PeerFly Application Denied? What now?

peerfly application denied

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This article was published 6 years, 6 months ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, we cannot approve every person who applies to our affiliate network. We want to work with every single legitimate affiliate marketer in our industry, but the truth is, there are a lot of people out there in this industry that just want to make a few quick dollars and do not care what rules they have to break to make them. These are the people we have to watch out for and sometimes we can make mistakes when reviewing publisher applications and mistake you for one of them. If you believe that is the case and you were denied at PeerFly then you still have options!

However, there are a few things you should not do…

Do NOT complete a second publisher application

At PeerFly we do not allow affiliates to complete multiple publisher applications. If you try to complete a second application you will get an error telling you that your information is already on another application. What most people do at this point is lie on their application and submit it. This is digging yourself into a deeper hole.

Do NOT email your affiliate manager

Your affiliate manager was not the person who reviewed your account. We have a separate department at PeerFly for that, our Compliance Team. Contacting your affiliate manager on Skype is also a bad idea. We have a lot of things we need to be doing, but helping you get approved after you have been denied is not one of them.

So, what should you do?

Approvals ManagerSend an e-mail to Corey or reply to the original email telling you that your application was not approved. Corey is our Approvals Manager at PeerFly and he will be able to re-review your application and let you know why your original application was denied. The best way to contact Corey about your application is to simply email him. We do not handle application reviews over the phone.

Things you can do to help get yourself approved at PeerFly

Here are a few things you can do to help get yourself approved at PeerFly. These do not guarantee your application will be approved, but it will help make our decision easier.

  • Be honest on your application.
  • Complete your entire application.
  • Explain how you plan to market our offers in the Marketing Techniques section of the application. List any methods you have used in the past or that you plan to test with our offers.
  • If you list social media as a marketing method, tell whether it is paid traffic or not.  If it is not paid traffic, explain in detail what your Marketing Method is with each type of social media.  Also, if you are using fan pages, provide links to those pages.

Affiliate Manager Reference

If your application is denied Charlie may ask for a reference from another affiliate network. Simply give him your affiliate managers contact information from another network and we will contact him/her for a reference. We work closely with most of the other networks in the industry and they are happy to help us (obviously we are happy to help them as well).

It’s important to know that if your application is denied it is not the end of the world. We will review our decision and make sure it was correct. If you are a legit affiliate we want to work with you.

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147 thoughts on PeerFly Application Denied? What now?

  1. PeerFly denied my application a month ago and i read this post so i email charlie as you suggested but it was one week there has been no answer, actually how long the answer will be given by chalie?

    1. You should hear from Charlie soon. He was a little behind because he was helping our CEO, Chad, move into his new house 🙂

  2. Mine was denied also, my reply to Charlie was to see if he could tell me the reasoning behind the denial so that I could know what it is that I did wrong. I’ve bought 3 websites now on flippa and plan to make them grow, one of theses websites still uses the previous owner peerfly ad and whatever income (if any) is generating is going to him at my expense. I know there are other networks but since I know very little about changing codes I want to leave as is and just change to one of my ads and focus on posting relevant information to the blog.

  3. Hi luke,

    I received you email telling me that I need to complete my ID verification.
    I have provided my ID photo as my reply to you email.


      1. Luke, the subject like is


        I am looking forward to work with you asap.


      2. Hello Luke,

        Please let me know if need more documents besides the my ID photo. I am willing to do so to pass the ID verification.

  4. I am currently waiting to get approved. I decided to do a search for what I should do in case I was to get denied. This page answered my question. However, I hope I get approved and do not have to contact Charlie.

    I feel as though I am a legitimate affiliate and would follow the rules. I would not want to get banned from such a great opportunity. I’m crossing my fingers that I get approved soon! 🙂 PeerFly seems like a great CPA Network to work with, and I have heard many great things about PeerFly. I wouldn’t want to work with any other CPA Network.

    1. Great! Please feel free to email me if you are denied so that I can look into it further for you. You’ll be getting an email from me soon if you are approved 🙂

      1. I’m just denied also. I wonder if I can get re-review for my application. May I just email you, Luke?

  5. Hi my name is Vladimir i open account from peerfly but they Denied my account for some reason! Peerfly is a seriously company and, i respect they decision! I feel sad becouse i wait one week ! but in that day i found a compay the name infinity downline and join and from in just one week i receive more then ten member in thes new system, and ever member join to my team pay me $25 evermonth this system really works so i say thanks for peerfly in that day Denied my acount. If have some people interesting how to work thes system feel fre to contact me from skype my ID : vladymix

  6. Hi, My application was denied. I sent the information through your contact form. can you please look in to it. I am really interested to get in to peerfly


      1. Thanks for fast reply sir. sent the information you wanted. I have bookmarked your site. Looking forward to your positive response.

