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2 years old

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Yesterday I got an alert on my iPhone that told me that today was going to be this blog’s birthday and to be honest, I thought it was a mistake. It seems like just last week that I was writing my article about LPF’s first birthday. Time really has flown by over the past year and that is probably because it has been such an amazing year. I got a new blog design that helped propel this blog forward in a way I never even thought was possible, I published a bunch of posts that have gotten an amazing response from my readers, and I have launched a few new projects that have helped me extend my reach throughout the affiliate marketing industry.

New Blog Design

Last year I decided that it was time to get a custom design done for this blog. I had been using a theme I purchased on ThemeForest and had modified it quite a bit. I knew a custom design was really necessary to take this blog to the next level so I got in touch with the guy that had made our new PeerFly design. After a few stressful weeks and about $1,000 I finally had the awesome new blog design you see today.

Amazing Blog Growth

As I predicted in last year’s birthday post, LPF has continued to see amazing growth over the past year and traffic has more than doubled. Although I published 27 less posts than the year before, my pageviews over the past year have tripled, the amount of comments posted has doubled, and Alexa shows this blog as one of the top 20,000 visited in the world. My Alexa rank is now better than one the blogs I admire most, ZacJohnson.com (who recently interviewed me).

Blog Stats since April 2012

My top 10 posts list from last year included some of the posts below, but even the top post had less than 10,000 views. Now, my most read article, Setting up a 7Search Campaign, has had over 40,000 views and should hit 50,000 in the next month or so. I am hoping by next year my top post will have been viewed over 100,000 times!

Top 10 Posts

  1. Setting up a 7Search Campaign – 42,784 views
  2. How to iframe an affiliate offer – 40,927 views
  3. Direct Linking PeerFly Offers on Facebook – 35,538 views
  4. Rotate PeerFly offers using PeerFlyBanners.com – 28,712 views
  5. LeadImpact PPV Review – 28,508 views
  6. Top PPV Networks – 27,104 views
  7. Motivation – $350,000 in a Week – 26,486 views
  8. PeerFly Application Denied? What now? – 25,920 views
  9. Blacklisting Bad Performing SubIDs on 7Search – 24,008 views
  10. POF Case Study: SeniorPeopleMeet.com – 23,495 views

POF Case Studies

For a few months my primary focus was setting up campaigns on Plenty of Fish (POF). Although I had previously published my 4 tips for a successful POF campaign, I had not been actively running any campaigns so I deposited some money on POF Ads and went to work. I published 3 different POF Case Studies that have been read over 40,000 times.

Product Reviews

I also tried out and reviewed quite a few different products and tools over the past year. Some of the reviews were paid, but I only accepted paid reviews for products that I knew would be useful to my publishers and any affiliate marketer in the space.

Something I did not expect when I started writing these reviews is that I would rank so well in Google for the various product and tool names. It has definitely been a pleasant surprise and has helped generate thousands of pageviews for these product owners.

New Projects Launched

I can never seem to stop working on new projects. Over the past year I have added 4 new projects to my list:

I have also made a lot of updates to PeerFlyOffers.com, which has had over 300,000 searches since last April.

LPF’s second year has been awesome and it has really changed my outlook and goals for this blog. I get compliments every single trade show I attend from people I have never met about how much they like my blog and how helpful it has been. It is my goal to keep building on that over the next year. I’m hopeful that I will start setting aside more time to write articles so I can publish them more frequently. I’m also hopeful that my newsletter will reach 10,000 subscribers and my Alexa rank will drop below 10,000.

I appreciate everything this industry has given me and I’m thankful for being able to give back through this blog and my various projects. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any subjects you’d like me to cover or any questions you think I can answer for you. Together, we can both continue to grow. Let’s make some money!

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45 thoughts on LPF is Two Years Old!

  1. Happy D-DAY Luke….you asked what i wanted to see on your blog in the upcoming months? If it’s not broke don’t fix it. just keep up the great info.!

  2. Happy birthday to your blog Luke! I remember the first time I saw your blog and decided to join Peerfly and start with CPA marketing. Ever since, it has been my main learning resource and I know it has helped so many people to learn about internet marketing and motivate them to achieve success. I hope this blog will continue to be as great as it is now in the upcoming years.

  3. Happy 2 year blogday! Congrats on the Alexa & search ratings! Love reading your blog posts & guides. I would love to see more posts about mobile offers & advertisement. Love the background effect for this page!!

  4. Happy birthday to this cute babe(LPF)… i have learned a lot from your blog… keep up the good work mate..

  5. Happy Birthday LukePeerFly, This two year run has been so fast and the best has yet to come. You have made us some serious cash, and walked us to the bank. The things we learn hear are viable beyond the normal. And the best part is you do it for free, your service is the best kind of giving back a blessing of knowledge. Here’s to many more fabulous years of business building leadership. Thank You for having us and sharing the knowledge. Enjoy your day you earned it, Cheers

  6. Happy B-day Lukepeerfly , Your blog, Your information, Your time help me a lot to enter in this amazing world (making money in cpa network) than you so much Luke !

  7. Hi Luke,


    I have a blog that is going to be 5, and a forum that will be turning 4 soon, so I know how it feels. 🙂

    I would like to see more about tracking, LP/Ad split testing, and campaign optimization.

    I just joined CPAFix, and will be joining the Dojo soon.

    Thanks for all your information.


  8. hi Luke happy birthday for you and your 2 year old blog Its got great ratings because you really care about you affiliates and publish helpful info and case studies I don’t know any other account manager in the CPA industry who does this Luke your the greatest
    regards peter McGrath

  9. You know what they say about “two year olds”: they are rambunctious and a handful to control, but they bring so much “energy” and it’s what life is all about… thank you Luke for all you do for us.

  10. Congratulations on the two years old blog and hope it will last many many years as I enjoy all your great post.

    Well done Luke!

    Next year I will have a cake ready 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Luke, You deserve all the compliments you’re getting. Please keep up the great work!

  12. Happy 2nd Birthday LPF! Thanks also Luke for posting such awesome stuff 🙂 You’ve been a big help to me and many other marketers, Keep it up!!

  13. Hi Luke, just really wanted to endorse what’s already been said, I’ve personally learned a great deal from your blog and I find it an invaluable reference source

    Thanks Tony

  14. Just signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to learning a lot. Having trouble with tracking conversions on some campaigns.

  15. happy birthday,im new to this but you have some great imformatiom on your site,im doing a retirement webpage and your advise is super,thanks,bill

  16. Happy Birthday Luke..
    Wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous life! God Bless You & your love one..cheers!!

  17. congrats.

    could you send me the details of your designer? I’m interested in getting my site getting customised and it seems he done good work with your site

  18. hi i need help me recommending a platform to buy ads.

    1 = before and this was ADBRITE.COM CANCELLED. recommend another platform,

    2 = I use BUYSELLADS.COM also need another to recommend me.

  19. Congrats Luke.. I really like your new design. Can you tell me what is the name of the theme you purchased from ThemeForest
    Thanks Luke

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