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What is PeerFly?

PeerFly is a one of a kind CPA based affiliate network. We have over 1,000 active affiliate offers in pretty much every vertical you could want to promote. We do not focus on one particular vertical, but rather try to provide for a wide range of different publishers. We are open to all different legitimate traffic types and encourage our publishers to be creative in their promotions.

Custom Network

Our network is not your typical cookie cutter network. We do not use DirectTrack, LinkTrust, HasOffers, or any other 3rd party platform. Our site/platform has been custom built from the ground up. You will not find another system exactly like ours. This allows us to create features based on our publishers needs.

PeerFly Pays Daily

One of the many things that really sets us apart from other affiliate network is that we send payments out daily. Our early payment system, PeerFly Cash Flow, is one of a kind and you will have a hard time finding another network with anything like it. This system allows our publishers to request a payment at any time and we have been known to send payments within minutes of the requests.

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PeerFly has shut down so this blog is no longer maintained.Join me on affLIFT