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We have been getting a ton of PPV (pay per view) traffic at PeerFly lately so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce those who are not familiar with PPV traffic to PPV and one of my favorite PPV networks,Β LeadImpact.

What is PPV?

Since this is my first post about PPV I’ll give you a quick and dirty introduction to it. I you are familiar with PPV please feel free to skip to the next section of this post πŸ™‚

For the most part, when affiliate marketers or affiliate managers are talking about PPV traffic they are talking about traffic coming from adware that users have downloaded and installed on their computer to gain access to free content or games. LeadImpact describes this directly on the Help section of their site:

People download our software (e.g. Hotbar, ClickPotato) to gain free, ad-supported access to a huge library of premium Web content. LeadImpact offers access to online games, videos, screensavers and software.

The visitors will see your ad in the form of a pop up. If you plan to run PPV traffic and have an extra computer sitting around, I highly suggest you install the adware (Hotbar.com) so you can see what the pop ups look like. I did this not long after I started testing some PPV campaigns and I immediately saw things that I could change to increase my click through and conversion rates.

Hint: by installing the adware you will also have the advantage of seeing what your competitors are doing right/wrong.

Why should you use LeadImpact?

There are many reasons why I like LeadImpact over some of the other top networks. Here is a list of the top 5 networks in my opinion:

  1. Trafficvance
  2. LeadImpact
  3. MediaTraffic
  4. DirectCPV
  5. AdOn

Obviously one of the most important aspects is the traffic quality and LeadImpact has pretty good traffic quality. It’s not as good as Trafficvance, but Trafficvance has a minimum $1,000 deposit and you have to had a referral from someone spending at least $50 a day on their network. LeadImpact has a minimum deposit of just $200 and does not require a referral.

The minimum bid on LeadImpact is $0.015-$0.035 per view, depending on theΒ categoryΒ your promotion falls under. Once you go through your $200 initial deposit the minimum refill deposit is just $20. So, I like to use LeadImpact as a starting place for testing campaigns and depending on the results, may transfer the campaign to another network as well.

LeadImpact Window Size

A very important thing to keep in mind when promoting using PPV is the size of the window you will be promoting in. All PPV networks besides DirectCPV have a set window size for their pop ups. With LeadImpact, theΒ view-ableΒ space in the pop up window (the amount of space you have to work with) is 775×400.Β If you install the adware on your computer you can easily test your landing page to see how it looks in the pop up window.

In conclusion, I highly suggest you give LeadImpact a try. PPV traffic has proven to perform really well with a majority of our offers and I know hundreds of affiliates who are doing really well with LeadImpact on their PPV campaigns. If you have any questions about LeadImpact or PPV in general please feel free to contact me or post them below. I enjoy talking about PPV and will do what I can to help you get a profitable campaign up πŸ™‚


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131 thoughts on LeadImpact PPV Review

  1. Okay so I’m closely watching your blog and reading each and every post πŸ™‚
    I never tried PPV but it sounds interesting after reading your post.
    One question though, should I expect email/zip conversions if I purchase USA only traffic from LeadImpact?


    1. Yes, but I would suggest creating your own lander and then directing traffic to the offers through that. A flashy banner that will grab people’s attention seems to work well. The issue is getting a decent click through rate. Your conversion rate should be pretty good on an e-mail/zip submit.

      I plan to do a post soon about creating effective PPV banners/landing pages.

      1. Creating a lander wouldn’t reduce the overall conversion rate? Besides email and zip submit is there anything else which works well with it? Also, is your post about PPV banners/landing pages ready?

  2. If you’re running traffic with LeadImpact one thing you might notice is that their customer support is pretty slow. It’s definitely something they could approve upon. Let me know if you have any questions because I will probably be able to answer them faster than LeadImpact πŸ˜›

    1. Hello Luke.
      I’m just now getting into this type of paid traffic system. I think LeadImpact will be my first test…I really like the lower amount of deposit and the add size…Just found your blog too. I will bookmark this and may take you up on your offer to answer questions…


  3. Hey.. Great critical review ! I signed up for peerfly a couple of months ago and I haven’t looked back. They have many e mail submits, which I am generating most of my money off, but they also have other offers.

