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13 thoughts on Let’s Talk About Landing Pages

  1. For affiliate marketing, you won’t always get an email from a landing page, will you? Would you have some rough guidelines as to when one should use landing pages to build a list and when one should use them just as a pre-sell without collecting emails?

  2. Trust signs definitely made a difference for us Luke. A few years back we added a Verisign and our sales went up by about 30%. Changing the look and size of buy buttons can also make a big difference to conversions.

  3. Thank you for give a inspiration for a Cpa landing Page. I will use your suggestions to create my first LP. 😀

  4. Hi Luke. I read your whole post and helped me alot. Thanks for that but I have a couple questions for you. If I do Landing Page to collect emails, how exactly this way work? Is this the way when visitor enters the data into the form and click submit on the form, then the visitor, from whom I received an email, receiving CPA offer via e-mail or I gather a database of emails for a specific nich and when a visitor click on submit form I send him/her direct to CPA offer and email is in my dabase? If it works with both types which type has a better conversion for CPA offer because I’ll make a landing page for CPA offer from Peerfly where I am member.

  5. Great post luke.
    I understand what is landing page and why it is important, but how to create landing pages. Is there any tool or plugin to make LP.

  6. I build mobile Landing Page and run with Airpush
    have about 30 click Download button but not convertion
    Could you please give me some advise ?

      1. CTR about 3% but not convert ( about 30 clicks with Download Button-Link CPI )
        I think user stopped when the link was running or not download when the link redirected App Store

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