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Hello world!  As you can see, I have decided to start my own affiliate manager blog for PeerFly.  I wanted to create this blog because it will give me the opportunity to share my knowledge of affiliate marketing with my PeerFly publishers (and affiliate marketers who have not joined PeerFly yet) on a mass scale.  Obviously I plan to talk about PeerFly a lot and this blog will be somewhat biased towards PeerFly, but I hope to share information that will help any affiliate, no matter what network they use.  So, why should you listen to me?

Affiliate Marketing Experience

I have worked in the affiliate marketing industry since my sophomore year of high school about seven years ago.  The first company I worked for was XY7.com.  I worked for XY7 until my freshmen year of college at which point I decided to take time off so I could focus on school.  About half way through my sophomore year of college I realized that I needed a job to pay for my apartment and college expenses or I was going to have to increase my student loans.  So, I talked to Kevin from XY7 and he welcomed me back with open arms.  I went right back to managing affiliates and finished out the year pretty successfully.  Over the course of my junior year of college I was put in charge of managing several network accounts at XY7 and one just so happened to be PeerFly.  I have liked what PeerFly has done since day one.  I am a web developer at heart and PeerFly was one of the first networks to be built on an all custom platform, which is a HUGE asset and something I found very attractive.  I left XY7 and within a few months I was taking on accounts at PeerFly.

I have been working for PeerFly since October of 2009 and it has been amazing watching the company grow.  PeerFly was founded in December of 2008 and we are now recognized as one of the fastest growing networks in the industry.

Plans For This Blog

I have a lot of ideas on how I can really make this blog a good resource for an affiliate marketer.  To start with, I plan to do a complete tutorial and walk through of our Publisher interface at PeerFly.  I also will be posting about new offers we add to PeerFly that really stand out to me and I think are real winners.  We get some really good campaigns and I feel like some are overlooked because we have so many (over 1,000).  I also plan to do some case studies to show different marketing methods and how to setup campaigns with different ad networks.

So, over the course of the next few months I will be pushing to get the articles mentioned above up.  If you have any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to ask!


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