Generating Massive Traffic and Profit Using Facebook Pages

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Wow, I cannot believe that we are already over a week into February and I have not published a new blog post for over a month! It is amazing how quickly time passes, especially when you are busy.

A lot has happened since Christmas, but there was one particular event that took place I am excited to write about. On Sunday, January 12th, I gave my first presentation at Affiliate Summit West!

The team at PeerFly has been telling me I need to give a presentation and speak at Affiliate Summit for about a year now so when they started accepting speaking proposals I submitted one to give a presentation titled,Β Generating Massive Traffic and Profit Using Facebook Pages.

Over the past few years I have been focusing a lot of my time and energy into building several large Facebook Pages. I have learned a lot from all the time and money I have invested into my Pages so I thought it would be fun to give a presentation around some of that information and data.

My speaking proposal was approved and I created a 45 slide presentation for my hour long presentation.

Generating Massive Traffic and Profit using Facebook Pages

I was pretty nervous going into my speech, but it went pretty well. I am not sure exactly how long the actual presentation was, but afterward I got a lot of great questions from the audience and I ended up using the whole hour I was allotted for my session. The feedback I received afterward was also fantastic. In fact, my session was voted the best at Affiliate Summit West 2014!

best session at ASW14

I have had a lot of people ask me for the slides and Affiliate Summit uploaded them to SlideShare. I have embedded them below for you.

I also had a lot of people at my session come up afterward and ask me about FPTrafficΒ or tell me how much they love it. I am very excited about the growth of FPTraffic and that people using it are seeing great results like me.

Over the next month I am hoping to start an email course on how I build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages. I will be taking information from my presentation and diving even a level deeper. The course will be free to sign up for and will be broken up into a few month’s worth of emails every 3-4 days. My goal is by the end of the course you should have at least one Facebook Page with over 10,000 Likes!

So, feel free to take a look through my presentation and post any questions you have in the comments. My next blog post will be published soon. Let’s make some money!


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40 thoughts on Generating Massive Traffic and Profit Using Facebook Pages

  1. Hi Luke, I signed up to peerfly my ID# is 28714 294705684 but never could get confirmed with telephone call from you can you find out why?

  2. Super share…. One question here, how do you manage to monitize FB fan pages with Amazon? I recently sent you mail as well. I have FB fan page with 132k fans, I am hardly making any sales since my niche is about music. Amazon never works for me … seems like we have to capture their emails first then slowly we have to sell ..

  3. hi Luke, I heard about the number of fake likes you get using Facebook Ads, were the likes you got worth the money or you had to use a lot of filters?

    1. I’ve heard the complaints too. I got a lot of engagement on my Pages so I know the likes are real. I’m not sure how you can filter them out, but I stick with primarily US targeting, which may help.

  4. Hi, i’m just starting up at the moment, really like the slides, iv noted down all the fb pages you have created to see how you get your fanpages to work for you. I’m quite a newbie to affiliate marketing, i have bought a couple of products before with little results. I was wondering if you could expand on how you use amazon to sell to your audience.

  5. I have an idea for a Facebook page but two pages already exist. They each have about 550,000 fans. One page has new posts daily. The other maybe monthly. Does this sound to saturated for me to create a new one on the same topic?

  6. Plenty of useful information in slides. Thanks for sharing Luke.
    Just wondering if the goal in is not met then what happens to the customers who have bought the t-shirts. Do they still get printed or we will need to meet the goal.

    1. The customers are not charged until the campaign reaches it’s goal so they are simply notified that the campaign did not reach it’s goal and that they were not charged/will not receive a shirt.

  7. Hey Luke, love your blog. Not posted but read a lot of your posts. I have one question for you, what are the legalities of printing shirts related to tv shows etc? For example, if you had a Family Guy fan page I’d imagine you couldn’t sell t shirts with a character on? or would you have to think of an idea that didn’t include an illustration of a copyrighted character. I understand you’re not a lawyer, but I’d imagine you have some solid advice ha. Cheers Adam

  8. Hi Luke,
    I have a facebook page with 10k+ likes but only 50+ people talking about it.. I can’t post daily in there.. Thinking to get more likes using facebook ads .. will it be waste of money ??