  4. Where does the Lead Impact traffic mainly come from (i.e. gaming, toolbars, desktop apps)?

    What would you say the best place to start with this traffic would be?
    1. Pay Per Download
    2. Pay per Lead

    and what niches seem to work best from Lead Impact?

    1. Alan, as mentioned in the post, the traffic primarily comes from their toolbars which are installed on users computers as adware when they download free content from their content sites (games, videos, etc.).

      I also mentioned in the post that PPV traffic seems to be working really well with our e-mail and zip submits. I also suggest rotating in some short forms/registration offers in the same niche. Insurance offers seem to be performing pretty well with LeadImpact as well.

      As far as other traffic sources, please feel free to contact me about that. We can discuss some different methods to get you moving in the right direction πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Luke,

        I am an affiliate in your network. I have gone through your post here in this site regarding leadimpact. Can you please give me some tips so that i can be success in lead impact with those email submit offers

  5. The max amount of pop ups a user will see from LeadImpact per day is 5. I had a few people ask so I thought I’d post it on here as well πŸ™‚

  6. There is a click discrepance with LI which can be crucial for your campaigns. Also the different bids per category is a joke really. If you really want to try PPV, try AdonNetwork and get cheap clicks. Get familiar with tracking, landing pages, targets etc. and then move over to a bigger network like LI. Longterm should be getting into TrafficVance πŸ˜‰

    1. I haven’t really run into click discrepancy with LeadImpact, but I’ve heard about it from quite a few difference sources.

      Yeah, the categories are a joke, but you can pretty much choose anything somewhat relevant and get away with it πŸ˜›

      I prefer DirectCPV over Adon, but to each his own. Definitely agree that anyone who is serious about running PPV traffic should work towards getting into Trafficvance. They’re definitely the “tippy top” πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Luke,
    I am an affiliate with Peerfly and have been working exclusively with Leadimpact. I had tried direct linking zip/email offers from Peerfly to LI however I really could not get good results. I will really appreciate if you can give me some points to follow on which offers are doing well there and also whether I should direct link or send them via landing pages.

    Thanks a ton!


    1. Parth,

      Typically I would suggest a landing page over a direct link with PPV traffic, but it’s always a good idea to split test. I will be emailing you this afternoon and we can discuss your future campaigns πŸ™‚


  8. Ohh..what up with Traffic Vance? I never heard about that. I think I will send you an email because I want to join. I need investigate how much it will cost me per view first. If its like .25 per view, then I’m better off with PPC.

  9. This info is really on the entry level. I’ve been testing LI and it’s not that easy to get email/submits profitable. The steps are a) setup tracking, CPVlab is preferred, b) get the url targets for the chosen demo using adplanner and alexa, c) test 4-5 offers/network (preferably the same offers) on small budget, d) optimize, e) scale.

    1. @Fredrik I’m curious to know if you are having any success with the zip submits?…Your process is right on the money.

  10. I am currently using leadimpact. I am only doing $10 a day. Each day when my campaign kicks in my website visitors goes up about 700 hits almost instantly. Is this actual visitors to my site or each time a popup occures from my campaign is it showing as a visitor on my site? My $10 or 700 visitors only last for about 10 to 15 minutes if that and then I have to wait until the next day for anything to happen on my site. I have 2 major key words that take about 99% of my hits. I do realize to have my campaign last longer I could deactivate this 2 keywords. I’m just curious if I’m actually getting visitors or just the popups.

  11. Hello Luke,
    Your post is a wealth of info for CPV newbies. Yet it so straight-to-the -point. Thank you for sharing such valuable info.

  12. I, too, have been direct linking offers from Peerfly to a CPV network (directcpv); that may explain my lukewarm results. I am obviously a newbie: any good tips on how to create your own flashy, high converting landing page?

  13. PPV is different than PPC, lots of my friend complaining me that it doesn’t convert. It coverts in different way than PPC.

  14. Hello,Luke
    First,thank you for very informative posts. Now too me question.
    I’ve been promoting on LI for a while with no luck. I just ran an
    adult dating campaign with no clicks at all? I just not getting it.
    I was hopeful you could point me in the right direction.

