Building a Social Media Empire: Step 2 – Build Your Page Audience with Facebook Ads

Build Your Page Audience

Step 2 to building your social media empire is all about using Facebook Ads to build your Page audience. If you have not read Step 1 yet (Find Your Niche and Create Your Accounts), please read that become you continue.

In the 3 days since I created my new Facebook Page, I have accumulated over 150 Likes after having spent $7.05 on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads for Likes

There are a few key takeaways from this data:

  • You do not have to have a big ad budget to begin your testing. I have my daily budget set at $3 for this ad campaign.
  • Every day, my cost per Like is decreasing because Facebook is optimizing who they show my ad to based on the data they’re collecting on who is responding well to my ad (Liking my Page).
  • I was able to successfully reach $0.03 per Like in just 3 days with the first ad I created.

This is the only ad for Likes I am currently running for my new Facebook Page and it’s been fairly successful already. I was able to create a successful ad on my first try because of a strategy I use every single time.

My Facebook Ads for Page Likes Strategy

My strategy for ads for Page Likes is pretty simple. Find the right audience and show them an ad that makes it clear I want them to Like my Page.

I create all my ads using the Facebook Power Editor and of course select Page Likes.

Facebook Ad Power Editor Page Likes

Now, let’s talk about finding the right audience on Facebook.

We know my audience is people who are interested in the TV show This Is Us. That is about as straightforward and obvious as it gets. It may not be as easy to figure out what interest to target for your niche, but when you are first starting, don’t try to get too tricky with your interest targeting.

However, if you decide to run an ad targeting popular interests that other advertisers are targeting, your cost per Like will likely be higher.

Selecting the interest for your Facebook Ad

There is already an audience of over 3 million people on Facebook that I can potentially get to Like my Page. Very exciting!

It may take a few different ad campaigns to get the lowest cost per Like possible, but the interest you target will be one of the most important factors and is what I recommend split testing if needed.

The actual ad you use to get the Likes is really easy. Here is the one I am using for my new Facebook Page.

Facebook Page Ad for Likes

Use a fun adjective that will help grab your audience’s attention when your ad shows up in their News Feed and tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Smash the “Like” button if you LOVE This Is Us!

That is all there is to it. We will use their ads for Likes to grow what I call our Base Audience.

Eventually, we want our Facebook Page to help grow itself organically from engagement by our Base Audience. They engage with the content, their friends see it, they Like the Page and engage with the content, their friends see it, and so on.

I will probably continue to pay for ads to grow my Page to at least 10,000 Likes. It will all depend on how engaged my new audience is, but I’ll show you that along the way.

I will create a spreadsheet for my next update with my Page stats and costs.

I have also been posting updates on my Facebook Page and Twitter so make sure to follow along there too!

Start building your new audience for your social media empire and post about it in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear how it’s going.

Let’s make some money!

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30 thoughts on Building a Social Media Empire: Step 2 – Build Your Page Audience with Facebook Ads

  1. Hi Luke

    Struggling with the normal Facebook Ad manager is bad enough with all it’s jumping around and forcing you to confirm everything ten times.

    Before I tackle learning the Power Editor as you advise, is it better or quicker?

  2. i think at this point of time, luke is one of the few that writes about legitimate and quality content on creating sustainable viral websites. I’d pay to join ur course/discussion group if there is any.

    Anyways what do you think of the cat/pet niche, is it too crowded or the pool is big enough for everyone to swim in?

  3. Just signed up.

    Really looking forward to following this thread!

    Hope you post consistently and throughout your journey with this new page – I think this is great content!

  4. It’s suggesting that my cost per Like be over $2. When I tried to run the campaign at a $.15 cost per like it didn’t deliver. Now it’s not even letting me run the campaign at a $2 cost per like unless I increase my budget to $10 daily. Am I targeting interests that are too popular?

  5. Hi, Luke! I’m doing this with you. This is what I’ve been trying to achieve, thanks for providing the step by step plan. I just finished doing my advert for “Page Likes” and hopefully by tomorrow, I will start getting some good likes.

    Must we target only US, I thought Tier 1 traffic will be too expensive especially for someone that currently has a limited ad budget. I will keep you posted!

    Good luck!

  6. Hey Luke,

    I’ve been running a ‘likes’ campaign to my FB page as well, I also run a blog post campaign set to $5 a day to create a ‘warm’ audience. I run traffic to a blog post then re-target them to an ad for my squeeze page.

    My ‘likes’ campaign is generating likes for $0.53 which I know is way too expensive, desperately trying to get that down.

    My target audience is as many ‘guru’ names in my industry as I could find. As I’m in the affiliate marketing/Internet marketing niche I expect everyone else in my space is targeting ‘Frank Kern’ and ‘Ryan Deiss’ so the likes are coming in expensive.

    I think you’re in there as well 😉

    1. Nice. I’d recommend getting as specific as possible in your ad copy. That may require that you decrease your audience size, but it should get a higher CTR on your ad.

  7. Hey Luke, thanks for this. I am following step by step and taking action. Just launched my Like campaign today! Looking forward to making some money!

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