Easily Create Banner Ads with Pixlr

One thing that I continue to get questions about from my PeerFly publishers is how to create their own banner ads. Creating your own banner can be as easy or difficult as you choose, but I usually go the easy route when I first start working on a campaign. I have mentioned before that you can use Google Images to find banners, but what other options are there if the banner size you want is not available? When this is the case I use Pixlr.

Crop Images with Pixlr

I have been working quite a bit with Plenty of Fish and Facebook Ads over the past few months. The standard banner ad size for both is 110×80. If you use the Google Image search method to find banners I mentioned above, you won’t find any good 110×80 banners for, let’s say, a Keurig campaign. What I would do instead is find a good image to use of any size and crop and resize it to the correct size. Pixlr makes this really easy.

In the video above I create four different banners for my Keurig campaign in about three minutes. You can do it a lot faster than that. It’s very easy and it is a good way to do a lot of split testing to see what type of image will work best with your target demographic. The most important factor of your CTR (click through rate) in your Facebook and Plenty of Fish campaigns will be your banner image. I have tested about 150 images in my Facebook fan page campaign and have made them all exclusively using the method demoed above.

Give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂


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