Hey, it’s a new me!

Let’s be honest, I have been in a bit of a blogging slump. When I first created this blog I was blogging almost every single day. But, that was four years ago and things have changed. I have a lot of responsibilities now. I’m the Director of Marketing at PeerFly, my Facebook Page tool now manages over a billion Likes, my PPV scraper is being searched nearly a million times a month, and my wife is very demanding (just kidding 🙂 ).

Seriously though, not a day goes by that I don’t encounter something that makes me think, I need to blog about this. I just haven’t had the time.

Part the reason PeerFly is doing so well and why my other ventures have been so successful is because of this blog and readers like you. LukePeerFly.com has served as the base for everything I have done. It should be obvious then that I need to dedicate more time and attention to it.

So, welcome to the new LukePeerFly.com!

I have retired my old design and caricature. It was tough to do. I really liked my old design and my caricature has become synonymous with LukePeerFly. I spent thousands of dollars in my retargeting campaigns to make sure you connected my caricature with this blog. My original “I miss you. Come back.” banner was seen by affiliate marketers over a million times!

It’s time for a fresh look though and I am proud of the new me.

Coming Soon

With the new design I will be revamping my newsletter and it’s my goal to publish at least two articles a week. I will also be recategorizing and updating all my of my old articles. I have written a lot of great stuff, but it all needs a 2015 update 🙂

If you notice any bugs throughout the site please post them in the comments so I can get them squashed as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to this next stage of the blog. New opportunities are created for us every single day. Let’s grab them!

Let’s make some money!



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