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28 thoughts on Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

  1. Some rumors talk about Facebook is decreasing the visibility of commercial ads included in publications at the same time that have more presence on Stock-Market. It’s clear that They need report back Their investors, and the free comercial publications are the days numbered.

    This is a good idea to try mantain our public.

  2. Great article, however, I am hesitant to use such a strategy. I feel as though emailing my social media posts will dilute the power of my targeted emails. Sometimes I point to build a connection with the readers and it isn’t particularly about the subject at hand. I just don’t want them to get into a habit of deleting my emails. I almost look at Social Media as a good Jab (Vaynerchuck) and email as a better Hook.

    1. I don’t believe FPInbox emails will dilute the power of your targeted emails, but I don’t blame you for being hesitant of potentially hurting something you’ve worked hard to build.

  3. Great idea. Hope Luke will release this feature soon. I think if you send a daily email, people will think you’re spamming them, they will kick your ass.

  4. Hi Luke, Loving this update in certain scenarios this could be very useful thanks. Is there anyway to get in touch with you via twitter etc I have a few questions.


    Daniel Silver (@webmoneytutor)

  5. Hey Luke, I have been trying to start my subscription for $10 dollars a month for FP Traffic, but for some reason everytime I click the subscription button, my payment does not go through. Paypal keeps telling me that I need to add funds to my paypal account. I have $20 dollars in my paypal account, so I have enough to pay for the first month, do you have any idea why the payment won’t go through?

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