LPF is One Year Old!

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It was exactly 1 year and 1 day ago that my first post on this blog (known as LPF throughout the PeerFly office), Hello World, was published. Over the past year of blogging I have learned a lot as both a blogger and an Affiliate Manager and in both cases I believe I’ve seen a lot of growth. It has been a very eventful year for me so I thought I would recap with this birthday post 🙂

About one month after I launched this blog I graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Web Application Development. Two months after that I got married and move to Florida to work full time out of the PeerFly office. While all of that was going on I started a series of blog posts explaining everything within the PeerFly backend which I call my PeerFly FAQ articles. In total I have written 20 FAQ articles which have been read over 75,000 times!

Blog Stats

In the first year of writing this blog I published 87 posts, which is a new post about once every 4 days. Those 87 posts got a total of 793 comments approved with over 44,000 deleted as spam. Here is a list of my top 10 articles with the amount of views they received:

In total, LPF received about 85,000 unique visitors in it’s first year totaling 435,000 page views. Over the past few months LPF has seen an amazing growth so I fully expect to close to double those numbers in the next year.

Going Full Time with PeerFly

Since going full time with PeerFly in September, I have been working extra hard to make sure we continue our immense growth. Over the past year we have ranked really well in industry surveys (#4 in mThink’s survey and #1 in Performance Marketing Insider) and I was even ranked the #1 Affiliate Manager. I believe that this blog has helped contribute to our growth and I hope to see even better results over the next year. After starting full time I have actually had less time to post than I did prior, but it’s my goal to post at least 3 articles a week starting next week.

Affiliate Manager Exclusive

A few months ago I started my newsletter/mailing list, Affiliate Manager Exclusive. I have seen an AMAZING response from this list. It has given me an opportunity to engage with my PeerFly publishers on a large scale, but at the same time only those who are actually interested in engaging with me. As an Affiliate Manager I think engagement is critical to both of our successes (mine and the publishers) so I am really happy about this opportunity. Earlier this week I emailed my publishers with an exclusive list of 7Search keywords and had over 200 people reply to that email thanking me for the list!

I look forward to seeing what the next 364 days have store for both myself and this blog. I also appreciate the opportunity to build and promote this blog to my readers, including you 🙂

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4 thoughts on LPF is One Year Old!

  1. Congrats Luke on going for a year. Am a big fan of the blog. Particularly like the case studies, so keep those coming please mate. Also like your recent attempt to choose one of the 1000s of offers to run. Keep those posts coming!

    1. Hey Rob..

      Its actually not a very hard task lol…

      Goto wordpress.com and register yourself there! The Avatar you will use as your profile pic on your wordpress account will be your comment Image as well 😀


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