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Engagifire Review

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This article was published 2 years, 7 months ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

By the time you get done reading this, there should be a popup on your screen that I created using the most recent tool added to my blogging and marketing toolbox, Engagifire.

Engagifire is a very cool piece of software that allows you to easily create popups or slide-ins which you can add to your blog or website to capture your visitors attention and then entice them to perform an action you want them to perform.

You should have seen the example popup on this article, but I’m going to reference another Engagifire popup I created to explain why this is such an awesome tool.

Engagifire popup example

I created an Engagifire popup and added it to my It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan site (the same one I got a million pageviews on a few months ago).

Creating an awesome looking popup like the one above is really easy with Engagifire. They have an amazing builder tool that allows you to drag and drop components into your popup. They also have a library of templates to help you get started and a few built in specifically for Teespring campaigns, which is pretty cool.

Engagifire popup builder with drag and drop

On I am using Engagifire to generate shirt sales, on this blog I am using it to build my mailing list, but you can also use it to help build up your social media and pretty much anything else you want. The amount of customization you can do is almost endless, but they keep it simple to do. I just added the shirt popup to and I’m already seeing sales. They show you how many times your popup was viewed and how many “conversions” you have. You get to choose what qualifies as a conversion when you’re creating your popup. Very cool!

Engagifire Dash

Over the years I have used PopUp Domination to build my AWeber mailing list and it’s served me well. In fact, last week I emailed my subscribers about Engagifire and generated about $2,000 in commission from writing three emails. I believe I’ll see an even higher opt-in rate with Engagifire which means more subscribers and that means more commission. Are you starting to see the importance of building an email list and having the proper tools to do it? 🙂

To use Engagifire successfully on a blog, I recommend a recipe that looks a little something like this:

  1. Domain (recommend: GoDaddy)
  2. Hosting (recommend: HostGator)
  3. WordPress
  4. AWeber
  5. Content
  6. Engagifire

Start building your mailing list from day you launch your blog and make sure you spend time writing great content that people are going to want to read (like this!).

Give Engagifire a try and let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

LPF Engagifire Example

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69 thoughts on Capture Your Visitors Attention with Engagifire

  1. Yeah, i like it. I will use it one my Site to catch some E-Mail subscribers and serve them my free online dating guide

  2. As much as I often hate seeing these types of ads on pages when browsing, as an affiliate and site owner, they work and work well. Often when people are trying to build a list they are far too passive and just hope that someone will find the “join my list” button. This (in a nice way) shoves it front and center and puts it in their face, which dramatically increases sign ups. At the same time, it is so easy to close that it doesn’t impact the user experience. This looks like an awesome new product and look forward to using it! 🙂

  3. Hey Luke, I’m only 2 months fresh in the online marketing game. I now see how important it is to build a list to stay in it for the long haul. That said I finally see how Engagifire is beneficial in achieving the goal of long term passive income. In fact it seems to be a very effective tool for list building. Good stuff

  4. Hi Luke – This, indeed, looks like an awesome software. I would use it to generate subscribers to my current blog. And, I’m building a new blog on which I’d like to place product offer in pop-up form. Finally, I’ll be starting a CPA campaign in May. Looks like this software could rock that campaign! Thanks for the great post and for the opportunity to win. Cool and fun! – Edgar

  5. Luke has the best recommendations and Engagifire is one of them. If only I didn’t have to fumble with all of the disjointed plugins that I’d need to do what Engagifire does! I’d have more free time. My website would rock! I’d attract more customers and keep them longer. My website would win awards and bring peer recognition. My income would go up and up and up. And then I’d be happy. I got to get a copy. It is awesome and I need it now.

  6. Luke, this is an AMAZING lead and sales generation tool! The possibilities – as an internet marketing and performance marketing professional – are virtually endless! I am very much looking forward to trying out this new technology in my own business.

    Thanks for the review!

  7. Hey Luke,

    This is Daryl Thompson in Houston, TX.

