How to Invite People to Your Facebook Page

Invite to Like Your Facebook Page

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Our friends at Facebook recently released an awesome feature that lets you invite people who have Liked a post on your Facebook Page to actually Like your Page (if they don’t already).

It is pretty easy to do and you will see a high percentage of the people you invite to Like your Page will actually end up pressing the Like button. When you invite them they get a notification on their Facebook that you sent them the invite and they can easily click it and Like your Page.

Invite Your Likes to Like

The first step is actually getting Likes on your content. This method to getting new Likes on your Facebook Page will not work if no one is pressing Like on your posts.

If you are not getting Likes on your content then I recommend setting up an ad campaign to promote your Page to grow your audience.

Once you have Likes on your post, you need to click the total number of Likes on the post.

Get Likes on your Facebook Page Post

When you click that link, Facebook will pop up a window showing the names of all the people who you pressed Like on that post.

The Facebook users who do not already Like your Facebook Page should have an Invite button next to their name. If you click that button it will invite them to Like your Page!

Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page

As I said, these people are very likely to Like your Facebook Page after you invite them 🙂

This method should work really well with Boosted posts or posts you are advertising in the Facebook News Feed. I have not tested this yet, but a lot of times those posts will get a lot of Likes, but people won’t actually Like your Page. Now, you can invite them to Like your Page and get the extra engagement on your content at the same time.

Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments below. Let’s make some money!

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25 thoughts on How to Invite People to Your Facebook Page

  1. This is a great method for inviting people to like a page. There is currently a facebook bug though.

    – Go through a post and invite someone – it will change to ‘invited’
    – Go out of the post, and back into it again
    – You will see that the person you just invite now has the ‘invite’ button next to it again!!
    However, the invite does go through, as I have tested it.

  2. Hi does this invite come from the page you manage or from your personal account? One page I have I enjoy winding people up on as they have no idea its me and keep asking me to like my own page. All good fun!

  3. I really can’t find anywhere that these buttons will pop up for me – any more settings, particular browser environment, etc, that need to be there for this to happen? I have tried ‘using Facebook’ as both myself and my page, but can’t see the buttons – just “Add Friend” when I’m using as myself. Help – for that button looks awesome!

  4. Followup. I read on another page (just googlin’ around) that this doesn’t work for pages over 100K fans. That seems to be the case for me, as my over 100K page would not show these buttons…but one of my UNDER 100K fan pages did show it, right away. So I’m kinda guessing that little factoid might be true, though I admit this is very limited testing to prove it. Cheers!

  5. Double Followup: It kinda seems like you’ve gotta be friends with the user on the other side, for the invitation to even work/go through. Again limited testing…but hitting the button to invite an account I manage (but not me) would not go through when I, personally, was not friends with them. But when I connected the friendship and tried again – Bam! – the invitation went right through. So, as awesome-mazing as this method sounds, I’m not sure it’s really all that practically useful.

    If I’m missing any awesome trick to this please do let me know!

  6. Not working on my end.. Probably this new update is possibly not present at my end also you will have to be friendz with the person to invite them.

    @Luke – Maybe add this point in your post with an edit?

    1. You do not need to be friends with the person, but it does appear that this will only show for Pages with less than 100k Likes. It may also not work on older Pages. I’m trying to find more info. I won’t edit my post until the information is concrete.

  7. Just confirmed that this works! I have promoted/boosted some posts in the pasts. One in particular had over 130 likes. I followed the information above and BOOM – they have been invited. Watching my page LIKES over the next couple of hours to see if my page likes surpass 500.

    Thanks Luke!

    1. It appears that if a Page is old or has over 100k Likes then Facebook will not show the invite button. I haven’t been able to find anything from Facebook that explains the exact criteria yet.

  8. This feature worked last night, but it doesn’t work today. They changed the code. Now if I click on the list of people liked a post on a fan page it allows me to add them as friends but not invite them to like the page. Last night I went thru multiple posts and invited people to like the page. However, Facebook introduced a new feature that allows you to navigate thru facebook as your fan page. However the invite feature is not enabled in this mode either.

  9. I made the mistake of trying this logged on to my Pages. No Invites shown!
    From my main profile it does work though.
    One thing that puzzles me though is what are the empty spaces beside some names, between all the Invite, Invited and Liked ones?


  10. I have a boost post curently running with 11k likes on it. I tried to invite people and it works.

    After repeating the procees, after a few hours, i get a capthca at every invite. I already got 1200 like from that 11k, and i`ll try it tomorrow to invite more people.

    Thank you Luke for your niche advices, i finally got my niche trageted fan page and for less than 20$ i already have 3000 likes.

    This is so nice, after facebook deleted my 840k fan page and unpublished another 540k fan page.

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