New DirectCPV Interface Fails

A lot of my PeerFly publishers have recently been running traffic with DirectCPV. Although it’s not my favorite PPV network, I’ve seen mixed results with some tests of my own so I don’t usually discourage it. As I mentioned in my Top PPV Networks post, it’s a good PPV network for newbies. However, with a recent “update” to their interface, I’m ready to start suggesting getting your PPV traffic elsewhere.

New DirectCPV Design

The new design looks nice, but it’s not functioning properly! I haven’t run any campaigns myself, but after logging in and taking a look around and reading this thread on CPVDen, I’m not going to be running any anytime soon either. Why would they release the new update without having it 100% ready to go? For example, I went to my Referrals page, clicked the button to get my referral link, and my referral code isn’t even there.

Referrals Bug DirectCPV

I hope they are able to get everything fixed and actually ready to go soon or I doubt they will have many people running traffic for much longer.

Is anyone else having issues with the new DirectCPV interface? 

new DirectCPV layout


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