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I do not usually find a lot of time to be active on forums. Typically, the guy from PeerFly that everyone sees on forums is Corey, but lately I have begun posting on the Contextual Marketing Community, CPV Den.

I first found CPV Den when I was searching Google for free PPV tools. I landed on their resources page and immediately started to look around. They have some really great free PPV tools that I found very useful:

There are some others they offer as well. Those ones in particular I liked. Well, after messing around with the tools for a little bit I found myself on the site forum.

Like the tools, the forum is also free to use. I skimmed through the threads and replies and found some very good posts with a lot of great information so I decided to register.

The forum has nearly 2,000 threads that have been created with about 11,200 posts and it’s all about PPV marketing! They cover newbie questions and answers, bidding strategies, working with Tracking202, landing page design, case studies, the different PPV networks, and much much more.

As I mentioned in my review of LeadImpact, PPV traffic is really doing well for our publishers at PeerFly. is a free forum with a ton of great PPV advice. If you’re interested in testing some PPV campaigns or you are currently running some campaigns I definitely suggest you go look through the different PPV articles on CPV Den. It’s a great community with a lot of affiliate marketers trying to help each other out.

Check out CPV Den and let me know if you have any questions 🙂



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