  15. hello, luke

    pls make a video how to set up a campaign and how to edit campaign after setting up.
    Also how to track keyword and conversion.

    pls make a video it’s the best way to learn and teach.

    eagerly waiting for your video.

  16. Nice review on LI. But how do you track keywords with LI? I’ve just started using them for Peerfly and can’t figure out how to track keywords. Peerfly’s report does not show the referring URLs which has the keyword automatically added by LI.

    Can anyone help? Thanks

  17. I saw some offer not allow PPV/CPV. Does this mean not allow direct link to display on popup ?
    Can I put my own LP for popup and after they click my link, it will go to Offer page ?

  18. When I started LI campaign How long does it take to update impression or spent data in account?
    How do you find keyword to use with LI program? Any suggestion Luke? Thank you.

  19. Hi Luke
    I’ve been trying to get off the ground with ppv for a while now with no luck. I have a peerfly account and about $190 in my LI account….any tips on how to start a beaatuful relationship?

    1. Learn to create your own landing page optimized for the PPV window and something that will catch the user’s eye. With that, you can get the cheap clicks needed to become profitable. Any offer will work with a good angle and lander, but right now I have a lot of publishers trying dating campaigns and we always see a lot of PPV traffic on our email submits πŸ™‚

  20. Hey Luke, do you think direct linking to offers is a good idea ? I am setting up a directcpv campaign and looking at direct linking

    1. I’ve tested direct linking with LeadImpact and it performed okay, but my best campaigns have been with PPV optimized landing pages.

  21. Hi lucas.
    Excellent as always your input.
    I am a follower of your blog and I love the information that you offer to help us novices in promoting CPA offers.

    Although I have not been privileged to work with Perrfly, but I have someday hope to work with you.

    Just wanted to say that I use to promote Lead impact some offers and I’m not getting good results.

    I do the steps but not that I’m doing wrong.

    Thank you very much Lucas

  22. Hey Luke,
    just ran across your link to LI2PF. Is that an alternative to Prosper? I have still not been able to understand Prosper enough to pick up my conversions. Would love to have an easier option.
    Also, noticed the tab on landing pages, thanks to a previous comment in this thread, so I am going there next. Thanks for all the insight. I see you telling people to email you for help. What address would that be? I could use all the help I can get. πŸ™‚

  23. Hi Luke, love your site, the information is very helpful. I am a newbie, I just starting promoting Peerfly with LI, I have to be honest I did direct linking instead of landing page. I did not have luck could you give me some tips please? I was promoting beauty products and thinking going into dating sites, if you can guide me on what should I need to do to have conversions I would really appreciate it. In advance, Thank you for your help

  24. Luke, I have created a landing page for PinkWink which I aim to test on LeadImpact in about a week. I would like to run these creatives by you and also talk about how to target the specific age requirement of 30+. Add me on skype (jackdeere22). πŸ™‚

  25. Ok, I must be a r
    True newbie, what does it mean, “add me to Skype?” This blog is terrific and its nice to see others with many of the same questions I have.

  26. Is PPV the same as Direct Display? I have used AdOn for my first PPC, and it describes Direct Display as a pop up BEHIND the users window. thank you!

  27. HI Luke, I love your website and I’m venturing into PPC, PPV, etc…. I’ve done Solo Ads and FB marketing and ready to move onto something bigger and badder!! πŸ™‚
    I’ve got a product to marketing to your audience. Do you do solo ads for your audience? I suppose your audience is mainly males?

  28. Hi Luke, I just signed up to your newsletter this morning and already had my first BIG aha-moment: I did not know that the viewable window size is only 775×400 ! Thanks for the tip – quite obviously, I did not test my ad… should do that in future.
    I am not yet a member of Peer Fly – still testing and improving my skills… but I will surely send in my request when I’m ready.
    thanks again for the tip and pls keep the posts coming!

  29. Hi,

    I am looking for a Traffic PPV network that accept youtube videos URL’s for URL
    targeting campaigns.

    I made a mistake with DirectCPV. I look for hundred of youtube videos URL’s but
    DirectCPV finally do not accept it for my URL targeting campaign.

