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A good affiliate marketer will always be looking for ways to improve his/her landing pages. One way that I do this is by checking to see what advertisers are doing on the landing pages for the offers on PeerFly. Well, recently I noticed that a good portion of our email and zip submit offers now include the visitor’s location on the landing pages. Typically, the state you are in. Here is an example:

landing page location

As you can see, the advertiser is trying to catch the user’s attention by including the state they are located in on the landing page. This also shows some exclusiveness that will typically help increase your conversion rate. Dating websites have been doing this for years, but it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon if it’s going to help you make your affiliate campaigns more profitable right? So, how is it done?


There is a free geoip API from that seems to be the most popular option for affiliates. You can easily implement the user’s location using their JavaScript API. I have always used IPInfoDB with their free PHP API, but considering the popularity of Maxmind I am going to show how you can use their API instead. Plus, it requires no programming knowledge. Just a few lines of code you can copy and paste.

{code type=”javascript”}

Country Code:
Country Name:
Region Name:

If you are seeing jibberish when you look at the block of code above this don’t fret! It’s actually very easy to use.

Line 1
The first line of code is required to be placed BEFORE any of the following lines of code. You can place it anywhere in your page’s header or body as long as it is placed before lines 2-6. Basically it just sets up the API so it will work with lines 2-6.

Lines 2-6
Lines 2-6 are where you can actually show the different information available from the API about the user on the page. For example, you would want to copy and paste the script tags from line 6 to show the user’s state (in my case, Florida).

I have setup a demo page for the Maxmind geoip API. Take a look through and let me know if you have any questions.


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