Get Unstuck! Has Lack of Motivation Got You Down?

How many of you call yourselves successful internet marketers?

For those of you that have not found the success you’re hoping for, how many of you kick yourselves for being unmotivated? Are you just not taking the sort of focused action you know it takes to win this game?

I used to be this way too. I would spend so much time reading and so much time posting in forums, yet I was doing very little in the way of real work.

What changed for me? I’ll tell you:

I had a common misconception of motivation. What I didn’t realize is that I was perfectly motivated… just as motivated as anyone else. I was motivated to watch a movie. I was motivated to play a video game. I was really motivated to take naps and eat cheese burgers.

I had plenty of motivation, it just was not geared for the things that would make me a successful internet marketer. Eventually, through my own trials and tribulations, I learned that it was not motivation that was missing…

It was momentum. Motivation is the simple psychological force that moves us through our ingrained behavioral patterns. It is what keeps us doing the same things we have been doing. You could even go as far as to say that your motivation is what is working against you, not your lack of it.

So what is this idea of momentum?

Momentum is another psychological force. It is like a scratch on an old record, the one that prevents those same old songs from playing over and over again. Momentum is what etches new patterns into your mind and what eventually allows for motivation, which you have plenty of, to do what you want it to do.

Odds have it that if you beat yourself up about motivation, you have spent plenty of time learning, and you have some good ideas as to how to reach that level of internet marketing success you have been waiting for.

So the question remains, how do you tap into this powerful force? How do you gain momentum, and develop new behavioral patterns? Well, the answer to that is simple.

Sheer force of will.

You take action every day. You forget about money. You forget about needing the certainty that what you are doing will work. You recognize that by taking repeated action that you are forming new behavioral patterns, ones that will integrate into the motivation you already have. Action is its own paycheck. You take action for action’s sake.

If you are expecting to be motivated about becoming a successful internet marketer, you have the cart before the horse. You must daily and repeatedly engage in the behaviors of an internet marketer and before you know it these behaviors will become the subject of your natural motivation.

It will soon feel natural to build out a new PPC campaign. It will become second nature to split test CPA offers. You will look forward to writing your next blog post and you will revel in the moments that you spend writing to your subscribers.

Whatever approach you are taking to internet marketing, do it every day no matter what. In less time than you think, your motivation will be just what you want it to be. Don’t spend anymore time just five minutes away from greatness.

Act now.

Chad Howarth is the publisher of a newsletter called Nerds, Shut-Ins, and Broke People. Chad, after many years, has found success and now devotes himself to helping others do the same. His focus is on teaching internet marketers how to build a list, their greatest asset, and then to ignite their list, spurring subscribers into action.


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