    Do you know a Traffic PPV network that accept youtube videos URL’s for URL
    targeting campaigns?


  30. Hello Luke If you don’t mind me asking what software or tool that you use to create your landing pages?. Like dreamweaver or something else.

  31. Hi Luke,

    Love your page and love all the information. Very informative. I have three quick questions:

    1.) You said you use coda to create your landing pages on the MAC. Do you have an example of a good looking, high converting landing page that I can see as an example of what actually converts with potential customers?

    2.) What software program would you suggest for creating landing pages on a PC?

    3.) What tools did you use to create your interactive website? I want to do similar things to my website.

    Thanks for all your help. Great site. Keep up the great work!

  32. Hi Luke,
    Does this LeadImpact work with education niche? Can I get your email to discuss indepth of this kind of PPV traffic before I jump into it?

  33. Hey Luke,

    I started with ppv after the expert week from kjrocker in the forum en dojo from cpafix.

    But i seem to be having a problem with my landing page, it doesn’t get approved by leadimpact. I received following message.

    – Landing page must have disclaimer information regarding participation requirements for the offer and be above the fold.
    – Landing page must have disclaimer information regarding affiliation with listed merchants or brands and be above the fold.

    Can you maybe let me know what the problem is. It’s a landing page for “Headphones by dr dre” in Belgium.
    Does it has something to do that the name ‘dr dre” is on the lander?

    Kind Regards

    1. You need a disclaimer at the bottom of the landing page saying that “Participation is required. We are in no way affiliated with any merchants or brands mentioned on this page.”

      …something along those lines.

  34. Hi Luke. You said LeadImpact has a minimum deposit of just $200. But when I registered I could not deposit $200. Minimum requirement is $1000. I am a newbie, I don’t want to start with big money and I’m not sure if it is profitable for me.

  35. Hi Luke, are we able to edit the offer page’s size too 775×400 if we are direct linking the offer?
    How do we track by using cpv lab running the offer on LI? thanks.

    1. You would need to create your own lander to fit in the window. Using CPVLab should be pretty easy. Check their documentation πŸ™‚

  36. I’ve got to say everything from Luke is very valuable. His posts, blogs, and all other of his articles. Just like to thank you Luke for bearing with us especially newbies like me. I’m learning a lot!

  37. Hi Luke, I just found LI and might want to try it. However my doubt is that does LI allow adult dating and downloads CPA offer ? πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Luke, My name is David, I am running a technical support company we recently started using Lead Impact and it says keywords disapproved if possible could you please let me know what all keywords we should use and how we can get it approved.

  39. hi luke , after read through ,it sound that to get ppv campaign profitable , it is advisable to do landing pages , pls correct me if i am wrong . currently i am doing peerfly offer for email submit using mediatraffic but the result is so poor., i already register LI but the initial deposit has been increase to $1000, any better advice

  40. Hi luke despite living in a Latin American country and not mastered the English’m fan 100% of you for your tips are more aya any course you want to remove some money, live in a country where the dollar is a problem to be able to work this type of business, called my attention the PPV, which will have some post and then discuss how to start investing in this type of system and thank you very much for your answer.

  41. Read all your posts regarding LI , can you help me or can you do me a favour in setting it up and I mean are you also running something on LI ??

  42. hi there i am using leadimpact from one week with laser targeted urls but i used leadpages landing pages responsive lp but i cant recive any leads from there wverything is good and i recive vosits to my site i analyZe in google analytics i recived hogh traffic but no leads what i do

  43. Hello luke how are you hope you doing well i am a new on leadimpact i want to run tech support campaing on Lead Impact when i tolk to leadimpact about that they told me they are not allowed techsupport but i will see there are so many tech support campaing are runing on leadimpact can you pleas help me how can i run my tech support campaing on lead impact here is my landing pages pleas chakout

  44. Hi LUke,

    I want to use Lead Impact in promoting Peerfly offers but the LI cost is $1K. Thats a lot of money for those who are starting with paid advertising. Is there a way for Peerfly and Lead Impact to work together and lower the cost of LI by half maybe?


    1. Unfortunately, LeadImpact has decided their minimum is $1,000 and there’s nothing we can do about that at PeerFly. So, I recommend you give 50onRed a try. Their minimum is $500 and their PPV traffic is doing really well for us!

