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I have done two follow up posts to this post that you should look at. Those are How to Setup a 7Search Campaign and How to Truly Optimize your 7Search Campaign. Please make sure you read through those as well as they are much more detailed.

I recently wrote a review on 7Search and since that review I have had many questions on how you can optimize your 7search campaign to make sure that you are getting the most ROI possible from your campaign.Β With the lower quality traffic that you get from 7Search it is very important that you track the keywords you are getting traffic from so you can go through and remove the ones that are costing you money. Luckily, PeerFly has made it really easy to view a breakdown by subid (keyword) and 7search makes it really easy to pass that keyword into the subid field of your PeerFly affiliate link!

Pass the keyword from 7Search into your PeerFly link

When you are setting up your campaign on 7Search you’ll notice they let you use the ###KEYWORD### variable to show the actual keyword that you were bidding on that generated the click. You can use it in the ad title, the body of the ad, and the URL. So, to pass the keyword as a subid into your PeerFly link (Destination URL if you are directly linking) simply copy and paste your Long Link and include the ###KEYWORD### variable in the first subid spot:


If it makes it easier for you to use, you can remove the last two subids from the link above.

Now, when someone clicks on your ad on 7Search they will be taken to the URL with your keyword embedded as a subid. If you go to your PeerFly Reports page and breakdown your campaign by subid you will be able to see how many clicks and conversions you have for each keyword you are bidding on with 7search.

subid breakdown

The image above is just a sample breakdown of the subids for a campaign I was messing around with for our Keurig offer. All of the traffic was being sent through 7Search, but it was mixed as far as where the traffic was going, which is why it’s a little confusing. However, you can easily see which subids were getting the most clicks and lead to the best conversion rate and EPC.

If you are looking to run a campaign on 7Search and want to direct link I highly suggest passing the keyword as a subid so you can see what is working best for you!

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