marketing using direct linking with clickbank . I currenting having a website with healthy infused water .com and it is having certain amount of facebook fans . Would like to go into ppv marketing . How should i go in order to get approve by peerfly ? Do i need to create a landing page first ? I prefer to start off with a direct linking …. kindly advise how to get into peerfly .thanks

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