How to Install Prosper202

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A common question I have received over the past 2 years from my readers on this blog is “how do I install Prosper202 on my server.” I have been using Prosper202 for a few years now and have installed it on numerous servers without any trouble, but I can see where someone who is not experienced in setting up a database or using an FTP client could get confused.

So, I am going to explain the entire installation process from download to setup. This should answer many of the common questions that come up while installing Prosper202, but if you get to the end and you still are unsure do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

First off, we need to actually download Prosper202 to your computer.

Download Prosper202

To be able to upload Prosper202 to your web server you are first going to need to download it to your computer. You can download Prosper202 for free from the official Tracking202 page here.

Make sure you download Prosper202 somewhere on your computer where you will be able to easily find it. I usually just download it directly to my desktop.

Create Subdomain or Setup Your Domain

Once you have Prosper202 downloaded you will need to setup the directory on your server where you will install it. There are two options I use:

  • Install directly in the public_html folder of the domain.
  • Create a subdomain and install on the subdomain directory.

If you are going to use your domain just for tracking your campaigns with Prosper202 then I recommend installing it directly in the public_html directory for that domain. If you are going to use that domain for other things then you may want to setup a subdomain to host Prosper202. I have had several people tell me they could not install Prosper202 on a subdomain, but I have done it a bunch of times and never had any issues.

Now that you know where you’re going to install Prosper202 you need to setup your database.

Create a Database for Prosper202

Prosper202 is powered by a MySQL database so you will need to create one on your server. If you have cPanel then creating a database is a  really simple three step process. If you do not have cPanel installed on your server you will need to search how to create a database. With cPanel simply:

  1. Create a database
  2. Create a user
  3. Grant user permissions on database

Create Database

cPanel create database

Create a user

Create a user MySQL


Once you create your database and MySQL user you will need to grant permissions to that user.

Add user to database

Grant user permissions MySQL

Now that you have granted permissions (privileges) to your MySQL database user and created your database, your Prosper202 database setup is complete. It’s time to upload Prosper202 to your server.

Upload Prosper202 to Your Server

If you have a FTP client that you already use then uploading Prosper202 to your server should be pretty simple. If you do not have a FTP client I recommend you download FileZilla. FileZilla is free and really easy to use. Upload the Prosper202 files to the directory for either your domain or the subdomain you created previously.

Prosper202 files

Install Prosper202

Once you have uploaded all the Prosper202 files you are ready to finish up your installation. Go to your domain or subdomain you installed Propser202 on and you should be promoted with a window that looks like this:

Prosper202 Config

Click to create a 202-config.php file so you can create your Prosper202 configuration file. Click let’s go and you will be prompted with the following form:

Prosper202 database config

You will need to complete the form with the information for the database you created earlier. The only things you should need to change are Database NameUser Name, and Password. Once you have entered your information push Submit. If you made a mistake on the form you will get an error message saying a database connection cannot be made. Otherwise, you will get this message:

All right sparky! You’ve made it through this part of the installation. Prosper202 can now communicate with your database. If you are ready, time now to run the install!

Click run the install and you will be taken to this form:

finish Prosper202 installation

Creating your account is the last step in the Prosper202 installation process. Once you click Install Prosper202 you are all set. You can login to your Prosper202 account and you are all done!

Installing Prosper202 is not that hard and if you have everything in place you should be able to do it pretty easily. Once you have installed Propser202 make sure you check out my guide on how to setup your affiliate campaign using Prosper202.

With the right tools you will make your job as an affiliate marketer a lot easier. Prosper202 is a great start and should definitely help you analyze your traffic. Please let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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105 thoughts on How to Install Prosper202

  1. Excellent luke, very good post.
    Luke, it is true that installing prosper in a shared hosting does not give good results. ?
    It is best to install on a vps?

    thank you very much

  2. Hi Luke,
    your blog is great, you share very useful info. Next time I buy something I’ll do it through your link!
    Keep it up!
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I’ll consider installing this tracking software shortly to see what kind of information it will provide me for my campaigns. So far I am getting pretty good results tracking by hand but I figure it will get a bit more difficult the more campaigns I setup and I may lose track of spend vs profits.

  4. Hey Luke,

    Great tutorial there, however one thing I wanted to point out, If I am not wrong, Porsper202 specifically says not to install in a directory or on subdomain isn’t it ??

    1. Sandip. Prosper202 specifically says you cannot install their software within a subdirectory but says you can install it with a subdomain which is different. I made this same mistake with my initial attempt to install. I tried installing through a sub directory and it failed. Therefore I set it up a subdomain and tried again and it worked without any issues :).

  5. hello just got started with cpa. i need some help understanding the jargon? .do i need to set up a specific domain for prosper 202? i want to be able track my facebook ad.