  7. Hi Luke. Great page man. I applied for peerfly a couple days ago. Hopefully I get accepted, but if not I will be back to do these things.

  8. appplied, got rejected, now I have contacted a few officials, lets see what happens.

    I am determined to work with Peerfly so wont give up till I get approved

  9. Hi Luke,
    I have two websites and I use SEO for them. I don’t want to use these sites for PeerFly offers, because I want to test them with CPV campaigns. My question is, should I put my sites in the application or is better to leave it blank and just explain what is my plan to promote PeerFly offers.
    I really don’t want to ruin my chances to be accapted into your affiliate network.

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

  10. hi luke i applied 2 month ago and rejected… That time i was new to IM… but now i got some experience and also run a good ppc campaign at 2 or 3 ppc network so how can i pursue again to get approved…plz help me.. i really want to work with peerfly.. I have read alot about it.. thanx

  11. Hi Luke, I need your help as well. I got rejected in peerfly more than 2 months ago. I bought a lot of sites in flippa and ready to go to promote peerfly. Many thanks

  12. I have emailed to you. After heavy research, i feel now that i am ready for Peerfly.I have also been denied. Denial for such a great network is usually as lots of people are willing to work with Peerfly.

  13. Hi Luke,
    I just got denied after anxiously waiting for 1 1/2 week.I admit I am to internet market but I have been doing research on my own and I have some ideas that are newbie friendly.Though I think my mistake was I did not actually specify how I was going to promote PeerFly offers.
    I have emailed Charlie and I hope I get a positive reply :).

  14. Hi, I just submitted my affiliate application to peerfly. I haven’t know the outcome yet. Wonder if denied application, that means no chance already? Can’t re-apply at all, no use. If i’m being rejected, I rather find somewhere else.

  15. Hello Luke
    I’ve applied to your network but were not approved. Thought that was an end to it but after reading your post and comments once again I’ve started hoping against the hope of getting approved in peerfly network. I’ve gone through almost all the post of peerfly blog after signup and were preparing to start but got to stop coz of denial. I hope you’ll help me out. Thankyou

  16. Hello, Luke
    i have been trying to be a publisher in your network for several months. I learned my mistake from my two earlier application.But this time i was very cautious , I explained details my marketing method as well as Mahmoud Selman was my referral But again Charlie denied my application.This time Charlie didn’t send me any email , when I was trying to log in i saw my application has been denied.Could you pls see my application?What is the exact reason?Or you are not accepting publisher from BANGLADESH?

    i sent my log info through your contact form.

    waiting for your kind response.

    1. You are being denied because you’ve already applied and been denied. We do not allow more than once application per person. So, you need to email Charlie or myself and get your initial application re-reviewed.

      1. oh, I am so sorry for my mistake. I just emailed you.I am confident to make money from some verticals.please Luke help me.

  17. Luke,

    I was wondering if Peerfly still processes 75 – 100 applications per day. The reason why I ask is because a few days have gone by, yet no word on my application. At the time, I believe the people in front of me was something like 170.

    Please let me know the current model Peerfly uses for applications per day.

    Much appreciated,

    Robert Geczi

    1. Yes, we are still processing about 75-100 applications a day. If you email me I can make we take a look ASAP 🙂

  18. Luke,
    Peerfly requires to upload a government issued photo ID but i have only my university and college Id.i havent got my voter id yet.what can i do now.i have also heard that peerfly doesnt accept people from it true? plz reply soon.

    1. You are welcome to submit your school ID for review. It is not true that we do not accept anyone from Bangladesh.

  19. Hi luke,
    I got denied by peerfly on-june 11th,i didn’t got the reason because i have a very generic domain name- and i was accepted & running the campaigns of two affiliate company i.e- and . I know both of them are form india that doesn’t mean that i don’t know how to market the CPA offer globally.I am very good at PPC campaign and i am all geared up to use 7search for my CPA campaigns but i want some good offers to promote and i think peerfly is the one which can give me such platform. I didn’t upload any ID proof while applying to peerfly, is it the reason to deny my application & is it necessary for getting approved or after approval.

