PeerFly Referral Program

Did you know that many of the big name bloggers in the affiliate marketing industry make a chunk of their income from affiliate network referrals? I’m not saying that’s where all of their income comes from or even a majority, but many of them make a decent amount just off their referrals. Zac Johnson’s referrals Continue Reading

Find Popular Affiliate Blogs

We get a lot of affiliates new to the industry at PeerFly. We are very popular on affiliate marketing forums like WarriorForum where aspiring affiliate marketers roam searching for information on affiliate marketing and what affiliate networks to join. This is great! I love to manage new affiliates and have no issue answering their questions Continue Reading

PeerFly API and Feeds

I know that a large percentage of affiliate marketers start out in web development. It’s a trend. You start out in web development creating small websites (GeoCities anyone?) and as you learn more and more about web development you start considering how to monetize your traffic. So, you go sign up for Google AdSense and Continue Reading

Rotate PeerFly offers using

With over 1,000 active offers, it’s sometimes hard to decide which ones to promote. Yes, we have a pretty good offer search system and I created PeerFly Offers to help, but it’s still not the easiest task. This is especially true when you have a network of sites in different niches and you are just trying to Continue Reading

How to iframe an affiliate offer

Although I always suggest that PeerFly publishers learn how to create their own landing pages, it’s not always necessary. Direct linking is also common practice among affiliate marketers. Instead of creating a landing page and directing traffic to the offer through that, you simply use your affiliate link (Short Link or Long Link on PeerFly) and Continue Reading

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