iPhone 4S is coming!

Well, I am sure most of you have heard about the new iPhone 4S. It’s the next big release in the iPhone family. I have been an active iPhone user since just a few months after it was originally released and I am ready to update my iPhone 4 for the new iPhone 4S. It turns out, millions of other people feel the same. According to Apple, they had over one million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. I was one of them. I am picking up my new iPhone on Friday.

The iPhone 4S is a very hot topic right now. It’s #12 on Alexa’s What’s Hot list. Over the next few days that is going to increase and so is the interest in the new phone. People are going to be blogging about the amazing new features and with the release of iOS5 it’s going to be all the buzz. What am I getting at? Bank off of it!

We have recently added a nice selection of iPhone 4S offers and have hundreds of offers for Apple products. I have listed our new iPhone 4S offers below. Take a look through and let the creative juices flow.

iPhone 4S Offers

ID Name Payout CR EPC
4022 iPhone 4S Registration $2.00 8.93% $0.18
4023 iPhone 4S [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 8.77% $0.12
4021 Apple iPhone 4S – Email Submit $1.30 6.45% $0.08
3919 iPhone 4S Test and Keep – LP2 $1.60 3.70% $0.06
3912 iPhone 4S – Blue LP2 $1.60 1.72% $0.03
3550 BBR iPhone 4S – Social Link $1.30 1.44% $0.02
3451 Get 2 Free iPhone 4s- LP2 $1.60 0.00% $0.00
3549 BBR iPhone 4S – Email Link $1.30 0.00% $0.00
3548 BBR iPhone 4S $1.30 0.00% $0.00


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