  20. pls, i’m a nigerian citizen and i don’t have a US tax id, how do i proceed with the segment of the application that demands that.

  21. Hi.. Luke, i already apply but got denied, why ? i just contact Mr. Charlie & Mr. Corey but haven’t recieve any answer. can you help me?

  22. I am new to affiliate marketing and was told by credible sources that peerfly is a great place to start. My application was denied and I never have intent to break any rules in any form of business, if I was denied due to lack of experience, I understand. But, if that is the case, are you able to give me some tips on where I may start first and then come back to PeerFly? Or possibly what steps to take now that I have been denied? I have spent a lot of hours researching affiliate marketing to help others and help myself have a supplemental income. What is discouraging is that after all this time, I finally decided to take a leap, and I was rejected. If I can’t start here, where should I? Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. hi luke, i’m new in cpa industry. I got denied today. But the notification email don’t explain why i got denied. I just want to know what’s wrong with my application, so in the future i can fix my mistakes for my own goodness. Waiting for your answer. Thanks.

  24. Greetings Luke,
    Apply Peerfly two days ago, so I checked the site and blog Peerfly I consider the best network, I’m no expert on the subject I have little time on this, I sincerely hope to be accepted and work with you.

  25. Hi Luke,
    a week ago I contact you about PeerFly approval reconsideration. But I don’t get any respond until now.
    I’m waiting for your reply

  26. I was declined exactly 1 year back, I have improved my cpa/affilaite skills and started making money. Since you have the best offers, i want to jump in immediately. I dont want to apply with new email, what should i do. Should i mail you.

  27. Luke,
    I sent you an email few days ago. I just want to make sure if you already received it. How long I can hope to get an update about my rejected application? Thanks

    1. If you emailed me about a rejected application I would have forwarded it to Corey and he will be in touch if we are interested in working with you.

  28. I applied a few months ago but I didn’t submitter my id proof at that time just did it today so still is there any chance that I will be approved ?

    At that time I was not sure to submit my id proof but I learned more, read your blog and now just working with facebook ads.

  29. Peerfly denied my application with no reason. They said that they wanted proof of the quality of traffic, and i had to make at least $750 with some other CPA Networks. That was very dissapointing, since i am niewbie into CPA

  30. Hi Luke, I sent you an email earlier today along with my Government ID and I wonder if you can review my rejected application. Thanking you in advance.

  31. Hi Luke,

    I was recently rejected by Corey because I can’t provide reference from other CPA Network, which is impossible for me to get, since I’m a newbie in CPA.

    Can you help?

  32. Hi Luke
    Last month Corey asked me to give a reference from a CPA network, but I didn’t have one. So I gave him my website address as you suggested (we chatted on Facebook ).

    Since then, I haven’t received any news from him. Yesterday, I logged into the Peerfly account and it said ” The application to this account was denied”. Does it mean that I’ve been denied ?

    If so, what should I do, because I haven’t got any mail from Corey regarding this issue ?

    By the way, I’ve been approved by MaxBounty. May I include that info ( my affiliate ID, my affiliate manager ) to get a re-review ?

    Thank you Luke !

      1. Hi Luke,
        My account was suspended
        I ask Corey for activate my account Corey say you get fraud conversion but I ask Corey I run offer in legal way
        Luke what I do to reactive my account????

  33. Hello sir,

    sir i applied to peerfly, but since im new to this market, no one is accepting me, i tried to speak with affiliate manager but he asked me to show the 750$ reference earning from other network,
    how im supposed to show him??
    What should i do now?
    please help

    Thank you

  34. Hi, Luke, I uploaded the license and the receiving pin, and no response.
    For a long time, I still have not received a reply.
    I don’t know, if I had been rejected, can you help me?

  35. Hi Luke,
    My application was denied because I don’t have a traffic reference from another CPA network. I have only used Google Adsense over the years. I have a half a dozen quality websites and all of my traffic is natural from SEO and social media and very decent at that. I do not want to apply to a bunch of crappy CPA sites in order to reapply – I want to start with the best. Please advise.

