LPF is One Year Old!

It was exactly 1 year and 1 day ago that my first post on this blog (known as LPF throughout the PeerFly office), Hello World, was published. Over the past year of blogging I have learned a lot as both a blogger and an Affiliate Manager and in both cases I believe I’ve seen a lot of growth. It has been a very eventful year for me so I thought I would recap with this birthday post 🙂

About one month after I launched this blog I graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Web Application Development. Two months after that I got married and move to Florida to work full time out of the PeerFly office. While all of that was going on I started a series of blog posts explaining everything within the PeerFly backend which I call my PeerFly FAQ articles. In total I have written 20 FAQ articles which have been read over 75,000 times!

Blog Stats

In the first year of writing this blog I published 87 posts, which is a new post about once every 4 days. Those 87 posts got a total of 793 comments approved with over 44,000 deleted as spam. Here is a list of my top 10 articles with the amount of views they received:

In total, LPF received about 85,000 unique visitors in it’s first year totaling 435,000 page views. Over the past few months LPF has seen an amazing growth so I fully expect to close to double those numbers in the next year.

Going Full Time with PeerFly

Since going full time with PeerFly in September, I have been working extra hard to make sure we continue our immense growth. Over the past year we have ranked really well in industry surveys (#4 in mThink’s survey and #1 in Performance Marketing Insider) and I was even ranked the #1 Affiliate Manager. I believe that this blog has helped contribute to our growth and I hope to see even better results over the next year. After starting full time I have actually had less time to post than I did prior, but it’s my goal to post at least 3 articles a week starting next week.

Affiliate Manager Exclusive

A few months ago I started my newsletter/mailing list, Affiliate Manager Exclusive. I have seen an AMAZING response from this list. It has given me an opportunity to engage with my PeerFly publishers on a large scale, but at the same time only those who are actually interested in engaging with me. As an Affiliate Manager I think engagement is critical to both of our successes (mine and the publishers) so I am really happy about this opportunity. Earlier this week I emailed my publishers with an exclusive list of 7Search keywords and had over 200 people reply to that email thanking me for the list!

I look forward to seeing what the next 364 days have store for both myself and this blog. I also appreciate the opportunity to build and promote this blog to my readers, including you 🙂


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