Capture Your Visitors Attention with Engagifire

By the time you get done reading this, there should be a popup on your screen that I created using the most recent tool added to my blogging and marketing toolbox, Engagifire.

Engagifire is a very cool piece of software that allows you to easily create popups or slide-ins which you can add to your blog or website to capture your visitors attention and then entice them to perform an action you want them to perform.

You should have seen the example popup on this article, but I’m going to reference another Engagifire popup I created to explain why this is such an awesome tool.

Engagifire popup example

I created an Engagifire popup and added it to my It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan site (the same one I got a million pageviews on a few months ago).

Creating an awesome looking popup like the one above is really easy with Engagifire. They have an amazing builder tool that allows you to drag and drop components into your popup. They also have a library of templates to help you get started and a few built in specifically for Teespring campaigns, which is pretty cool.

Engagifire popup builder with drag and drop

On I am using Engagifire to generate shirt sales, on this blog I am using it to build my mailing list, but you can also use it to help build up your social media and pretty much anything else you want. The amount of customization you can do is almost endless, but they keep it simple to do. I just added the shirt popup to and I’m already seeing sales. They show you how many times your popup was viewed and how many “conversions” you have. You get to choose what qualifies as a conversion when you’re creating your popup. Very cool!

Engagifire Dash

Over the years I have used PopUp Domination to build my AWeber mailing list and it’s served me well. In fact, last week I emailed my subscribers about Engagifire and generated about $2,000 in commission from writing three emails. I believe I’ll see an even higher opt-in rate with Engagifire which means more subscribers and that means more commission. Are you starting to see the importance of building an email list and having the proper tools to do it? 🙂

To use Engagifire successfully on a blog, I recommend a recipe that looks a little something like this:

  1. Domain (recommend: GoDaddy)
  2. Hosting (recommend: HostGator)
  3. WordPress
  4. AWeber
  5. Content
  6. Engagifire

Start building your mailing list from day you launch your blog and make sure you spend time writing great content that people are going to want to read (like this!).

Give Engagifire a try and let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

LPF Engagifire Example


  1. Sascha
  2. Quincy
  3. Edgar Allen
  4. Phil Carson
  5. Gaurab Das
  6. Rolando
  7. Ingrid
  8. Pam Mueller
  9. Amitabha Biswas
  10. Kahssaye
  11. T J
  12. Kautilya
  13. miha
  14. RA
  15. carlos
  16. Gunhar
  17. will
  18. lewis
  19. oky
  20. Ariyan Brown
  21. Sam
  22. Nikolay
  23. P Tukai
  24. Brian Morgan
  25. Joseph Carey
  26. redouane bell
  27. tom
  28. Ed Torrez
  29. Jacob
  30. Donald Dominko
  31. Alexander Vergara
  32. David
  33. Vyacheslav
  34. Van
  35. Rodney
  36. Allan
  37. James Mackay
  38. Chris
  39. sam
  40. najwa safar
  41. Victoria
  42. Don M
  43. Aneeta
  44. Chetan Jariwala
  45. jeng
  46. Merry Strong
  47. Tudor
  48. Andrey
  49. Ben
    • Luke
  50. Md. Nazmul Hassan
  51. Jonkev
  52. Matt G.
    • Luke
  53. Adel
    • Luke
  54. Adel
    • Luke
  55. Adel

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