    I am a national award-winning copywriter, and I am working with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” His new venture is the Angel Investors Network, which is kind of like an online version of the TV show, only “Shark Tank on Steroids”!

    The purpose of AIN is to match up accredited investors with entrepreneurs who have incredible new products and services to bring to market if they only had the capital to do so. And then create millions of dollars of equity for both the investors and the entrepreneurs.

    Our mission is to create thousands of new companies, which will create thousands of new jobs, and then jump-start the U.S. economy back to where it needs to be… BOOMING!

    Our goal also is to prove that free enterprise is still alive and well in America, and that free-market capitalism… and NOT big government meddling… is the way to create prosperity not only in the USA, but worldwide.

    Thanks for this opportunity!



  8. Seems to be an awesome piece of software.I would like to use it to make my posts Viral. i.e Would like to use it as a Social media share gate to get access to more content ,when the visitor exits the page…This can make my blog go viral.

  9. Excellent (in the voice of Mr. Burns). I use OptinMonster, but I am not really happy with it. I feel like both hands are tied behind my back and I won’t have as many options to really put my personal touch to the optin. OptinMonster almost makes my popup look like it is from some other website….which is a shame. This program could be exactly what I needed to make a popup as cool as the website I spent so much time developing.

  10. Hi luke this is an awesome tool that i can use in my blog. I want to know how i can use it with CPA offers. Also for the social media it will be extremely good for getting some optins and promoted my blog. Amazing tool

  11. I usually hate seeing pop ups but this one grabbed my attention. I didn’t want to immediately close it! I think it will definitely be useful in getting viewers attention.

  12. Luke,
    I love the pop up applications and see how it could be beneficial to my site(s) I would like to use them for Teespring and CPA Campaigns. I think it’s a great way to really help your product stand out.

  13. This is an unique pop-up that captures attention and there is some novelty here. Although many website visitors dislike any kind of popup, but popups can generate inescapable attention. This swinging popup stands apart and will surely make any call-to-action click-worthy. This is great!

  14. Traffic and conversion is my top priority in my affiliate marketing and enrollment drive for my newtwork marketing
    site QUANTA – The Journey Begins with Jim & Jim

  15. The effectiveness with a pop is greatly dependent on it’s appeal and you’ve certainly demonstrated that with this software Luke. Great job with this. As always, on the edge tech and incredible creativeness!

  16. For a long time now I have been using popup primarily get visitors to like my Facebook page. This is a very powerful technique to increase your social presence.
    However, Engagifire seems to take that power to another level with the ability to show more powerful messages to user. This can definitely get even a casual reader to one step closer on the AIDA scale towards your sales funnel. A must-have for any internet marketer.
    Thanks Luke for reviewing this plugin! As always, another awesome piece of content.

  17. I think it will be really good for my fitness blog, people will take it more seriously and I will have there information to make them returning user, from returning users I’ll be able to build some reputation that can work far positive for any website or blog.

  18. Hey Luke. This software looks amazing. I have a directory portal with 2000 clubs listed … so this pop ups could work briliantly on my site … Definitly want to have one.

  19. Cool software. I would use this software to build my list for my Peerfly CPA offers and multiply my commissions. Email the prospects that don’t convert the first time around with similar offers. Let’s do this!

  20. excellent tool can do wonders with this to have one in your arsenal to implement them with cpa marketing greetings luke

  21. A awesome software! I will use it for my own website, I’m a Artist and doing several Art “stuff”. For an Artist it is always difficult to sell his Art so every tool that can help is welcome. I will use it to promote special offers like a caricature portrait or a T shirt with a nice print on it. I also know Luke, for several years I’m a publisher on Peerfly becausse my side income is cpa marketing. I do PPV marketing with Leadimpact, mediatraffic, etc. And this soft can help me a lot with increassing my conversions. So, I wish you a lot of succes Luke!

