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I love affiliate marketing because the earning potential is so large. If you find something that works, know how to scale it, and have a good cash flow you can make thousands of dollars every single day. It’s not easy and unfortunately I have yet to have my first $1,000 affiliate marketing day, but I know plenty of people who have done it and watch more and more publishers of mine do it each year. One of the major factors to whether you can do it or not will be if you are motivated enough and willing to work hard enough to get there. Well, here is some motivation.

PeerFly earnings motivation
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I have never publicly released any of my publishers actual statistics, but thought that for this post it might be a good idea to give it a try. I got permission to post this beautiful graph so that it could help motivate you and show you what is possible. Yes, those statistics are real. That’s about $350,000Β in a week.

No, you are not going to make $350,000 in your first week of affiliate marketing. You might not even make $3,500 in your first year. However, if you work at it and keep focused you can be successful.

Eric Thomas The Hip Hop Preacher

Eric Thomas (ET) is a motivational speaker. He recently spoke at Affiliate Summit West. I was lucky enough to be there and really enjoyed his keynote. If you have never heard of ET I highly recommend you take a look at his YouTube Channel. He is a very motivational guy and I love his videos.

After his keynote at Affiliate Summit was over Travis gave ET a PeerFly shirt and he wore it in his next video (embedded below)!

et peerfly back

et peerfly front

Pretty cool right? We were all really excited to have our shirt featured in ET’s video and really appreciate it.

So, how much money are you going to make this year? How many different campaigns and traffic sources are you going to test until you get it right? That is all up to you. I am here to help. Let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some money!

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36 thoughts on Motivation – $350,000 in a Week

  1. Luke that’s very impressive! Motivation at it’s best. Congrats to this hard working guy, because I’m sure that’s what got him to this level.

    I’m sure that every single marketer who will read this post will be wondering this one thing – what’s the ROI on these numbers? Would you be kind to share that magic percentage with us as well Luke (if you are familiar with it)? That will be even more motivating.

      1. That’s good enough for me. Sounds like it’s quite a ‘delicious’ one.

        If anything, this goes to show that affiliate marketing is not dead like you see someone saying every day. There still are people making millions as affiliates.

        Like Will Smith once said “You may be more talented than me, you might have more skills than me, but there is no way you will ever outwork me”. That’s the mindset we need in this business, hard work will get you there.

        Thanks for posting this Luke! I’m off to work now.

  2. If your website have facebook like then I will like this post thousand times. Thanks for bringing this motivation post, this is what I need to keep striving in this business.

  3. Thank you so much for this post Luke, I love motivational / inspirational post. Now checking out ET’s videos πŸ™‚ Just what I needed.

    1. Yes, those are real numbers. Not sure how long he’s been in the industry. I don’t know anything about the traffic, but I’m assuming it’s paid. lol

  4. Inspirational post, but ROI is critical. if the publisher made $350k and spent $200k (s)he did well, but if spend was $400k, then not a good ROI, unless it was for some kind of testing.

  5. Great post Luke. Thanks for the email. I’m glad I got to read it. Been having a little trouble lately and this was just what I needed to keep plugin away. Thanks again Luke.

      1. Yes the offers were available on PeerFly for everyone, but the results can not be achieved by everyone πŸ™‚ o my god, that’s incredible!Thank you for this great article,Luke.

  6. Hey Great post!
    This is indeed a very motivational post for someone like me who hasn’t been earning much yet..Thanks a lot Luke

  7. I have been knowing ET since he was in undergraduate. He was working on his doctorate degree last I heard. Actually, my daughter is attending his alma mater now. What an awesome motivational speaker he is!

  8. Oh bunkers!!! I just checked my referral stats only to find out he did not sign up using my link :). I’m still motivated. This is a very inspirational post Luke.

  9. That guy sounds exactly like Tony Robbins. Voice and intonation are same. Just a bit more repetition.

    As for the motivation…
    I realized that the money have no value for me. I guess, I inherited it from my grandfather.
    But what does motivate me is getting good at what I do. Those numbers are just ones and zeros in Bank account. But when you split-test an ad to be twice better than you could do a week ago. When your ROI goes higher than 500%. Then you can be sure that you’re winning!

    So, for me, the motivation is never the money. It’s the achievement. It’s the process, not the goal. Children learn to walk not because they want to go somewhere, but because they want to be able walk. Same with running. You can live your life without running. But why children like running more than walking?

  10. Hi Luke,

    Wanted to thank you for this post. It’s really nice to know how much the pro’s are making for motivation purposes. I am really motivated right now, and excited as I just got accepted as a publisher.

    Thanks Again

  11. Hi Luke,
    Man that guy scaled that offer like superman,and drop it like its hot with that much scale I would guess he use a RTB ad network to scale that offer with massive traffic. He did very good job with that offer.

  12. Its really motivational post . I think earning $350k in a week is not easy , its really hard job but doable work.
    but want to know how can i start , I really don’t know how to do affiliate marketing ?

  13. Great post luke!

    Just came to know about your website through a forum. Just subscribed to your list as well πŸ™‚

  14. Dude…that is ridiculous! If I earned 1000th of that per day ($350) I’d be happy. lol…That dude is putting in WORK! Awesome share Luke…thanks so much! The video was killer too.

  15. It actually motivated me now to work more. The best about being the best is feeling that you can change a lot of things. It is power you own, that is amazing. This guy is good, really good. $350,000 in a week, awesome.

  16. Luke,you say you havent approached your first $1000/day mark,so did you recently just began doing affiliate marketing as you are a network manager?

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