Pagez Will Make You Rethink Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Make Money with Pagez

On July 14th, I started recruiting beta testers for a new website I co-founded with my friend Danny.

Over the past 68 days, Pagez has added 1,300 new users who have published 5,000 articles that have generated 12,500,000 page views.

In this article, I will explain what Pagez is, how I came up with the idea, how we went about our beta launch, and what we have planned for the future.

Pagez is a “game changer” for Facebook marketing and I am very excited to tell you all about it.

Instant Articles, the Facebook Audience Network, and Pagez

The easiest way to describe Pagez is by calling it an article publication and monetization platform. The best way to explain how it works is to explain how I came up with the idea.

In June, I started monetizing my It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Facebook Fan Page by publishing articles on my blog as Instant Articles and then using the Facebook Audience Network to inject Facebook ads into my Instant Articles.

I have had the ItsAlways blog for years and I made more money from it in June than I had the past two years combined.

It became apparent quickly to me that there were some positive and negatives to my new Instant Article + Facebook Audience Network strategy.


  1. The revenue generated from Instant Articles and the Facebook Audience Network far exceeded anything I was able to generate while testing tons of other monetization strategies.
  2. Facebook LOVES Instant Articles and I immediately noticed that I was getting more page views and reach on my Facebook Page posts linking to my Instant Articles.


  1. Setting up your blog for Instant Articles is a pain.
  2. You need to get approved to use Instant Articles once you finally get everything setup.
  3. You then also need to get approved to run ads in your Instant Articles through the Facebook Audience Network.
  4. I was having a very hard time keeping my blog from crashing when my articles started going viral.

The positives far outweigh the negatives so I immediately started to consider how I could scale my efforts and increase my revenue with Instant Articles.

I considered many options, but the best option seemed to be to build a platform where I could easily create an Instant Article without having to be concerned about any of the negatives I mentioned above. I knew it was possible and now it was just a matter of building it.

I pitched my idea to my friend and fellow programmer, Danny. He agreed it had a lot of potential and we got to work.

Pagez Dashboard

I had purchased the domain for $2,500 on Flippa last year so we decided to use that for our platform.

We knew we needed to solve negative issue #4 by creating Pagez on a scalable server infrastructure and decided on using DigitalOcean. This would allow us to scale up our resources easily with minimal downtime as Pagez started getting more and more traffic.

We could solve negative issues #1-3 pretty easily once we had our platform far enough along that we could create articles and automatically convert them into Instant Articles.

Within a few weeks of development, Danny and I had a nice functional minimal viable product (MVP) ready to go.

We submitted everything we needed approval on to Facebook and within a few days, we were approved to publish Instant Articles and run ads through the Facebook Audience Network.

Pagez Beta

The Pagez beta launch started with a simple post in my Facebook Group for my product FPTraffic.

Pagez post

The feedback we received within days of getting our beta users using Pagez was fantastic! We had users earning hundreds of dollars a day in a matter of no time.

One user messaged me and told me his Facebook Page was completely stagnant before he started creating and sharing Pagez articles and now he was earning a few hundred dollars a day.

As the Pagez beta went on, we continued to make improvements to our platform and fix bugs. We started making weekly payments immediately to our users and as the weeks went on, the payments got bigger and bigger. Here is a graphic I made and posted in the Pagez Facebook Group after sending out payments on afternoon.

Pagez payments

We have made strides to grow our platform in just the two months it’s been live.

We recently…

We have a todo a mile long and we are going to continue to improve Pagez so our users can make more money from it.

If you are confused by our strategy, we have an article that explains how you can make money with Pagez.

If you have any sort of audience on Facebook (Facebook Page or Group), I highly recommend you give Pagez a try.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help!

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10 thoughts on Pagez Will Make You Rethink Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

  1. Looks awesome!!
    Will it work if i have a fan page in a different language not English?
    Also, how can we estimate how much we will earn from each view?

    1. Great to hear. Pagez will work with Pagez in any language with visitors from any location. An estimate for earnings is really hard to tell you because it really depends on your audience. Our average user right now is earning between $3 and $10 RPM (1,000 page views).

  2. hi Luke pushing the boundaries’ of IM again very clever sounds really good I don’t have a blog never used Facebook for marketing I it ok for a newbie starting up a blog to get readers and maybe earn some money does Facebook ads pay like google ads pay for views visiting ones blog finally how much does it cost to buy many thanks
    peter mcgrath

      1. how do you take care of me not having ablog don’t I need one to sell things like a landing page or simple sales funnel Luke this sounds like a good investment ??tell me more
        many thanks peter mcgrath

  3. Sounds great!
    One of my fanpages has 50k likes and each video that i post to the page gets
    between 10k-300k views, is there a way to estimate how many views will my posts get on average if i turn them into instant articles and include some content with my videos?
    If i am ready to get started all i need to do is to submit to pagez and get paid for views or is there anything else?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Luke,

    I’m confused by the following statement: “I started monetizing my It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Facebook Fan Page by publishing articles on my blog as Instant Articles and then using the Facebook Audience Network to inject Facebook ads into my Instant Articles.”

    When you say “Instant Articles” are you referring to the placement targeting in Facebook Ad Manager? If so, how can you create instant articles to also target through the “Audience Network” placement in FB?

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding what an instant article is essentially.

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