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The following is a guest post by a friend of mine named Margaret. She has done a guest post for me before (How to Write Good Content for SEO) and this time she approached me about doing a guest post about…guest posting. As she will tell you, guest posting is a great way to promote your blog while providing quality content for a blog owner. I am always looking for good content so if you are interested in writing your own guest post for this blog feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

Guest posting refers to writing posts on other blogs and websites. Utilized well, it can effectively promote your blog. The main challenges lie in selecting the right blogs, creating quality content for them and building good long-term relationships with them. Below are the steps for landing quality guest post opportunities:

Find the Right Blogs

The first step is to search and find the right blogs you want to guest write for. Use special search services like Google’s “blog” search to look for blogs specifically. Search for blogs in your market and other peripheral markets. If you have a blog related to marketing, you can lookout for blogs with interest in marketing.

Rank the Blogs by Value

Determine whether writing a guest post for a blog can help you by ranking the blogs by their value. You can get an idea of the value of the blog by checking how much traffic a site gets and its reputation. Data regarding site traffic can be gathered using tools like Google Ad Planner, Open Site Explorer, and Alexa.

Figure out Your Proposition

Figure out exactly what you can offer the blog owner and also how the audience of the blog can benefit. Write a brief but thorough value proposition and convey your commitment to provide good content. Finish the value proposition with some guest post ideas for them to consider.

Create Absolutely Stunning Content

Create content for the guest post which is absolutely stunning. The blog owner should think that you can add immense value and try to contact you immediately. Put your heart and soul into your guest post content. Treat them with even more reverence than the posts on your own site.

Get the Click

Getting a guest post accepted by another blog is not enough. You should also convince the readers of your guest post to click on a link and come back to your site. The best place to put the link to your site is within the content itself. Put the link in the appropriate place to make the web master accept the in-content link. Link to some extra resource on your site related to the topic of the guest post you have written. If you don’t have any related extra resource in your blog or website, create one specifically for the guest post. Finally, remember to write a compelling resource box.

Create a Long-term Relationship

Do not think of guest blogging chances as one-time events. Try hard to create a good relationship with that site so that you can write more guest posts in future. Developing a long-term with the blog will help you to do more than just writing blog posts. You can ask those blogs for product reviews, JV projects, backlinks, interviews etc.

Guest blogging is one of the most popular ways to get back-links, build reputation, and increase traffic to your own blogs. Many of the old internet marketing techniques like article marketing have simply petered out. Following the above steps can help in utilizing the guest post opportunities properly.

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Margaret is a writer. She loves writing, traveling and meeting new people. Her favorite thing to write is guest post tips.


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