How E-mail and Zip Submits Work

PeerFly is becoming known as the email/zip submit affiliate network. We have about 1,200 affiliate offers in our network, but of those 1,200 about half are email and zip submits. We work with all the popular verticals, but the majority of our offers and the majority of our traffic goes to these offers. So, we know a thing or two about them.

The advertiser is not actually paying you for the email

This is the first misunderstanding with email and zip submits. The advertiser is asking for the user’s email on their landing page and they are paying you (our PeerFly publishers) for those leads, but in all actuality those leads are only a part of the process. This is the same with zip submits. It should be obvious that the advertiser does not really want to pay you $1.30 for some random user’s zip code, but rather what comes after that.

The lead (user’s email or zip code) is simply a way for the advertiser to start the user down their offer path. They use the email or zip code to weed out people who may not be interested in the gift available if the user pushes their way down the path.

Down the path

So, after the user enters in their email or zip code and pushes submit they will be taken down the offer’s path. I have gone through and tested an offer to show an example of what could show up in an email or zip submit path. In this example I am going to use our new Free Cheerios email submit offer.

First Page

1st page

The first page is exactly what you would expect from any of our email submits. The advertiser has a nice looking landing page offering the user a free gift (box of Cheerios) for entering their email address. Of course, under the submit button there is the small print explaining that the Cheerios are “free with the completion of program requirements.” So, what are those requirements?

Second Page

2nd page

After the user enters their email they are taken to the page shown above asking “where shall we send yours?”. You will see a similar page on early all email/zip submit offers. The second page is almost always the shipping information page. The advertiser is collecting more information from the user not only so they have that information on file in case they complete the path and need to ship the gift to them, but also so they know the user is serious about completing the promotional offers to receive the gift.

At the bottom of the form (right above the SUBMIT button) you will notice a Yes/No question. This is a co-reg offer. So, if the user selects Yes the advertiser can then send that information over to Eversave and they will be paid for getting that user to sign up for their daily coupon emails.

Third Page

The third page is where the path starts to split up. The advertiser wants to figure out what exactly the interest of the user is so they can find offers that they would be interested in doing. In the example above, the advertiser is trying to figure out if the user would be interested in business opportunity and work from home offers.

If they are (click Yes) then they are taken to the following page.

4th page - yes

Because the advertiser knows the user is interested in making money online they are presented with a short survey of possible ways to make money online (the advertiser will make money off of these offers). They can pick and choose which ones they are interested in trying.

If the user were to choose No on the 3rd page then they would be taken to the page shown below. I’m guessing if they entered a real cellphone number they would not be taken to the next page, they wouldn’t be shown this page, but I entered a fake so this is where I was taken.

Fake Cellphone

I think without going any further down the offer path you are starting to get the idea. The advertisers for our email and zip submit offers monetize your traffic to their offers off their backend, not the email or zip code they are paying you to capture. This is why sometimes we have to blacklist our publishers running traffic to these offers. If your traffic is not converting on the backend (people are not going through the path or putting in fake information) then the advertiser is not making any money on the offer and that is why we can’t let you run it.

We work with the best advertisers in the email and zip submit verticals and they know how to monetize your traffic as long as you’re sending legit traffic through the methods that they have listed they allow. They are very good at it and that is why we have such great payouts on these offers.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the email and zip submit offers you are trying to promote. Hopefully, this information will help you optimize your campaign so that both you and the advertiser can make the most money possible 🙂

Check out our great converting email/zip submits at PeerFly. Not a PeerFly publisher? Sign up today!


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