  6. I’m using,,,,but I’m not understanding how to do it,can i install it in that free hosting service?and I’m using windows 7.

  7. I see you recommend hostgater are there any issues running prosper202 on hostgater? for example how much load (clicks) can I have without having issues?

  8. Hi Luke,
    I did affiliate marketing before but i was not making money.
    I’m learning about CPA now.
    I want to do direct linking for now I don’t need a LP or website.
    Do I still need hosting for tracking(prosper202)?

  9. I’m pretty new to FTP and domains so any help would be appreciated, I’m using cPanel if that is of any help. I’m stuck(lost) at this part of the guide:

    Upload Prosper202 to Your Server
    If you have a FTP client that you already use then uploading Prosper202 to your server should be pretty simple. If you do not have a FTP client I recommend you download FileZilla. FileZilla is free and really easy to use. Upload the Prosper202 files to the directory for either your domain or the subdomain you created previously.

    The guide is very detailed up until that part. I’m having trouble getting to this part

    1. You need to setup a MySQL database on cPanel and enter the database information on the Prosper202 install. There are some YouTube videos that may be more helpful with this part 🙂

  10. I noticed you said you’ve installed 202 on several domains. Why would someone need to install it on more than one? Can I install it on one and track campaigns from landing pages that aren’t on the same domain/sub-domain? I apologize, I’m still trying to understand all of this.
    Thanks Luke, I’ve learned alot from your site.

  11. I have several domains on the hosting Fatcow (no CPanel) and I will install several tens of subdomains for niche websites, including iframe websites.
    Should I set Prosper simultaneously in each of a few tens of multiple subdomains and a few domains, or enough to install one copy of Prosper on tens of websites (domains, subdomains) on a single hosting?

  12. Thanks for the Tutorial Luke – it almost worked.
    I have this error message on the site though – any simple solution for me?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:HostingSpacesOllepprosper.mepstar.comwwwroot202-configfunctions.php on line 231

  13. Thank you Luke for the excellent tutorial. ? when you installed on the shared hosting (I am guessing on HostGator) did the installation go smoothly, as described in your tutorial. I have a reseller hosting account and the procedure to install Prosper202(P-202) is very much similar to Installing WordPress Manually. Create a database, Create a user (UN and PW) and give full rights to the user and install the software. I will try to install this on my HostGator reseller account, on a sub-domain of one of my domains. It is good to know that I can install it on host-gator, without any problems or tweaking. Thank you.

    The question about installing more than one copy of P-202, Under what circumstances I should install more than one copy of P-202. Will this be for redundancy, or keeping separate CPA vendor accounts on separate P-202, Joint accounts with joint access. What other scenarios do you see for doing multiple installs.
    Appreciate you answer.
    Thank you

  14. Great information Luke…one question. Can I track all my campaigns from many pages with just one installed Prosper202 on my server? I use different websites for the right CPA offer as much as I can, so do I create one database for all or can I track from one place all of the different pages from many websites? Thanks

  15. Hi Luke i saw that prosper 202 is now not for free. Do you know other free tracking tools or you recommend to use prosper 202

  16. Hey Luke, I have just got into Peerfly and CPA, I tried to download Prosper 202, but what I found is I can’t download it for free. Tell me where can I download for free!

  17. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the very informative post.

    In the comments above you mentioned that you are using it under a shared hosting with HostGator. I’ve read it some where that they don’t allow you to install P202 on shared hosting. I am with hostgator too but not sure if I am allowed to install P202 or not. What do you think?

    Also is it working well for you on shared plan?

  18. That’s Why Luke is the best,,,,,,, I tried to install it few days ago then was getting some errors may be i was doing some wrong, Then I did numerous search in Google,, But Its Fact was some results doing that,, After reading this entire post and then i tried to setup as the post says,, I am lucky that is working,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:) And I know Why it working…because its from Luke,,,that’s why Luke best…..

  19. Hi Luke,

    First off, thank you so much for giving back to the community so generously and unselfishly by sharing so much information!

    Am new to PPC and CPA. I use ONE domain where I create sub-domains for each PPC campaign. Can I install Prosper202 in just the main domain and track conversions in the other sub-domains?

    Also, I thought that Prosper202 can tell you which specific “Keyword” actually converted into a sale so you can optimize that Keyword and delete non-converting Keywords. I have read some articles and watched videos on Prosper and haven’t seen anything about this possibility. Maybe I am misunderstood and it can’t do this?

    Thank you for your help!

    1. I appreciate your kind words 🙂 Installing P202 on your main domain and then using subdomains is fine. You can see the keywords that you append to the end of your P202 tracking link throughout P202, but I’ve found the most useful report for keywords under Analyze -> Keywords.

  20. I’m not sure what you mean but hopefully after I install P202 I will understand it better. Installing it sounds intimidating, but I will follow your instructions and hopefully it will be smooth, fingers crossed :). Thank you for your prompt reply.

