How E-mail and Zip Submits Work

how do email and zip submits work

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PeerFly is becoming known as the email/zip submit affiliate network. We have about 1,200 affiliate offers in our network, but of those 1,200 about half are email and zip submits. We work with all the popular verticals, but the majority of our offers and the majority of our traffic goes to these offers. So, we know a thing or two about them.

The advertiser is not actually paying you for the email

This is the first misunderstanding with email and zip submits. The advertiser is asking for the user’s email on their landing page and they are paying you (our PeerFly publishers) for those leads, but in all actuality those leads are only a part of the process. This is the same with zip submits. It should be obvious that the advertiser does not really want to pay you $1.30 for some random user’s zip code, but rather what comes after that.

The lead (user’s email or zip code) is simply a way for the advertiser to start the user down their offer path. They use the email or zip code to weed out people who may not be interested in the gift available if the user pushes their way down the path.

Down the path

So, after the user enters in their email or zip code and pushes submit they will be taken down the offer’s path. I have gone through and tested an offer to show an example of what could show up in an email or zip submit path. In this example I am going to use our new Free Cheerios email submit offer.

First Page

1st page

The first page is exactly what you would expect from any of our email submits. The advertiser has a nice looking landing page offering the user a free gift (box of Cheerios) for entering their email address. Of course, under the submit button there is the small print explaining that the Cheerios are “free with the completion of program requirements.” So, what are those requirements?

Second Page

2nd page

After the user enters their email they are taken to the page shown above asking “where shall we send yours?”. You will see a similar page on early all email/zip submit offers. The second page is almost always the shipping information page. The advertiser is collecting more information from the user not only so they have that information on file in case they complete the path and need to ship the gift to them, but also so they know the user is serious about completing the promotional offers to receive the gift.

At the bottom of the form (right above the SUBMIT button) you will notice a Yes/No question. This is a co-reg offer. So, if the user selects Yes the advertiser can then send that information over to Eversave and they will be paid for getting that user to sign up for their daily coupon emails.

Third Page

The third page is where the path starts to split up. The advertiser wants to figure out what exactly the interest of the user is so they can find offers that they would be interested in doing. In the example above, the advertiser is trying to figure out if the user would be interested in business opportunity and work from home offers.

If they are (click Yes) then they are taken to the following page.

4th page - yes

Because the advertiser knows the user is interested in making money online they are presented with a short survey of possible ways to make money online (the advertiser will make money off of these offers). They can pick and choose which ones they are interested in trying.

If the user were to choose No on the 3rd page then they would be taken to the page shown below. I’m guessing if they entered a real cellphone number they would not be taken to the next page, they wouldn’t be shown this page, but I entered a fake so this is where I was taken.

Fake Cellphone

I think without going any further down the offer path you are starting to get the idea. The advertisers for our email and zip submit offers monetize your traffic to their offers off their backend, not the email or zip code they are paying you to capture. This is why sometimes we have to blacklist our publishers running traffic to these offers. If your traffic is not converting on the backend (people are not going through the path or putting in fake information) then the advertiser is not making any money on the offer and that is why we can’t let you run it.

We work with the best advertisers in the email and zip submit verticals and they know how to monetize your traffic as long as you’re sending legit traffic through the methods that they have listed they allow. They are very good at it and that is why we have such great payouts on these offers.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the email and zip submit offers you are trying to promote. Hopefully, this information will help you optimize your campaign so that both you and the advertiser can make the most money possible πŸ™‚

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41 thoughts on How E-mail and Zip Submits Work

  1. Hello
    Okay i got how it works but when the offer converted? Just after the email submit (After the first page in your example) or more needed to?
    And if a publisher got blacklisted for one offer you will not pay him what he earned for that offer?

    1. You have a few questions and your best bet would be to email me. The page the offer converts on depends on the offer. If you are blacklisted you will (more than likely) get paid for your traffic. You can find more information on my article about getting blacklisted at PeerFly.

      1. I added you to my aim you are not online since 24 hours at least maybe because of the weekend.
        I will wait you next week.

  2. So if the user fills out the information on the second page but closes the browser when they get to the 3rd page will the publisher be paid?

    1. Yes, that’s correct. Obviously, we hope the user will continue down the offer path so the advertiser can make some money, but the publisher is paid either way.

  3. Hi Luke

    I write To You 3 emails About Conversion Problemes
    Im doing Email Sumbit and sometimes conversions stops i look up around and found that advertisers shave conversions can you give any advise about this matter because im loosing money

    1. It’s unlikely you are getting scrubbed unless you are doing serious volume. It’s probably just your traffic. I’m sure I replied to your email.

  4. I have a large database of zip/email leads full data with phones, so the all filled out the further info page whats a good conversion rate. I realize alot of these the advertiserhas and I wont get credit. This list is fresh and ongoing 24-48 hours old. I was told 2% conversions does that sound accurate?

  5. Much better understanding. Appreciate it. Your prompt and complete replies to my questions is a huge help in learning certain methods on the fly.

    Thanks again for the response time and the thoroughness offered forward.

    Great job.

  6. Hi Luke, Just curious at what point in the process do people actually get Cheerios?

    I’m assuming as soon as the ‘submit’ button is clicked on the “Where Shall We Send Yours?”

    The advertiser makes money from the Eversave coupon on this step and all other steps. Correct?


  7. so for example:Free Cheerios (3848)
    it shows:Offer converts on 1st page email submit.
    if I drive visitors to the offer page and they enter their email and submit, and they give up and leave on 2nd page, but they entered their email address and submit! Will I get that CPA commission?

  8. How much work and cost is involved to set up your own offer?

    When users are going down the path and submit their info are they ever redirected outside the funnel? What I mean is do they ever leave the funnel when completing any of the offers in the offer path. If any of the offers do take them out of the funnel into a new tab/window wouldnt they get lost and not know where to go next to get to the last step?

    1. I haven’t setup my own coreg path like traditional email submits, but a programmer would be able to handle everything you asked πŸ™‚

  9. I have a question Luke. What if the offer is SOI or offers with one page? Will the lead need to complete or fill the other details before we (the publishers) get paid?

    1. Oh, not by submitting it on the offer landing page more than likely. But, on any offer within the path there’s a chance. This would be disclosed on the landing page.

  10. Luke first I would like to say that I think your post here on email submits was very informative and put together I really enjoyed being educated on emai, submits . Email submits are what I am trying to learn as a newbie to cpa . I haves spent over $300 on paid traffic and only got 1 lead . I have read forums and searched and searched and never get a 1,2,3 answer on how to do a email submit offer and drive conversations . Can you please give me some. Pointers on the best raffia sources I know with the low payout of a email submit we can’t pay to much for traffic so I wanted to ask . Also can I pay you for training or is ther s paid service.someone else offers for training ?

  11. A note to all n00bs over here; FORGET email submits, they’re not worth the trouble.

    Do you really think that anyone would give ALL their personal info just to get some shitty freebies? Come on, and you’ll make one louzy buck, if someone actually is that stupid to do it?

    Go with any other aff way and you’ll do better. Good luck!

  12. Hi Luke, you provide very informative material for which I thank you.
    Luke can you please send me a sample landing page on which you will place an an offer for an email submit offer?
    I am not sure if you would place a merchant banner or a link for visitors to click on so that they are take to the merchant site or if you would have a spot on the landing page itself for a visitor to submit their email….
    I would like to get into promoting email submit offers and not sure how the landing page would need to be designed…a sample would be much appreciated…I hope you can oblige for which I will be most thankful…since I am new to affiliate marketing and the info requested will be very helpful..Regards,

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