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One of the goals at PeerFly is to provide our publishers with all the tools required in order for them to be successful. Not only is this a company mission, but it is my personal mission as well. The main reason I write in this blog is to share my knowledge and experience with affiliate marketing so you have an easier time being successful than I did.

About a year and a half ago I made a site called The site provided a script that allowed you to easily rotate the banners available on our offers at PeerFly. Although it works pretty well, has been used by over 1,000 PeerFly publishers, and has generated nearly 20,000,000 banner impressions, a better option has finally been created.

I am happy to announce that we have officially launched our own in-house rotator finally at PeerFly. It is much better than my script and here are a few reasons why.

The New Banner Rotator Features

The new PeerFly banner rotator, named Ads By PeerFly, is much more complex than the simple banner rotator I previously provided my publishers. Not only is it more stable because it is being hosted on our amazing servers at PeerFly, but it will also be updated more frequently because we have our in-house programming team working on it. Over time I expect this new tool to be more than you can even picture at the moment and I have no doubt it will help my publishers make a lot more money.

PeerFly banner rotator

On-Page Rotation

The banner rotator is setup to automatically rotate banners while your users are on the page. After a banner has been displayed for 15 seconds it automatically rotates to the next best banner based on our automated optimization. This should help increase your CTR and that should help you make more money!

Keyword Search

You can now filter banners by keyword term. So, if you want to rotate the iPhone offers from PeerFly simply enter the keyword iPhone and the rotator will specifically look for iPhone offers to display. You can also break this down by vertical or verticals (iPhone email submits).

Country Specific Offers

One of the features missing most from was the ability to only display banners for offers that allow traffic from the visitor’s country. This was the first thing we added to the new banner rotator. You do not have to worry about your visitors being redirected because they are clicking on banners for offers that do not allow traffic from their country anymore! This will help increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Display or Hide Adult Banners

Another feature not previously supported by PeerFlyBanners was the ability to hide or display adult banners. You can now choose to display all banners, never display adult banners, or only display adult banners.

PeerFly Banner rotator WordPress widgetWordPress Plugin

I have also created a WordPress Plugin you can download and install on your WordPress blog to easily add the banner rotator script without having to touch any code. Once you download and install the plugin on your blog you will see a new PeerFly Banners Rotator widget on your Widgets page. You can drag and drop that into any sidebar on your blog and create your rotator using a simple form (shown to the right).

You can add this widget as many times as you want to as many sidebars as you want. I recommend a maximum of 5, but feel free to test out various locations to see what works best for you.

I am hoping to get this plugin added to the WordPress Plugin Directory soon and once it is you will be able to update it directly from your WordPress admin area.

download plugin

Click the button above to download the latest version of the plugin from my Dropbox.

I’m really excited to see how beneficial our new banner rotator is going to be for our publishers at PeerFly. We are already serving millions of impressions a day and I expect that as we continue to see this tool grow and we’re able to optimize it and add new features everyone is going to enjoy the amazing results it has to offer.

If you have any questions about the new banner rotator or the WordPress plugin that goes with it please let me know. I’d also appreciate some feedback so don’t forget to comment once you get it all set up on your site. Let’s make some money!

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32 thoughts on PeerFly Banner Rotator

  1. Hi Luke,

    This is sounds like a great marketing tool – I have a question: If one of the offers you are rotating gets paused, will it automatically get taken out of the rotation?



  2. I downloaded and installed the wordpress widget and really like it. I wanted to use the banner rotator on my website but when I downloaded the wowslider I don’t know what to do with it. I would like to be able to just put the coding on my site. The widget is really easy to understand but the slider doesn’t look anything like that.???

      1. Maybe I did something wrong. How do I get the code to put on a website that is not a blog. Since the download was just for a widget for wordpress blog, which I really like. But we can’t use that on a regular website, can we?
        Thank you for your support!

  3. Hi Luke,
    Thanks for the plugin. When I install it on my blog It is conflicting with my email subscriber plugin (Hybrid-Connect) which doesn’t show up when i activate the banner rotater plugin.


  4. Hi Luke
    Love the concept. I just installed the widget on my site (300×250 banner box on the side bar), but it doesn’t show acutal banners, just a heading in bold, underline. Is there are reason it wouldn’t be showing an actual banner?

  5. Hi Luke,
    I think I worked it out. I think the category wasn’t picking up any banner ads in that size for my country, I changed the category and it worked a treat.

  6. This is awesome. I like that you have made it even easier by making a wordpress plugin. On the Peerfly network, do you have access to information about what the top converting banner size is?

  7. Hi Luke,
    I installed the WP Plugin. Works great. Except I
    would like to have the banner centered in the space
    available. Is there a simple way to do that?

  8. Hi Luke,

    I just got news of the mobile update for the this but I can’t get the plugin to work, nothing shows up. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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