Interview with 4 Month Affiliate, Hazyl Lee

The following is an interview I recently performed with Hazyl Lee, an affiliate new to the game, but who has had some success in her initial affiliate marketing efforts and I thought it would be interesting to give you some insight on what she has done to get off to a good start. She is from Malaysia and decided to give affiliate marketing a try after realizing that she was working way too many hours in her regular day job and not only was it hurting her health, but the pay just was not worth the effort she was giving. So, she attended an affiliate marketing workshop and learned all the basic internet marketing skills such as list building, forum marketing, how to get free traffic, and pushing paid traffic through various traffic sources. That was just four months ago and she already has some profiting campaigns!

Please keep in mind while reading through Hazyl’s responses that English is not her native language. I’m more than happy to answer any questions and she will also be monitoring the comments 🙂

The Interview

I see that you are pretty new to the affiliate marketing industry. What made you decide to give affiliate marketing a try and what were your first steps to getting started running affiliate campaigns?
The inspiration was sparked off during an Internet Marketing workshop, seeing how magically people can earn an enormous amount of money from online affiliate marketing. Besides, I enjoy the exposure to varieties of industry and to gain lifetime experience which definitely are going to help in my future undertakings. The first step I took was to equip myself with the basic knowledge to accomplish the dream by reading articles and forums which is related to this field. In fact, it was lucky for me to have mentor to guide me through all the way till now.

Tell us a bit about your first profiting campaign. Where were you running it and how much profit did you generate while it was active?
My first profiting campaign is a credit score campaign in 7Search. The reason being 7Search was always the best starting place for newbie. I spent about $5 in this campaign, I got about 50 total clicks, 2 conversions, total earnings was $59. Profit, on the other hand, was $54! I bid on exact keyword, always do keyword and traffic tracking, and most importantly I communicated well with my affiliate manager. But to bear in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same goes to success, repeated testing will always be required to achieve profit campaign.

I see you have a post titled “Important Tips on How to get accepted into CPA Network”, but what specific steps did you take and would you suggest other new affiliates take in order to get approved into PeerFly?
I would suggest other new affiliates to get themselves a website in order to get approval from PeerFly. During application, always bear in mind to kindly email PeerFly approval manager and to let him know the main reason of registering PeerFly. It is essential to communicate with the person in charge so that both parties come to mutual understanding. Besides, it is vital to let approval manager see the profession of yours, not being random rookie marketer or scammer.

Luke: we do not require a website to be approved at PeerFly, but it cannot hurt to have one to put on your application. Contacting Corey with how you plan to promote our offers also can help 🙂

What is one thing you think we should improve upon to make your experience with PeerFly better?
Abolishment or reduction in fee charges during process of payment would be highly appreciated. Due to non-US Net Payment, for every single transaction, charges of 2% of total payment would be made, which is unusual for any other CPA network.

Luke: PayPal charges a 2% for each international PayPal payment. The fee is maxed out at $20 though. Another good payment option for international PeerFly publishers is Payoneer. There is no fee to have your payment added to your Payoneer card.

What is one thing that you really like at PeerFly that we do better than any of the other networks you are currently work with?
PeerFly has a great amount of offers which I might not usually get from other CPA networks. Thanks to PeerFly, I get exposed to a variety of choices to offer a wide ranging fields of promotions and basically, most of them convert well. On the other hand, our payment by PeerFly can always be made via PayPal, which is essentially convenient since payment is instant, and can easily made for turnover.

What traffic source would you suggest someone brand new to affiliate marketing sign up for and try?
Definitely it has to be 7Search. In fact, I started with 7Search too! It has the cheapest clicks, each costs only $0.01!! I deeply understand being a newbie, budget can be a problem to start off affiliate marketing. Therefore, 7Search is till now, I think the greatest platform for newbies to use as a stepping stone, and to gain experience with. In addition, I always think the best thing ever in 7Search is that they have a professional support team easily in reach for 24/7 who never reluctant to offer help whenever in need. Within a click, the Live Customer Support team will be immediately up to chat to enlighten any enquires of mine, which I greatly appreciate. I am grateful to some other personal blogs like LukePeerFly, giving me tips on managing campaign and tracking SubID in 7Search.

I know you are active on the WarriorForum. How has the WarriorForum helped you become successful as a new affiliate?
I always read the questions posted and the experience shared by the experts in Warrior Forum. I always think that it is very important to keep ourselves updated with the latest knowledge and skills. I always believe that if we wish to improve our lives, the first thing that we need to do is to value and improve ownselves.

Thanks to Hazyl for taking the time to answer my questions. You can follow her affiliate marketing progress on her blog and hopefully in 8 months we’ll do a follow up interview about her first $1,000 profit day. Let us know if you have any questions and let’s make some money!


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