  21. Hey Luke,
    I just attempted to install P202 on a domain using Filezilla. I just realized that I had WordPress installed in it. When I go to that domain, I don’t see P202 anywhere. Will I have to uninstall WordPress for P202 to work? Thanks.

  22. I think some people can’t install prosper202 because they install it on subdomain, they need to change some code in their index.php file to change the path point to their subdomain

  23. Big Problem, does not work with PHP 5.4.32
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING or ‘(‘ in /202-config/functions-tracking202.php on line 3

  24. For those who want to install prosper202 without any problem you can go with namecheap and it work fine with the shared server plan, no restriction for prosper with them.

  25. Hi Luke, hope all is well. Do you have some tips on installing Prosper202 on iPage. I can seem to get it to configure properly.

    Thanks in advanced.

  26. Hi Luke, thanks for the great tutorial! I’m wondering what hosting service you might recommend since HostGator doesn’t allow installing Prosper202?

  27. Hi Luke:
    I went to the site and registered and tried to log in and got the ‘access forbidden and 403 ‘ message. What am I not doing correctly?

  28. Hi Luke, is it possible to install and use prosper202 when using leadpages or unbounce since these two services have their own hosting? Let’s say if I want to use lead pages or ubounce for creating landing pages and the traffic source is 50onRed.

    1. I believe you could still track your campaigns with Prosper202, but I’m assuming those companies probably have tracking built in too? 🙂

  29. Hi, I get the whole way through to the end, hit run the install, get this msg

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING or ‘(‘ in /home1/nlinedb0/public_html/202-config/functions-tracking202.php on line 3

    its prob not hard to fix but (im a noob) not sure what to do???

  30. Thanks, I figured it out, go to php configuration in cpanel and change php to 5.4 (if anyone else has the same issue)

  31. I used prosper202 for a long time, and I played around with Voluum (absolutely hated it). Now I use Funnel Flux ( It blows the others away.

  32. Every download link I try brings me to the pro download page. I can’t find the actual download page anywhere. Is there still a free version? All I’m seeing is the pro version

  33. Hi Luke, I followed the steps exactly to install prosper202. I have a shared hosting plan with hostgator. Everything was going well until I reached this part “All right sparky! You’ve made it through this part of the installation. Prosper202 can now communicate with your database. If you are ready, time now to run the install!” Afterwards when I run the install- it throws the following error-
    System requirements
    Software / Function Status
    PHP >= 5.3 5.4.43
    MySQL >= 5.0 5.5.42-37.1
    CURL Installed
    MySQL Partitioning Prosper202 requires MySQL partitioning.
    PHP Memcache (recommended) Missing

    Your hosting does not meet Prosper202 server requirements!

    I also read that hostgator only allows prosper202 on vps and dedicated server only ( Are there any alternatives?

    1. Hi Chetan,

      Have you successfully installed it on the shared hosting on hostgator?
      If yes, can you share with us what you have done. Thanks.


    2. Hi, Prosper202 version 1.9.28 resolved all the issue which Hostgator not able to support the installation on shared hosting server. Just download 1.9.28 version and you are good to go on hostgator! Cheers!

  34. when i install it, and i found the problem, can you help me solve it now!

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING or ‘(‘ in /home/admin/getanydrivers/202-config/functions-tracking202.php on line 3

  35. hi.. luke i always enjoy read your article.
    yesterday i read this article and i try to setup my prosper202. i’m using both domain and web host. once i’m using smartftp to upload the file, and it said the file is too large. they only allowed to upload bellow 10mb. the zip file that comes from prosper is around 16mb. the option they give is to upload by php. i have no idea how to do that. can you give me some tips?
    thank before

  36. I tried to install Prosper202 on DigitalOcean, but the script can’t detect Memcached. Memcached is running on my server. Found it on Php info page and tested it using a Memcached test snippet. The only problem is Prosper202, it says Memcached not installed and not running. I tried both 1.7.2 and 1.9.26 version and got same results.

    I think I read all the google results on this topic but can’t find the solution.

    Has anyone had the same problem?

      1. Thanks for the reply! Memcached is now running on my click server. I hired a fiverr guy to solve the problem. 🙂

  37. I am getting an error while installing on a domain. Error is Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in home/domainname/public_html/202-config/setup-config.php on line 139

    Please help. stuck on this for days now.

  38. Hi Luke, can i use prosper202 on wordpress site, and can i use it to setup POSTBACK conversion tracking that generates users unique ID, for my adscendMedia offers on a WordPress Website?

  39. When I create the config file, I do not get any error msg, just blank page. However P202 is not free anymore with beyond, maybe this is the problem? Or I just try to run a wrong version? (I use subdomain) Thanks

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