7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Conversions

Are you ready to pull your hair out because despite every effort you have made, you are not getting any conversions?

Well, there is probably a very logical reason why that is happening (or not happening in this case).

Here are 7 common reasons why you’re not getting conversions and some changes you can make to improve your odds of seeing a conversion come in with your next click!

Your Link is Broken

This should be obvious, but if your link does not load the advertiser’s landing page, then you are not going to get a conversion.

One common reason this may happen is if you have messed up the link format when copying and pasting it into your traffic source or when you added it to your landing page. I see this all the time with users who are using CPVLab or another 3rd party tracking software as well.

If the landing page is not loading and you can not sort it out yourself, contact your Affiliate Manager or send it to me and get help!

The Offer is Down

Another fairly obvious issue, but one that is sometimes hard to detect. If the offer you are attempting to promote has been taken down (either by the affiliate network or the actual advertiser) then it’s definitely not going to convert.

Your affiliate network should notify you if the offer has been taken down, but sometimes the advertiser will take it down and not notify the affiliate network. Either way, you can check this yourself by simply going to your affiliate link yourself. If it loads the correct landing page then it’s likely still active.

If the offer does not allow traffic from your country you may need to use a proxy or VPN to try to view your affiliate link. If you’re looking for a VPN, I recommend and use OverPlay.

Pro Tip: If you’re running or want to run a PeerFly offer you can subscribe to receive updates about that offer and get emails whenever anything about that offer changes.PeerFly Offer Subscription

You Haven’t Sent Enough Traffic

When we setup an affiliate campaign we have high hopes. We want to make a bunch of money so we hope to see a conversion right away. Most of the time, that is not going to happen. Even when it does, it’s not always a good thing. I have run a bunch of campaigns over the years where I have seen a conversion come in right away at the beginning of the campaign and then not see another for hundreds of dollars worth of traffic. When you see good results right away you will typically overspend.

So, if you have sent 14 clicks to an offer and not seen a conversion, don’t get upset! Do not email your Affiliate Manager saying that the offer must not convert. Give it time. I usually recommend spending 2-5x the payout of the offer on your initial test.

My friend, JJ Alan, has made millions of dollars with affiliate marketing over the past few years and he told me it all started with a Facebook campaign he setup and then went to the mall. He didn’t sit at his computer and refresh his stats every few minutes. Because he was away from his computer he was able to get a good test in without killing the campaign before he even gave it a chance.

Setup your campaign and walk away from your computer. You may have a nice surprise when you come back!

You’re Not Sending The Right Traffic

I have learned this issue the hard way several times. Not every offer is going to convert with every traffic source. Let’s think about this logically. What is traffic and what is an offer? Traffic are people. An offer is a product or service. If you are trying to get a traffic source with a primarily female demographic to convert on a website that sells male enhancement pills, it’s probably not going to go very well.

A more common mistake I see all the time is pushing odd offers on Plenty of Fish. The reason 95% of the ads on Plenty of Fish are for dating sites is because the people on POF are looking for a date!

Weak Landing Page

The Landing Page is Weak

I use the word weak because I do not believe any advertiser who has gone through the trouble of creating a website for their product or service ever intentionally creates a bad landing page and it’s likely that someone is converting on their landing page or it wouldn’t make it to the affiliate network to begin with. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a strong landing page that is going to convert well.

How can you tell if a landing page is weak? Well, a lot of times the only way is to send traffic to it and see how it converts.

Some publishers will tell me they know a landing page is weak because the network conversion rate for the offer is low. That is not always true and is not something I believe you should base your decision whether or not to run an offer on. The biggest reason being you do not know what type of traffic an offer has got on the affiliate network. For example, PeerFly gets a ton of PPV traffic so if the offer has a low conversion rate it’s possible that publishers are direct linking it with pop up PPV traffic that does not typically have a high conversion rate.

You can also use your own judgement just by taking a look at the landing page and seeing if it has factors that will convert well with your traffic. For example, I always look for a strong call to action. FPTraffic converts pretty well because although the landing page is somewhat weak when it comes to showing off all the features, every single button is a call to action to get the user to sign up and because of that, a high percentage of people sign up.

Your Postback is Setup Wrong

This happens every once in awhile and always makes me laugh. A publisher at PeerFly will email me saying that they are not getting conversions, but they are sure that their traffic will convert with the offer. I will run their stats on PeerFly and see that they have actually had many conversions and they’re showing up fine on the publisher’s account.

The reason the publisher is not seeing the conversions is because they are only checking their 3rd party tracking software (Prosper202, Voluum, CPVLab, etc) and their postback is setup wrong.

Setting up your postback on PeerFly is easy and all of our Affiliate Managers are trained to be able to help you get that setup. I also have instructions on how to setup your postback with all the major tracking software solutions here.

The Traffic Source Sucks

Unfortunately, some traffic sources just suck. I am not going to list any sources because sources change too. At one point 50onRed was converting really well for me, but lately that has not been the case. The user base that traffic sources have come and go. 7Search is not a great converter, but lately I have had some solid campaigns going. However, some traffic sources just suck all the time.

I recommend doing a Google search for any traffic source you are interested in trying. There will be negative comments about just about any source, but if the overwhelming response is bad, it might be worth looking for something else.

In conclusion, do not get discouraged if your traffic is not converting. It happens to most affiliate marketers every single day. Not every campaign is going to be a winner. Consider the options above, but keep trying! The winner might be a click away.

Let’s make some money!


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