Generating $1,000+ in WSO Sales

In November of last year I started promoting a WSO my buddy Browie had created called Fanpage Commissions. Browie and I have been good friends for a couple years now and when he told me he had released a WSO (WarriorForum Special Offer) I immediately was interested. He has always been a good PeerFly publisher and having had the opportunity to meet up with him on a few occasions at different Affiliate Summits, I knew he knew his stuff so I purchased the WSO for $14 and went to work building up my own fan page to see if I could get his method of promotion to work in building up a solid fan base. It did.

Within the first week of promoting my fan page I had over 5,000 fans. Browie’s methods of promotion had proven to be successful so I signed up for the WarriorPlus program so I could promote his WSO and earn commission on my affiliate sales. I created two posts on this blog over the course of the next two months and sent out two email blasts to my mailing list showing the results of my ad campaigns on Facebook promoting my fan page. From those two posts and two email blasts, I generated 75 sales and $1,100 in revenue!

Posts about Fanpage Commissions

Browie and I had agreed to a 50% revshare, so that means I made $550 from those sales. The really cool part about the WarriorPlus program is that instead of getting one payment a month for half the sales or something like that, they just have half the WSO sale payments sent to the affiliate’s PayPal. So, if someone purchased the WSO and it was my turn to get credit for the sale the money was sent directly to my PayPal.

WSO affiliate sale results

Browie has decided to take down his product and is no longer selling it because it would need updated for the new Facebook Timeline, but it was a great product and I saw great results from it. I spoke with a lot of the people who purchased the WSO from my articles and I know that many of them have successful fan pages up from the information they learned in the WSO. My fan page is still growing and I am still making money off my fans!

A few “take aways” I have gotten from this experience:

  1. Promoting a product or service that you have experience with is much easier than something you do not know anything about.
  2. Not all WSO products on the WarriorForum are garbage.
  3. Advertising on Facebook is cheap if you can setup an ad that gets a high CTR (0.1%+) with the right demographic targeting.
  4. Email marketing is really effective.
  5. You can make money with Amazon Associates, even though the commission percentages are low.

I really appreciate the opportunity to promote this product and I am very happy with not only the $550 I made from the sales I generated, but the money I’ve made from my fan page and how this WSO opened my eyes to the opportunities to funnel traffic on Facebook.

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