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I’ve mentioned several times the different places where you can get free information on affiliate marketing. For example, there are a a ton of great affiliate blogs with quite a bit of good free information on them. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” is usually correct. In this case, there is a ton of great information out there that affiliates are handing out for free, but why would anyone ever share winning information for free? Sometimes, you have to pay to really get quality information and if you’re looking to pay for some high quality affiliate marketing tips, I suggest checking out IMGrind.

IMGrind is an internet marketing forum created by internet marketers Ralph “Ruck” Ruckman and Ryan Gray. Ruck was previously the CEO at a large affiliate network and Ryan was the affiliate manager for that same company.

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Last year, they decided to quit their jobs at the affiliate network and developed a private forum where internet marketers could get together, share ideas, and Ruck and Ryan could help them along the way. Since opening the forum hundreds (if not thousands) of online marketers have joined and it has become a hub for great information. If you are looking for high quality information IMGrind is the place to find it.

The community is growing a very quick rate, which just proves how valuable it is. There are now over 100 threads being created each week with over 100 posts on each of those threads daily.

The one thing that will stop most people from joining IMGrind is the cost. To be a part of the community you must pay $77 a month. The value of the information far exceeds the cost of it.Β The first day I had a membership to the grind I found a thread that had information on it that I used to make about $2,000. With one thread on the first day I was a member I learned something that made me enough money of the course over the next month to pay for my membership for 2 years. Now, it wasn’t handed me to me and I had to do some work on my end, but if I had never read that thread it is likely that I wouldn’t have built the campaign I did. For the next two years I can consider any money I make from information I find on the forum 100% profit.

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I love $200+ days.

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If you aren’t ready to pay the $77 a month for a membership, you’ll be happy to know that they do have some free information available on the IMGrind blog. It’s somewhat limited, but they post often. They also include weekly recaps of topics discussed within the IMGrind forum. Obviously this is to entice you to join, but it shows the range of topics that are covered and I’m sure as you look through you will find something that you would be interested in learning more about.

  • Search Retargeting vs. Site Retargeting
  • 10 Retargeting Optimization Tips
  • 5 Tips For Creating Effective Web Banners
  • Announcing Grindcon West February 28th (LIMITED) !!
  • 7 Tips For Awesome Landing Pages
  • Advertisers – How to Filter Call Quality for Pay Per Call
  • Telmetrics Predicts Mobile Marketing Will Drive Pay Per Call
  • The basics of A/B testing
  • 16 Easy Techniques to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing
  • The Top 10 Industries That Spent The Most in AdWords in 2011
  • Study – 29% Of US Adults Own A Tablet Or eReader
  • What Is Host And Post?
  • Live From South Florida
  • Survey Method Questions
  • Strategically Thinking About Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Building Optin Lists That Respond
  • How to Choose a Co-Registration Lead Broker
  • Basic Coregistration Tips And Tricks
  • Some More Do’s And Don’t Of CoRegistration
  • 17 Quick Ways To Learn About Your Competition
  • 3 Ways Of Buying Mobile Display Ads
  • Successfully Engaging Consumers With Mobile Marketing
  • 8 Tips For Growing A LinkedIn Network
  • 5 Steps For An Engaging Webinar
  • How To Make A Great Webinar

This industry is constantly changing and by involving yourself with the community you are keeping yourself ahead of the curve. IMGrind is a great community and these guys know what they are talking about. If you want to keep ahead, join them.

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