    1. The more people you have the more potential engagement you’re going to see. I’d be less concerned about your “Talking About It” number and the amount of people that are engaging in your content. Also, are you posting at the peak times and are you mixing your content? There are a few different factors that go into raising your engagement rate πŸ™‚

  9. I assume that the Phil Dunphy quotes is your page. I see that your teespring didn’t reach it’s goal when I click on the teespring link. what price did you set? what minimum order do you choose? And did you restart a shirt campaign for Phil

    1. I’ve done quite a few shirts for Phil Dunphy Quotes. I’m not sure which one you are talking about. The price I set will depend on the shirt and how I’m marketing it. Lately I’ve been doing 3 day sales at $16-18. The minimum I usually put my goal as is 25, but it depends on how much traction I think I’ll get on the shirt.

      I haven’t done a Phil campaign in awhile. I’m focusing on getting it to 400k Likes and hoping I’ll get invited back to the Modern Family Fan Appreciate Day again this year πŸ™‚

  10. Dude! Loving the incite! I created an nfl-like team t-shirt with teespring and was looking for ideas on advertising and came across your wisdom. I understand the whole generating traffic and Likes to your pages, but I dont understand how paying for Likes will generate money. What am I missing? Is all of that a way to advertise for your t-shirts? Or are you saying that FB will pay you for generating likes? It sounds so easy, but I want to learn before shelling out bucks for no traffic and then the mrs asks, Where did all the money go?! Thanks!

    1. Good to hear! I build up Facebook Pages so I can then monetize all the people who Like the page. Facebook doesn’t pay you for Likes, but they let you post to those users and you can then make money doing that.

      For example, if you have a Page about an NFL team with 300,000 Likes and you post a Teespring shirt on there then a portion of those Likes are going to see your post on their News Feed.

      I have a few Pages with 300k+ Likes and have made over $1,000 from a single post πŸ™‚

  11. So I’m looking to build a page on the Mediterranean Diet (and some other diet pages), but there are 49 pages already on that. The reach, however, is 2.6 million. I’m worried that it may be saturated, but I don’t know how to tell. Does that sound overdone to you already?

  12. Nice slideshow Luke! I have a few questions for you. Firstly is FTP Traffic not free for peerfly members as I remember you saying this somewhere. Secondly with Facebook’s recent change decreasing organic reach has this affected the success of your pages at all?

    1. I do not believe I ever said FPTraffic would be free for PeerFly members. It’s a paid membership tool. I haven’t noticed too much of a decrease in my overall reach. We’ll see what Facebook decides to do, but I’m optimistic I’ll be able to still make a lot of money from my Pages.

  13. Hi Luke,
    I tried to find out how much interest was in my niche using Facebook Ads, but got tripped up on all the different options it lists for ‘what kind of results do you want for ads?’. I haven’t built any page yet, just exploring ideas, so which option should I go for just to figure out the interest in the market? Thanks!

  14. Hey Steve!

    So what if you do a twist on the Mediterranean Diet like:

    1) The Busy Mom’s Mediterranean Diet
    2) Mediterranean Diet in 20 minutes a Day
    3) Mediterranean Diet 30 Day Challenge
    4) Working Guy’s Mediterranean Diet

    And have your Mediterranean Diet site (and FB page) geared for the drilled down niche.

    FYI, Pinterest and/or Instagram would be awesome for your niche, too.

    ~darlene πŸ™‚

  15. Hello luke, I am reading your blog since like a week, and i am trying to follow you. I have created a page in sports niche which is country targetted.I applied for facebook ads and getting good number of likes. i have also registered at fptraffic and also trying to use it.. now my question is at what time should i start monetizing my page? like after how many likes, and what would be the best monetization method.?

    1. I usually wait until at latest 10,000 Likes before attempting to monetize. I’m happy you’re giving FPTraffic a try! πŸ™‚

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