Facebook’s New “See First” News Feed Preference

See First Facebook Pages

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I have tweeted over the past few days about how I believe Facebook is making some changes to their algorithm to give Facebook Pages more reach and then just a few days ago they released a new News Feed preference tool that will change how users manage their feed and can help Facebook Page owners increase their research tremendously. That new preference is called See First.

See First allows users to bump any Person or Page to the top of their News Feed. These posts are literally seen first because they are the very first thing that will show on your News Feed. 

Add a Facebook Page to your See First List

Facebook could definitely make this process a bit easier, but right now there are a few steps to add a Facebook Page or person to your See First list.

The first step is to get to your News Feed Preferences on Facebook. On your computer, you simply click on the drop down arrow at the top right of the Facebook menu and then select News Feed Preferences towards the bottom of the menu.

Facebook is rolling out See First in the News Feed Preferences on iOS and Android so you may not have the option yet, but it will be under the More menu at the bottom right and then News Feed Preferences.

Once you’re in your News Feed Preferences you’ll be able to see the People, Pages, and Groups that you see most on your News Feed. This is also where you can add a Person or Page to be Seen First.

Click on the People or Pages option on the left and then move your mouse over the “Following” button next to a Person or Page and you’ll see a See First option at the top.

See First News Feed Preferences

If you click See First then that Person or Page will show at the very top of your News Feed whenever new content is posted!

You can also choose “See First” from the “Liked” dropdown on any Facebook Page you like.

Increased Facebook Page Reach

The benefit of this for Facebook Pages should be obvious. Some Facebook Pages are claiming their average reach per post has dropped below 3%. Every person that you can get to add your Facebook Page to “See First” is going to see your posts more consistently, engage with the posts more consistently from your Page, and potentially increase your reach drastically.

The content shown for See First has a blue star by it so it grabs your attention and it’s even currently being shown above any News Feed ads. This is prime real estate and it’s yours to grab.

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Hopefully over the next few months Facebook really pushes this out to help keep users engaged with the content they like and want to see. If they do, users will be happier with their News Feed and Facebook Page owners will be happier with their reach.

If you own a Facebook Page I recommend trying to entice your fans to See First your Page. I know I will!

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4 thoughts on Facebook’s New “See First” News Feed Preference

  1. Saw this new feature a couple days back and It is definitely a great new feature but the problem is not everyone (Normal user) is aware of it. Facebook and Pages will have to ask their Fans to set these preferences. However I’m sure FB is working hard to bring more new features in future 😉

    Great Post Luke!

  2. Hey Luke, do users have to go through that many steps to accomplish this or could they just go to the page and click on “LIKED” and select see first? I want to make sure before I implement this into my arsenal.

    Thanks for the article by the way..I needed something like this

  3. Get ready for a whole bunch of ebooks showing how to convince others to put your page as their FIRST SEEN. After that, get ready for Facebook to start charging for your page to be automatically included in your likers FIRST SEEN as this seems to be Facebook’s MO 😉

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