New DirectCPV Interface Fails

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A lot of my PeerFly publishers have recently been running traffic with DirectCPV. Although it’s not my favorite PPV network, I’ve seen mixed results with some tests of my own so I don’t usually discourage it. As I mentioned in my Top PPV Networks post, it’s a good PPV network for newbies. However, with a recent “update” to their interface, I’m ready to start suggesting getting your PPV traffic elsewhere.

New DirectCPV Design

The new design looks nice, but it’s not functioning properly! I haven’t run any campaigns myself, but after logging in and taking a look around and reading this thread on CPVDen, I’m not going to be running any anytime soon either. Why would they release the new update without having it 100% ready to go? For example, I went to my Referrals page, clicked the button to get my referral link, and my referral code isn’t even there.

Referrals Bug DirectCPV

I hope they are able to get everything fixed and actually ready to go soon or I doubt they will have many people running traffic for much longer.

Is anyone else having issues with the new DirectCPV interface? 

new DirectCPV layout

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11 thoughts on New DirectCPV Interface Fails

  1. Do not use that website. The traffic is garbage. That was one of the first websites I used trying to promote my peerfly offers.

    That website loads really slow..slower than myspace. And all my traffic was comming from tube8, redtube, xhamster, and a bunch of other stupid places that had nothing to do with a iPhone. Haha.

    The traffic was slow too and it was bouncing off my page faster than stumbleupon. The guy gave me a refund.

  2. Yeah, I just requested a refund and am hoping for the best.

    The funny thing was they told me to submit a support ticket to get the refund, but the support ticket system was broken and would never accept the Captcha. Ugh.

    So anyways when I see something that is this screwed up it makes me question everything about that company and run away as fast as I can.

    1. The only reason I joined that site was because I saw a advertisement for it on Jonathon Volks Website and John Chow.

      I wouldn’t promote a crap product like that on my website. That traffic was worst than 7Search. Haha.

      I bet the people who opt in to receive advertisements on PPV networks do not even realize what they opted in for. I bet they think there computer has a virus because they get a bunch of annoying pop-ups. Lol. Somebody who’s on a search for porn with lotion in hand is not interested in a free iPad, you feel me?

      They will give you a refund though with no issues. The best traffic is still MSN Adcenter and Adwords.

  3. I agree with you, Luke. I heard from some friends and forums saying their unsuccessful experience due to recent system update. Thus I stay away from the registration. Nice share, Luke. Keep up quality post!

  4. Wow! I’m glad I stumbled here … I was just getting signed up with them and was looking for a promo code when I found your listing … you just saved me! Can anyone tell me who is the most reliable for CPV? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions. 🙂

  5. Great!!!! I already blew over $14 with them just to make $5.60 in the last two days. Either my URL scraper sucks or they really do have poor quality traffic: I’m too new in this game to know for sure, but, based on what you guys have said, I am leaning towards the latter. I’m done with them.

    Plus, the service is bad. I had to spend a lot of time figuring out via trial/error and some useless phone calls on how their system works. The interface is not as user friendly as I had hoped it to be when dealing with so much data. Yep, I’m done with them!!

  6. Gerald, at least you made $5.60 with them! I spent waaaaaay more than $14 to make nothing! I’m really new at this so I thought it was me! The people at the org I use for help kept telling me I was the only one complaining about having problems! I wish I had seen this post several months ago, it sure would have saved me lots of money. On top of the bad performance, the customer service personnel were rude, extremely unfriendly and unhelpful.

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