Monetize Facebook Fan Pages with TrustJacker

Every once in awhile a WSO is released on the WarriorForum that is worthwhile. Last year I wrote about Fanpage Commissions, a WSO that my buddy Brian Johnson released, and explained how I got over 5,000 fans on my fan page in the first week using it. That WSO is no longer available and things have changed quite a bit on Facebook since it was released, but there is still a ton of opportunity to build up fan pages and make money from your fans.

More recently, I have discussed using Sponsored Stories to build large fan pages. Sponsored Stories can supply the cheap traffic you need to build a pretty large fan base on your fan page and Facebook will love you even more because of it. Building a large fan following is great, but how can you make money from them? It’s really important that you build engagement with your fans and use your advertising to drive them to content that’s going to make them like you more, not drive them to unlike your page. How is that possible? One way I am seeing success with is by using a script called TrustJacker.

I found TrustJacker on this WSO thread on WarriorForum. TrustJacker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily iFrame any website and create your own exit pop or modal pop up. The idea is that you are linking someone to an article they will trust and then once they go to exit, you can present them with an advertisement without hurting the user experience. It is a fantastic idea and if executed properly, you can see some great results.

Click here to learn more about TrustJacker.

TrustJacker Demo

I have included a video below demonstrating how exactly TrustJacker works. It takes me a minute to get through the giant sales thread for the product because there is a ton of information on how it works, why it works, and some testimonials from other people using it. The demo link opens up a page about Mitt Romney and when I go to exit a modal pops up with an email submit offer. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll see why this works so well!

TrustJacker Campaign

Setting up a campaign on TrustJacker is really easy. All you need is the link to the article or website you want to link your Facebook fans to and the link to the CPA offer or page you want to show up in the exit pop. You can choose to have an exit pop as a modal or a regular exit pop redirect. You also have the option to display the modal window when the page is first loaded (like my opt-in form I have using PopUpΒ DominationΒ on this blog) or after a set amount of time. I prefer to show the ad when the user goes to exit so that you aren’t interrupting them while they are reading whatever you linked them to.

TrustJacker add new campaign

TrustJacker is easy to setup, easy to use, and allows you to legitimately promote pretty much any offer with any traffic source. It is a great way to build engagement with your Facebook fans and at the same time monetize all that free traffic they are driving to your links. Take a look through the awesome sales thread and let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!


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