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Until a few months ago, my fan Twitter account for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was larger than the official Twitter account for the show. Last month, my tweets from that account were seen over 10,000,000 times on Twitter. What is my secret sauce?

There are two tricks to growing a large Twitter audience.

  1. Posting great content on your Twitter account.
  2. Finding and engaging with like-minded people.

Finding and posting great content to your Twitter account that people are going to want to engage with is really important and can easily be done with FPTraffic, but I would like to talk about the second part, how to find the people who will engage with your content to begin with.

My new tool, Rewst, was developed specifically to help you find the right people who are going to want to follow you and engage with the content you are posting on your Twitter accounts.

Rewst is an all-in-one Twitter marketing and growth platform. It allows you to use a Twitter-compliant strategy to grow your accounts so you can reach and engage with more people. Let’s take a look.

Rewst Growth Strategy

The Rewst growth strategy is not new. I have been applying this same strategy to my accounts for over 5 years now. The difference is how easy Rewst makes it to manage.

The strategy is basically:

  1. Find accounts with a following similar to the one you would like to have. For example, with my It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan account, I would want a following that is similar to the official account and actor’s accounts.
  2. Follow the users who follow the accounts you want to emulate. The users will see that you followed them on their Twitter, check out your profile, and potentially follow you back.
  3. Try to keep your new followers engaged with your awesome content.
  4. Unfollow the accounts that do not follow you back, become inactive, or unfollow you.

Pretty simple right? Well, when you use this strategy with Rewst, it gets even easier.

Copy Followers with Rewst

Rewst Copy Followers

This is a screenshot of the Copy Followers feature within Rewst. You can see the tool is very well organized via the menu at the top and has a great, easy-to-use user interface.

The Copy Followers feature allows you to easily and quickly follow users that are likely to follow you back and engage with your content. Not sure which account’s followers you want to follow? We have a tool to help you find active users within your niche as well!

Easily Unfollow with Rewst

Rewst Unfollowers

Unfortunately, some people are going to unfollow you. The good news is, Rewst has an Unfollow section where you can easily find people who have unfollowed you, become inactive on Twitter (have not tweeted in over a month), or who never followed you back to begin with. These are all people that it’s likely you will want to unfollow because they are less likely to engage with your content. Well, you can easily find an unfollow any of them with a click of your mouse.

I’ve used the tool exclusively to grow my new @OnTheOffice Twitter account to over 600 followers in less than a month. Not only am I getting followers, but they’re engaging with my content 🙂

Rewst stats for OnTheOffice

Early Bird Special

Do you have Twitter accounts you want to grow? I am confident that Rewst can help. Our beta testers have been reporting great results and I’ve seen the same thing on my own accounts.

Join today and start your subscription for just $10/month and manage an UNLIMITED amount of Twitter accounts using Rewst.

Rewst Subscription

Learn More at Rewst.com

Not sure Rewst is right for you? Your subscription comes with a free 1-week trial and you can cancel anytime.

I’ve setup a Rewst Facebook Group so members can easily discuss strategies and give me feedback. I would love for you to give Rewst and shot and hear about your results.

Let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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32 thoughts on Explode your Twitter following with my new tool, Rewst!

  1. GOOD LUCK WITH THE NEW TOOL, BUDDY! (*very cool*)



  2. Great Tool Luke Nice Tool U Are a Great Guy By the Way i learned Few Things From Ur Blog Thanks Again

  3. Hello Like, first congratulate you and wish you luck with your new project, I have a doubt, works for other languages, such as Spanish for

    1. Right now we are providing all the same tools CrowdFire is, but at a lower cost. We also have a lot of plans to enhance our current tools and add marketing tools to it. CrowdFire works well as a “growth tool” (what I’m calling it), which is what Rewst is doing right now. Once you see the marketing aspect of it, you’ll be blown away 🙂

  4. Luke plz tell whether or not this tools is able to “find” content for me like fptraffic?

    Does it have post sheluder?

    If we buy both fptraffic and Rewst, do we have some type of discount?

    1. Rewst does not currently have a scheduler or content curator yet, but it’s something we’re hoping to add in the coming months. I have a partner on Rewst so I can’t provide a discount on it, but we may be able to work out an FPT discount 🙂

    1. Twitter followed up with our request with a few more questions. We replied yesterday and we’re just waiting to hear back. Considering it took a few days last time, I’m assuming we’ll hear back today or tomorrow.

  5. Luke, I need to know your thoughts on how to go the next step. After getting thousands of Followers on Twitter what then ? How do you translate that to hits to a web site or sales ?

    1. At that point, you need to come up with a monetization strategy and test different methods. I currently focus on basically 3 methods:

      1. Content marketing through viral media sites
      2. Amazon merchandise
      3. Direct affiliate sales

      You just need to begin testing different strategies and see what your audience responds good to.

  6. Hi Luke

    Love your new Rewst software but having some trouble.

    Can’t use Copy Followers because as soon as I enter a keyword a red banner saying this appears ………
    “Twitter limits searches to a maximum of 15 within 15 minutes. This is not something we control. Please try again in 15 minutes or switch accounts.”

    Have waited for a whole day but still it appears before I can search even one keyword. Have deleted any Cookies and restarted Firefox but still can’t use it. Please help. On Latest Mac using desktop.

    1. Have you try waiting the 15 minutes and trying again then? We’re working on a solution for this. It’s because we update your follower information (we are using your “Twitter token” to do this) and that is causing you to hit the limit.

  7. Hello Luke.
    My Country Does not Support Paypal. I want to use this awesome Tool. Can you Please Add More Payment Method Like Rewst?

      1. Dear Luke I am Talking About FPTraffic. Unable to by FPTraffic Becoz Paypal is Only Payment Option.

  8. Luke, will Rewst automatically follow 300 accounts per day per account on auto pilot after i’ve set it to whom I want to target? A set and forget.

    I’m currently having to do this nonsense manually with around 15 accounts which is tedious. If Rewst can get rid of this job for me, that’s another thing taken care of.


    1. Rewst cannot automatically follow users. That is against the Twitter TOS. In the future, I am hoping to offer a VA service where you can pay to have VA’s manually follow users each day for you and it would be a part of your subscription.

  9. Read this article and rushed over to your link but i don’t see a free trial available. Do i need a promo code or is that promotion over? Either way your fptraffic resource is amazing and I’m sure Rewst will be ust as worth it!

    1. I don’t have any free trials available (need to update the article), but you can use the coupon PEERFLY for a nice discount 🙂

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