Facebook Ads Case Study – Movie Tickets

Last Friday I emailed out my first ever case study to those on my Affiliate Manager newsletter mailing list. I’ve gotten great feedback and quite a few of my PeerFly publishers setup campaigns this past weekend based on the information I provided. Well, I didn’t think it was fair not to share it with everyone, so here are the results from a campaign I ran on Facebook direct linking an email submit.

The Offer

I decided to try to promote our $25 Movie Ticket Email Submit offer. I chose this offer for a few reasons:

  1. The lower prize value ($25 movie ticket) should increase the conversion rate (more realistic).
  2. There are a lot of angles you can take with a movie ticket offer. You can target people who like certain movie theaters, movies, actors, etc.
  3. The offer does not have an exit pop, which I am sure Facebook would have disapproved.
  4. Although it has a low payout, the landing page is nice and simple.

I setup a direct link to my affiliate link using an iFrame.

Facebook Ad Campaign Stats

Facebook Campaign Report

As you can see from the screenshot above, I test quite a few different banners and interests. I tried targeting a general demographic that I thought would be interested in the offer, people who liked previously liked both Beauty and the Beast and Mission Impossible, and Regal Theater goers. I tested different banners (created using Pixlr) with borders, without borders, different color borders, and so on. The results were pretty skewed, but my final statistics were:

  • 135,249 impressions
  • 70 clicks
  • 0.052% CTR
  • $16.12 spent
  • $0.12 CPM
  • $0.23 CPC

Not bad considering the range of creatives and demographics.

My Bidding Strategy

When I am testing different Facebook Ad campaigns like shown above, I always bid CPM. I set my bid CPM at $0.05 higher than the lowest suggested bid. I will also set a daily budget of just $3-5. Obviously I am not going to get a ton of traffic with that low of a bid and budget, but it’s usually enough to get a pretty good idea of what my CTR will be for that ad. My goal CTR in all cases is 0.1%. The closer to 0.1% the better. At one point my CTR for one of the ads above was over 0.1% and I was seeing a 200% ROI. The higher your CTR the more traffic you are going to get and the lower your CPM will be.

Facebook Ad Examples

Sample Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad

The two ads above are examples that I used in my campaigns. You can see that the targeting on them is the exact same, but the banner, title, and ad body are all different. I am targeting people who have Regal Cinemas as an interest on Facebook and in both ads I specifically mention Regal. It is important that you mention that participation in any ad that you are promoting an email submit in. Participation is required to get the gift and Facebook requires that you include that otherwise your ad will be get disapproved. You need to also be careful with the use of the word free. I kind of got lucky here. If I were to try to scale this campaign I would definitely remove it.

PeerFly Stats

PeerFly Campaign Stats

Unfortunately, I did not quite get this campaign to profit before I paused it. I was profiting initially with my testing, but I kept testing different banners and ad copies to try to see what would work best. Overall, I lost $3.47. I got quite a bit of data from that $3.47 though and if I decide to pursue this campaign I think I could definitely get it profitable.

There is so much traffic on Facebook and with Facebook Ads you can target pretty much every interest imaginable. We are adding new offers to PeerFly on a daily basis. Keep an eye on what’s added and if you think you could setup a campaign for it, I highly suggest giving it a try. For $3 and a 30 minutes of your time you can setup a campaign that may turn into a big money maker.


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