  22. I would use it to capture prospects, I have video pages which is similar but haven’t tried all the features yet

  23. Hello Luke,

    I would use the software to provide a more soothing pop up experience for creating a list of aspiring creative works artists based on a structure i have been designing. Those that find their way to my landing page would be added to a list I use for an email campaign I’ve built to be launched over the next few months to conduct some surveys on experiences that translate to profiles of sub lists. Based on these find a select few that will receive an opportunity to go into a training program (free) to work with major record labels like Big Machine and Live Nation using some of my associates connections. Other than that it just looks way more clean and user friendly, I’m sure there are quite a few more bonuses on the inside. My goal isn’t exactly selling rather connecting individuals to a path of creation with their own unique talents. I hope that was not overly convoluted, but that is what i do 🙂 Have an awesome day Luke!

  24. Came over to read the review, and happened to witness how Engagifire popped up right in this page.. Looks kewl. I’m an intermediate IMer who wants to try new things, keep the good ones & stay updated. This is something I badly wanna try & use it.

    Sky is the limit, they say!

  25. Seems like a great piece of software, Luke. I have been seeing quite a bit of positive elements in it. Your sales in one week via email of course stands testimony to its broad acceptance. Considering your vast experience with PopUp Domination if you could shed some light on the relative optin rates between the two, it would make for a great study I believe.

  26. I came over to see what was happening using my Samsung Galaxy S5 and the popup came up very smoothly, clear presentation and pleasant not chessy. If you look at my site, it could definitely do with something like this to engage visitors.

    Looks very good and will be a huge benefit to anyone’s website.


  27. Luke,
    This is a clever piece of software .
    I am just getting started in IM , i would like to be able to use this sometime .

  28. I was looking to make email list from my website. Though I was planning to get optin monster but I think I should give a try to this one.

    Lets see how it goes. 🙂

  29. i would use it on my blog and my sociel pages to make people engege to my email list with giveaway free report or attractive message

  30. I have been working on learning WordPress and creating my own blog for a few months now, and this looks like the exact type of plugin that would solve a few issues I have been having over and over. The functionality and overall look of this plugin would give my blog a more professional look. Thanks for the heads up about Engagifire, always like seeing emails about products that make my day easier.

  31. Haven’t used it yet, however as far as I can tell it’s an indispensable tool if you want to bring you game to the next level.

  32. Greetings, I use it to manage and create a new list of prospects targeting a specific niche. It is always important list of prospects to have recurring sales and always use new products and services.

  33. Luke, I had a chance to look the Engagifire sales page over before it’s release, however i was not convinced it was something i needed or had a use for nor did i see anything special about it, so i just tossed it up as being another over rated shiny tool and lord knows i have wasted to much money on useless shiny tools. Then Engagifire was released and my inbox was loaded with marketers promoting it and again i just deleted all of them without even opening them. I will be honest, there are very few internet marketers that i even open emails for these days and you are one of the very few i do read emails from. I read over your email and quickly realized it was about Engagifire so i again took another look at the sales page but again still didn’t see the hype in it. You again send me another email about Engagifire to share your success that you are having with it but what makes you different is that you not only wrote a review about but you actually provide real life examples of where and how you are using it. So with that said, you have inspired me to start using something like this on my websites to build a list of people who love to shop for deals. and one of the features Engagifire appears to have is that i can not only build a list but i can also put my deals in front of my visitors at the same time i build a mailing list. I have been building my own websites since 2007 and i have never done list building before but if Engagifire makes it so easy, fun and profitable then why shouldn’t i be using Engagifire?

  34. Hey Luke, Thanks for the heads up on a great product. There are several ideas that come to mind with this very innovative product. The lead capture is great, but really there are so many things that you can promote with this tool it is an eye opener and a lot of tools wrapped up into one package. I have several sites that I could really benefit from this product. One of the products that I want to focus on is ebooks, the good ones . With this style popup I could promote these at the right time. And get a conversion instead of a tire kicker. I could also promote future events and promotions for other businesses for some extra cash for my efforts. An example would be; Come back to this site in two weeks from now {with a timer attached to the ad} and get 40% off a long awaited new release Xbox game. This would get customers coming back to your website for this ad and potential future deals. Doing this advertising would be great. But promoting products with a popup at the end of an article when you already have the attention of the reader/ customer is amazing. That would definitely motivate from thinking about it to buying your product.