  36. hi luke ,i look forward sign up into peerfly but i have heard Earlier they were the most newbie friend but now they are asking for experienced member ,i.e. the members should possess some experience at cpa maketing and should have made some money with some other networks 500$ , im a newbie and i don’t profit 500$ at another CPA network???

  37. Hi Luke, my application was denied i relied the e-mail sent to me telling them that am worth it, but i got denied again so i asked why i was denied and i was told that such information can’t be given out i can’t help but think it’s so because am from Nigeria or because i used a free blog.

  38. Hiya Luke,

    I’ve never been denied because I’ve never applied so how can I apply if I’ve never been denied? Please confirm…

  39. Hi Luke. I read somewhere in the application process that one had to add Peerfly to his email list for application to be approved, but I forgot the email address I should add and I can’t find it anywhere. Can you clarify please? Or should I wait for my application to approved instead?

  40. Hi Luke,

    I received reply from Corey on my first application today. He didn’t rejected my application yet but asking for a reference from another CPA networks and affiliate manager email and I should have earned more than $500 there.

    Its my first startup and I don’t have ID on any other CPA network. So, What shall I do now? Can you help me in this case?

  41. Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, in the interest of our advertisers, we will not be able to work with you without a traffic reference from another CPA network. Are you a publisher with any other CPA affiliate network that is similar to PeerFly that will vouch for the quality of your traffic? All you have to do is reply to this email with their website link and your affiliate managers email and we’ll do the rest. In order for the network to count as a reference you must have earned at least $500 with them. Keep in mind that Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon are not CPA networks and we cannot accept references from them. In addition we cannot accept account screenshots as a reference

  42. I have sent application aprox. 15 days ago.
    An Email received that please upload your photo again,
    I uploaded it but still there is no response from peerfly.
    Please tell me how much time it will take for approval.


  43. I applied my publisher application 1 week ago but i’m not get email back from peerfly, I want to know my application me!

  44. Too bad experience with peerfly.
    They don’t even bother replying emails.
    I don’t know if that affiliate manager is lazy or what.
    Hope network don’t lose good affiliates 🙂

    1. I’m assuming you emailed Corey about your denied application. He’ll reply. He’s a bit behind. Sorry your application was denied, but that does not make PeerFly a bad affiliate network.

  45. Hi Luke,
    I’m so glad I stumbled on this article. I’m not sure if my application has been denied or not. I haven’t received a rejection email, but I saw the message when I tried accessing my account.
    I have sent you a message on Skype and I have also sent Corey an email.
    I’ll appreciate it if you can review it for me.

  46. Hello Luke,
    I wanna start my marketing with Peerfly. I have many marketing way that i can show but i need an account in your network but how can i get approve if many people wasn’t. Please reply me if you can.

  47. Hi Luke,
    I still haven’t gotten any email from Corey. Not even an email stating that my application was denied. I think I already deserve a response to the email I sent to him. I seriously don’t think you treat all your affiliates like this. As if they don’t really matter. I was very honest in my application, I thought that my honesty will at the very least be appreciated, instead I was rejected without a single notification. Maybe you guys ditch the newbies for experienced marketers. That is the message you are passing across.
    I really hope to get re-reviewed, if not, it’s not the end of the world.

  48. oh okay ! Thanks for info that my application denied. Till now i din’t know that 🙂
    Please make the processing thing little faster and can you tell me little criteria of application acceptance.
    I really want to be on this network because of alot of good offers 🙂

  49. Dear Luke ,

    once i submit my application , theres no respond from peerfly also i tried to reach to corey By mail as u mentioned and theres no reply 😀
    also i sent message to you and there`s no reply 😀

    Please reply 😀 i want to work with your respectable network ASAP 🙂

    best regards 🙂

  50. Thank you Luke 🙂 i hope you like it .. appreciate your effort 🙂 and thanks for your prompt reply 🙂

  51. Hey,Luke i’ve applied for peerfly and i was asked to submit documents,which i did and i received an email from corey asking some details like

    >How will i promote offers ?
    >Where did i hear from you ?
    >My website etc

    Which i listed and mailed corey,it’s been 4 days i haven’t heard from him.does this means my application is denied ? because Peerfly login dashboard says so.

    waiting for your reply.

  52. Hi Luke,

    I was just mistake for applied. I was applied three times after first application denied. But I am really wanna to work with your network. I am hear someone your network have good offer for dating, games, health and E-mail submit. Please if you can do something for me.

