Monetize Facebook Fan Pages with TrustJacker

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Every once in awhile a WSO is released on the WarriorForum that is worthwhile. Last year I wrote about Fanpage Commissions, a WSO that my buddy Brian Johnson released, and explained how I got over 5,000 fans on my fan page in the first week using it. That WSO is no longer available and things have changed quite a bit on Facebook since it was released, but there is still a ton of opportunity to build up fan pages and make money from your fans.

More recently, I have discussed using Sponsored Stories to build large fan pages. Sponsored Stories can supply the cheap traffic you need to build a pretty large fan base on your fan page and Facebook will love you even more because of it. Building a large fan following is great, but how can you make money from them? It’s really important that you build engagement with your fans and use your advertising to drive them to content that’s going to make them like you more, not drive them to unlike your page. How is that possible? One way I am seeing success with is by using a script called TrustJacker.

I found TrustJacker on this WSO thread on WarriorForum. TrustJacker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily iFrame any website and create your own exit pop or modal pop up. The idea is that you are linking someone to an article they will trust and then once they go to exit, you can present them with an advertisement without hurting the user experience. It is a fantastic idea and if executed properly, you can see some great results.

Click here to learn more about TrustJacker.

TrustJacker Demo

I have included a video below demonstrating how exactly TrustJacker works. It takes me a minute to get through the giant sales thread for the product because there is a ton of information on how it works, why it works, and some testimonials from other people using it. The demo link opens up a page about Mitt Romney and when I go to exit a modal pops up with an email submit offer. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll see why this works so well!

TrustJacker Campaign

Setting up a campaign on TrustJacker is really easy. All you need is the link to the article or website you want to link your Facebook fans to and the link to the CPA offer or page you want to show up in the exit pop. You can choose to have an exit pop as a modal or a regular exit pop redirect. You also have the option to display the modal window when the page is first loaded (like my opt-in form I have using PopUpย Dominationย on this blog) or after a set amount of time. I prefer to show the ad when the user goes to exit so that you aren’t interrupting them while they are reading whatever you linked them to.

TrustJacker add new campaign

TrustJacker is easy to setup, easy to use, and allows you to legitimately promote pretty much any offer with any traffic source. It is a great way to build engagement with your Facebook fans and at the same time monetize all that free traffic they are driving to your links. Take a look through the awesome sales thread and let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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56 thoughts on Monetize Facebook Fan Pages with TrustJacker

  1. First off, are you getting paid to promote this?

    But what I’m confused about, is where your links will send people. Are you taken to an actual news source, or are you taken to some special link that simply has the pop-up in it. For example, if I was linking to a article, does my visitor actually go to or are they taken to another website that simply has’s content in it? How is this legal?

    1. Yes, the link I used is an affiliate link.

      The script iFrames the source of the article. So, if you use a CNN article, the user will see a CNN article, but they will be taken to your own page. The HTML iFrame has been around forever:

      What this script does that is special is that it allows you to create a modal ad or exit pop up for when the user goes to close the page. The content is still on, but you’re framing it and then displaying an ad when the user goes to close out. There’s nothing illegal about it as far as I know ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Gotcha! That is pretty clever indeed. This is of course doable on your own without needing to drop the Benjamin’s though! The main problem I ran into was finding a decent (and free) modal pop-over that would work consistently. Creating a custom page template to iframe content was a breeze.

        The page template is wicked simple:

        Not trying to encroach here! The time I spent trying to get this working, and clearly didn’t succeed after being unable to find a sufficient plug-in, is definitely worth the $$ to just buy the darn thing. Great find Luke. This one has “Scary” potential for someone that has major clout on social networks!!!

      2. Being a developer myself, I had the same mindset. “This is so awesome. I could easily make it myself!”, but then I realized that for $37 I could buy it and take advantage of all the work someone else did and use the time I’d have to put into developing into finding a way to make it make me money ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sick plugin. It’s hard not to get ideas once you install it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the info/share. I picked it up right away (w/your aff link ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).



  3. Hi, what type of offers in Peerfly are allowed for this kind of campaign?

    Search PPC [?], Social PPC [?], E-mail [?], Banner Display [?], Contextual ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please help us choose which is eligible…

  4. Hello Luke,

    I have recently joined your network and I must say that this plugin can make the change, I bought this powerful plugin yesterday and I created my first campaign on Facebook to “iPhone ads” (this was approved without a problem.)

    So I can recommend 100% I will keep you informed of the results in the coming days

  5. Hi Luke

    Do you think this will work if I use FB ads to drive traffic to a fan page that have TJ links. My problem is that i don’t have fan pages with lots of fans and I don’t want to spend hours dropping TJ links in forums etc.

    I’m still sitting on the fence and the time is running out on the offer…



  6. Oh I just copped this.. Yea I could have done a few iFrames but being able to setup campaigns on my main blog is more than you can ever want..

    Can’t wait to make a few hundred and do a review on this..

