Passing Keywords with LeadImpact

As long as you have run at least one affiliate campaign, you have a pretty good idea how important it is that you collect as much data as possible on each campaign you run so you can optimize and essentially get the most money out of your campaign as possible. Some traffic sources make it a real pain to collect the data required in order to optimize your campaign. One of the main reasons I push 7Search to my new publishers so hard is because of how easy they make it to collect data from the traffic you run with them. Well, one traffic source which I am very fond of doe not make it quite so easy. That traffic source is LeadImpact. So, here is how you can pass keywords from your LeadImpact campaign to your PeerFly SubID.

LeadImpact Keyword Pass-Through

Being able to pass the keyword (or URL) from your LeadImpact campaign will really help when you go to optimize it. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the LeadImpact Conversion Script, but by passing the keyword as a SubID into your PeerFly link you can bypass that issue and you’ll actually have an easier time optimizing your campaign based on your PeerFly Reports page.

The first step is creating a new LeadImpact campaign. On the 2nd step, it is very important that you check the box to allow Keyword Pass-Through. If you do not check this box your keyword will not be passed to your redirect page.

Keyword Pass-Through with LeadImpact

Passing that keyword is not as simple as it is with DirectCPV, but by simply setting up a page to redirect to your PeerFly link and passing the keyword on that page you can still accomplish it. The trick is simply using a PHP $_GET variable to grab the keyword from your redirect link and adding that variable into one of the SubIDs in your PeerFly link. Sound confusing? This is how easy it is!

{code type=”php”}
$keyword = urlencode($_GET[‘keyword’]);
$link = “$keyword&subid2=&subid3=”;
header(“Location: $link”);

All that code does is grab the keyword being passed into your link by LeadImpact (?keyword=KEYWORD), creates a $link variable with the keyword ($keyword) passed into the first SubID, and then redirects to that link variable. Make sure you update the link variable with your affiliate link and simply put $keyword as your first SubID. Once you start getting clicks you can will be able to see a SubID breakdown of each keyword that has generated a click on PeerFly as well as any conversions you have generated.

In order to use the code above you will need your own domain and a hosting account. I suggest using HostGator.

If you need help setting up your redirect page feel free to comment below or contact me. I am happy to help because I know once you have a PeerFly campaign set up on LeadImpact and the data you need, you’ll be profiting in no time and we will both be making more money! Now, let’s get moving!


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