  53. Hello Luke, I hope you are having a nice day. Just 2 – 3 days ago I sent my application with very high expectations but I was reflected. Please can you help me to review my application and help me know how I can get lt approved. This is my ID PF203054 I am very willing to answer any question..and please I have sent messages to Corey and Michael but its like they are a really busy . please don’t disappoint me. GOD BLESS.

  54. I have applied at peerfly and they reject me. Althogh I have told them my promoting sources ,yet not got approved
    If I have not that experience what should I do to get in affiliate market ,
    And is it safe that once I got some experience in any CPA NETWORK , could I possibly apply again to geT approved OR the rejection is for life time.

  55. I really like to work with Peerfly and also not new to CPA but yet to have any refrences from any Aff manager..

    I have taken about 4 WSOs on CPA so I know much about it and how it runs.

    I’ve applied about four to five times to Peerfly(NEVER KNEW ABOUT THIS BEFORE) with real and honest details of mine that I’m new kid on the block and also no references yet but that still doesn’t stop them from asking me of references maybe from my class teacher (lol).

    I mailed with more Info,Luke.

  56. am very much interested in working with peerfly network,but i got the shock of my life when my application was denied,i so much want to work with peerfly network…i currently have an account with adworkmedia cpa network but i have an enthusiastic spirit n working with peerfly network..i listed all my promotion method that am currently working with and i also got a denial email.please is there any way you can help me to get back on track with peerfly network..

      1. Ezendukaku,

        Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, in the interest of our advertisers, we will not be able to work with you without a traffic reference from another CPA network. Are you a publisher with any other CPA affiliate network that is similar to PeerFly that will vouch for the quality of your traffic? All you have to do is reply to this email with their website link and your affiliate managers email and we’ll do the rest. In order for the network to count as a reference you must have earned at least $500 with them. Keep in mind that Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon are not CPA networks and we cannot accept references from them. In addition we cannot accept account screenshots as a reference.

        If you’re not with any other networks we suggest joining the networks below. You can then send us a reference with them.
        Adscend Media
        Amped Media
        Please let me know if you have any questions.


  57. hello, we was applied peer fly account 6 ot 7 month ago but that time we cant get approved now when i want to logging in my account we are seeing show

    Oh snap! You have errors!

    The application for this account was denied.

    so, what can i do now ? cz this email id another all network we did signup and working please let me know how we can solved it



  58. Hello Luke,
    My application was denied and I received an email that asked me to earn 500$ with another CPA network first, but I’m newbie sir . Could you please help me?

  59. HI !
    I apply for peerfly two/three months ago . But my application was denied for that other network where i work not send references. I currently work in . And I earn 3000$+ . But Maxbounty did not give you my reference.I give all the details of my affiliate manager.but my affiliate manager did not response to you. Now what should I do for approving my peerfly account?
    I am too much interested to work with your network. I promote my offers with Bing PPC and Facebook PPC only . I work with Health , Legal and Biz OPP offers . I also work with some dating offers. Please response me as soon as possible. My Email is [email protected].


  60. I already registered at PeerFly yesterday(Dec 13 2016). I wish my account are getting approve. I will do all of my best to Work with PeerFly. I hear all of the Very Good Feedback at PeerFly, thats why i wanna work for them. 🙂

  61. HI Luke,
    Go through your article as well as wish to start own marketing with PEERfly.But when I saw huge applicant still didn’t approval how I will approve account from your end because I have several marketing ways to show in front of you.Please advise me at your end if you can.

  62. Hi Luke, I haven’t applied to the Peerfly affiliate program. I have a website I’m working on and would like to apply to this program. Do you have tips for those who are just trying to apply? Thank you Luke…

  63. i have applied with your network almost 6 month ago but i did not hear back.can i carry on my application with you.
    i’m doing ppc and get traffic from 50onRed.

  64. Hey,
    My name is Daniel,
    Corey sne me an email that they neem more info and asked me 3 question,
    I replied to him and since then never got any notification about my status..
    After that i tried to contact him via Skype, he accepted my request but since then never answer to my messages..

    Also i tried to contact you without any reply.
    I believe i fit to your service and can have great relationship with PeerFly 🙂

  65. Thanks Boss…Am Very Very Please With The Information You Share Here ( More Blessing In Jesus Name) You Really Worth More Boss.

    Please I want to ask if Peerfly allows traffic from CPALEAD and Others

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