  7. Today was the best scenario to really test this that I could think of. The iPhone 5 release news conference. Topics don’t trend much harder than that!! This morning, I made my coffee, and went to work grinding out my own system that mimicked what TJ does (I’m a cheap ass). I posted my link to 3 to 4 places, nothing too crazy, and here are my results:

    Over the initial two hours (1 hour proceeding, 1 hour following the announcement) I received 9 conversions for a total commission of $20.25! It didn’t make me thousands, but I know it’s easily scalable! If that isn’t proof that this can work, I don’t know what is. If I had bought TJ, this would have taken me literally 5-10 minutes.

    If you’re on the fence as to whether or not to purchase this, DO IT! Utilized correctly, the potential is infinite. Also, do Luke a favor and use his link! He deserves it, #1 AM. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.s. If you want to see my example, click my “name” to go the link. Happy earning everyone!

    1. Great to hear! I agree, today was definitely a good day to give it a try. I appreciate the feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

      Great domain btw lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. luke,

    quick question. I know your all about this plugin because of how you can monetize it. But I was looking at the iphone 5 offer and it says no twitter traffic.

    so for example we want to send them to a iphone 5 review then this plugin will pop up with the iphone 5 email submit. but they clicked from twitter? is that a no no?!?!

    1. As long as you are not spamming on Twitter that should be fine. Twitter considers a direct PeerFly link to be spam, so that’s why all offers specifically say “NO Twitter”.

  9. Hi Luke

    I’ve bought trustjacker. Now when you mention it, would be great chance to ask you. Is it 100% ok to use trustjacker with peerfly? Better ask you as my AM. Dont wanna get banned

    1. It really depends on HOW you plan to use it. Email me more information and I’ll let you know. For the most, it’s absolutely fine.

  10. Hi Luke,

    So, you’re saying as long as the offer allows PPV traffic, it’s ok to use TrustJacker links? What if I want to promote my link through Twitter or a Facebook group (not a paid FB ad), and the offer says NO Twitter and Limited (paid) Facebook promotions, but they allow PPV? Would it be OK to use Twitter and Facebook because I’m sending traffic to an article instead of directly to the ad? Please reassure me… don’t want to get my account closed for Tweeting TrustJacker links!


  11. Oops! Never mind… you already answered the Twitter question. I hadn’t finished reading all the comments. LOL

    But Facebook Groups are OK to use, too? I’m all about free traffic these days… between the vet bills for my sick old dog and vehicle repairs, I’m too broke to buy traffic! So TrustJacker is a dream come true!


  12. Hey Luke, awesome post. Is it possible to use TrustJacker in conjunction with PopUp Domination? I like the fact that TrustJacker has an ‘exit popup’ option, but unfortunately PopUp Domination doesn’t seem to have this feature. It would be great to be able to combine the two plugins so that when visitors leave my website my email popup form will be visible.


    1. Yeah, you could use the functionality that TrustJacker with PopUp Domination (something I plan on adding to my links), but it’d require some recoding I believe.

  13. It’s a solid product but I want to bring down the hype factor a little bit.

    Down to the “Meat & Potatoes” so to speak. Yes the possibility of earning higher commissions, profits, earnings, what ever is there. However you must be in position to really capitalize off the software’s power. Meaning if you are a seasoned marketer that has email lists and decent following I have no doubts that you can run a campaign right now and profit from it in about 5 minutes.

    However if you are a beginner or have flat out been unsuccessful in up to this point I’m afraid you won’t find any guaranteed success here. While the software opens up a slue of options for a total newbie there is no solid footing for them to stand on. This means while they can share their links on face book, twitter, and other social media sites the traffic will be mostly non targeted which means few sales, conversions, etc if any.

    Tips on how to properly use the software isn’t really needed, it’s more of learning how to drive traffic properly to your links.

  14. I found a similar wso but this time paypal is giving error that I cannot pay to a Indian paypal user because I am also a Indian why they put such stupid rules

    1. I’m not really sure what products like this are still available. You might want to take a look around WarriorForum. You’d have to check with other networks to see if they’ll accept this type of traffic.

  15. I want to make sure I understand the rules on using Trustjacker with Peerfly. Can I share an interesting article on Twitter/Facebook and promote an offer with Trustjacker if I redirect my affiliate link to my own domain?

  16. Hi, I just want to clarify the flow. So can I do something like this, twitter->Page with Trustjacker->People click on the popup and redirect to my CPA offer-Sign up and I get a conversion.

    Is this ok for Peerfly?

  17. What about click jacker, Luke. Can I do

    Free traffic from other Facebook group or page –> My new Facebookpage –> page with click jacker –> pop up show, people click on it and redirect to my peerfly offer, sign up and I get my lead paid. Is this ok right?

  18. Victor,
    I noticed Luke didn’t reply to this. Did you get an answer from him by email or something? I’m real curious about this too since I also use Firefox.

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