  45. Helloo Luke
    i try peerfly but never we get approval
    we are tried A4D at present time and use PPV campaign
    from Mediatraffic.com traffic source can u please help
    to get approval on peerfly because Mediatraffic is not Allowed
    PC supported software Campaign but i will you have
    lots of Email/Zip Submitted offers and Dating Offers
    if u want a proof i will provide every thing
    I have also lot of Traffic from our Adnetwork
    Netflixmedia more than 200k page views daily
    please help and move forward


    Arshad Ali
    skype: arshad.netflixmedia

  46. Hey Luke, just wondering if we could use LeadPages.net as our landing page for PPV traffic. Or do we need to host the page on our VPS hosting server? I was told Leadpages server is more than fast enough but want to make sure.

  47. Hi
    Luke .
    I have question. I am thinking to start getting traffic by leadimpact . I am confused about choosing hosting. Now i have hostgator baby plan. Is it okey to work with leaadimpact or I have to take hosting like beyond hosting.

  48. Luke, I just went to Lead Impact to see about opening an account and on the sign up page it says the min. is $1000 not $200. Is that just recent?

  49. Hi Luke,

    I know how hard it can be to keep up with the changes in the industry so I wanted to give you an update. I just went to the LeadImpact Website (8/30/15) so That I could sign up as an Advertiser. The initial deposit to open an account appears to have increased from the $200 amount you listed in this post, to $1,000. I have no idea when this change went into effect, but I wanted to make sure that you and your readers and followers were aware of this change.

    Best wishes,

    Karl Hummel

  50. I am newbie to this world. Your article is showing 2012 year. There could be changes. I will be pleased if any such information for newbies.
    Thank you

  51. Hello Luke . I made reference about 1-1.5 months ago . But he rejected. Could you please re-evaluate my application? I know this might be abusing a Turkish business . But I see it as a business sector to the CPA . I take it seriously . I created several niche blogs in my ads and paid advertising (directcpv,leadimpact vs..) are going to do over the network .Could you please re-evaluate my application? I would like to join the Peerfly family. Sincerely .. Furkan.
    My peerfly ID: PF206734

  52. Have been driving traffic by pop-under on one of my sites from a newcomer network http://ads1k.com/and some days are better than the others. Anyone has any idea on how to improve the conversions?
    For those who are not here yet, pop-under opens your pages on somebody else ‘s site.

  53. Hey Luke, Thanks for sharing this. After years of knowing about PeerFly, your post inspired me to apply.

    Please let people know that proposing to use this method (possibly any of your methods) will result in one’s application being declined.

    Not an optimal user experience.IMHO

    For what it’s worth…To me it appears that there is some friction between your method (/you) and PeerFly.

    I was declined specifically because proposing to use your method (during the applications process) made Erin respond “You can reapply in 6 months if you have more experience” When I asked what experience PeerFly wants. She stated “We are looking for publishers that have their own unique set of marketing methods.”.

    Respectfully, not sure what more I can learn in 6 months, after being in Affiliate Marketing for 10 years. But life is a learning experience and during this process I’ve certainly “learned” about PeerFly.

    Hopefully this helps others in their Affiliate Marketing Journey.

  54. Hi, Sir !
    It’s really good to read you blogs. You are a master. Thanks for sharing insights.
    Actually, I’m in the initial phase to start my CPA campaign. Is it good to start with PPV? or should I only focus on Bing, Native, and Facebook ads.

    1. I think PPV is still a great source of traffic. The other sources you mentioned are great, but I have plenty of publishers who do well still with LeadImpact’s PPV traffic πŸ™‚

      Glad you like my content!

  55. Hey Luke
    could we rotate lps on lead impact now by using prosper 202 or cpvlab?
    Due to the 1000$ deposite now, how about 50onred, some people told me that the new plateform RTX is not good enough as before.
    Or any good suggesitons for a ppv newbee today? where to start is better now?

    1. Yeah, you can rotate lps. I’m not sure LeadImpact wants you to, but it really shouldn’t be an issue if they’re compliant. LeadImpact is still pretty good.

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