  35. Hi Luke, thanks for your review on Engagifire. In February 2015 was released a similar product called Stakk which has interesting features. I think it would be helpful if you could do a post comparing the two softwares (Engafire vrs Stakk) and hear your feedback.

    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to comment and participate.

  36. Have not tried it yet but am seriously looking into getting this. I like how customizeable the optin forms are and what you can do “unlike” other optin builders. They seem to go above and beyond and I have read great reviews all accross the web on this product.

  37. Luke–looks a great tool with several different uses. I like the fact it can be used to either build your list or to promote. Definitely a tool to have in your arsenal.

  38. Well Luke this software looks promising… I’ll be the first to admit the versatility alone that the software offers has me intrigued.. Its clear that pop ups can increase your ROI when adding them in the correct way to any website or campaign.. I can see why the software comes so highly recommended.. Looking forward to you releasing some stats about your success rate with the software..

  39. I am seriously looking into getting this. I like how customizeable the optin forms are
    I like that allows me to easily create software slide-ins which I can add to my blog or to capture my vitors attention and then entice them to perform an action I want them to perform.

  40. Luke, frankly I would prefer to use Leadbox or Thrive leads. But seems Engagefire is able to diversify more creatives. I am not a fan of pop ups but probably will use this to redirect good looking offers on Amazon or CPA email submits.

  41. Hi Luke
    Thanks for the fabulous review! I’ve been fumbling in the IM world for a couple of years now and made $135 so far – I have a really basic blog due to lack of html skills and this tool is just what I need to give me the edge in designing a cool, user friendly and engaging blog that captivates visitors.
    So take a chance on a Gen Xer who dares to dream its not too late to make it online…you won’t regret it!

    Cheers from Not so Sunny Melbourne, Australia x

  42. Greetings Luke… Thanks for the in-depth review. Over the years, I have seen a lot of pop up plugins come & go. However Engagifire seems to be in a league of their own! If I can get my hands on Engagifire, I would use it to not only promote offers/subscriptions but also drive more pageviews by sending visitors to other pages (bring em back to life) on my site. Obviously with so many features built into Engagifire, I can think of another 100 ways to use it!

  43. Hi Luke!
    Thank you for this update regarding engagifire. I am so excited to try this and looking forward to see more updates on this.


  44. Luke… I’d love to use this to garner subscribers for my newest site. Crossing my fingers and toes that I win! 🙂


  45. The timing couldn’t have been better. I am looking for a similar tool to start building a list to a website where I am getting some free (but constant) traffic. Engagifire might be it. 🙂

  46. Hi, Luke.

    Over 3 years I’ve been working on your network, but without much success. In my country, there are no experts in affiliate marketing who publicly been taught to publishers, so your articles is the only opportunity to learn the subtleties of working from the inside of the publisher.

    I’ve never done an email mailing lists, since my bad english and boring pop-ups, like all publishers – will not bring me a favor and just do me harm. I am sure my visitors would not want to be my subscribers.

    The unusual design of pop-up windows must bring me good luck!
    If I get this program, all my fears will take a backseat – my visitors will see unusual some pop-up windows, and I will be sure to be a success in the email newsletters and I can start making worthy money for your network and I’ll have fun from the messages that Peerfly paid me some commission.

  47. I would use it to capture Email, I have web pages for affiliate marketing lead generation which is similar but haven’t tried all the features yet.

  48. It looks good. I’ve been using Thrive Leads for a while now on my blog and really like the drag and drop interface. Have you used thrive leads before? If so how would you compare them?

  49. also using it with PPE OR Click to website ? coz i am really don’t want fb close my account that’s why i am asking 🙂 thanks luke

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