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This article was published 5 years, 9 months ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

I mentioned in my IMGrind review yesterday that the affiliate industry is constantly changing. One major change that we have seen over the past few years is that ad networks are no longer accepting direct affiliate links. AdWords is a great example. It used to be very easy “back in the day” to throw an affiliate campaign up on AdWords with a direct link and make bank. Well, as most affiliates have found out, AdWords is no longer accepting a direct affiliate link. It’s incredibly hard to get a direct link approved and even if you do you stand to get your account suspended for breaking the AdWords Terms of Service. Well, we have recently run into the same issue with Facebook.

Facebook no longer allows anyone to post a PeerFly link anywhere on Facebook. We are marked as spammy or unsafe.

peerfly blocked on facebook

Needless to say, you are going to have a very hard time getting a PeerFly affiliate link approved by a Facebook Ads intern. However, I have recently found a very nice trick that will help you get direct links approved on Facebook. I’ve tested several campaigns and so far all of my ads have been approved! What’s the trick? Simply iFrameย the affiliate offer!

Pro Tip: Our movie tickets offer has A TON of different interest angles you can when marketing it on Facebook and a TON of different demographics you can target.

I already have a tutorial on how to setup an iFrame for your affiliate offer, but I have included the codeย snippetย below. Simply iFrame your PeerFly affiliate link and use your iFramed page as your destination link on Facebook.

You cannot iFrame our offers on Facebook fan pages. You are not allowed to promote our offers using fan pages.

iFrame Script

{code type=”html”}

Page Title


Facebook Ad Tips

Make sure that the offer you are trying to iFrame does not break the frame. You can do this by going to the page with the iFrame and if the address bar is showing the link to your iFramed page you are fine. If not, it’s unlikely your ad will get approved. You should also only use offers that do not have exit pop-ups. If you get an alert box when you try to leave your iFramed page your ad probably will not get approved.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I am currently optimizing my campaigns, but hopefully will have a case study early next week showing some of my campaign statistics and example creatives. Let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some money! ๐Ÿ™‚

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131 thoughts on Direct Linking PeerFly Offers on Facebook

  1. Thanks for the tip Luke. Very much appreciated.

    One question, though… What’s the best way to create another account in Facebook (strictly for advertising) that won’t get linked to your primary one?

    Because I have been submitting some ads, and a few have gotten denied. So I don’t want to risk it and have my primary account suspended or anything.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I would just use a different email and set all the privacy options to as strict as they can go. You might want to ask Facebook about doing this first.

  2. Nice Post Luke, What I do is register a Free dot tk domain for a particular offer and uses your Redirect Script to redirect the visitor to the Offers page.

    I have tested few campaigns using this method and Facebook accept it. But we have to use the Country Redirect to redirect visitors form other countries(visitors except from targeted country such as US) to another site, otherwise Facebook will Disapprove the ads.

    Sad part is, i have tested few offers with Facebook traffic, but they are not converting for me. What about you? Are you testing any offers with FB ads? Are they converting?

  3. Luke,

    Do most of peerfly’s offers allow iframing?

    Another way to get around that error message is also by using Use their link instead of the affiliate link and you’re golden. It’s a huge help with international offers as it allows you to show the proper landing page to the reviewers since most of them reside in the US and may get redirected to a totally different landing page if not.

    1. Yes, as long as an offer does not specifically say in the Marketing Restrictions that you cannot iframe it then you are welcome to give it a try. As mentioned in the article, some offers may have a framebreaker and obviously with those you will not be able to iframe.

  4. It’s great to know that Iframe the email submit offers can get approved on Facebook!
    But is it a little costy to just run email submit campaigns on Facebook?

  5. Luke Nice Idea man. Will do some testing but some questions AS USUAL . Please consider this:-
    Could we use a domain (.info ) and redirect to cpa offer or a landing page by building a list first (if the offer allows it and something like CC submit or telephone verification they pay more ). If this is allowed.
    Oh and off the topic . have you ever done newspaper ads . for 16$ there can be a massive circulation also . or something like hiring a company for hand to hand flier distribution to college markets ..


    1. You are welcome to build a list and use it to market our offers (that allow email of course). You would need to create your own landing page to build your list and you shouldn’t have any problems getting that approved by Facebook as long as are you falling within their guidelines.

      I have not done any offline marketing myself, but I have a lot of publishers giving it a try ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. If I understand you correctly you are saying we can use peerfly links on a facebook page if that page looks more personal …set up using another email address so that it isn’t our “real” facebook personal page but rather one that looks personal and not looking like a fan page?
      Would this work for instance if I wanted to create a personal looking page about a hobby of mine and I decided to contact groups that had the same interest as mine. Then I share my peerfly affiliate link offer on that page? What if I change the peerfly affiliate link like suggested in another post using to “cover” the link…will that be acceptable?

      1. No, I am not saying that at all. You cannot promote our offers directly on Facebook using any other medium than Facebook Ads.

  6. Hey there Luke… great Post and great information. I have a quick question for you: If it is not allowed to promote offers via fan pages, then, where do you paste the iframe code to promote the campaing through Facebook Ads?

    Kind Regards,

    Rodrigo M.

  7. Luke, Great article! I have couple of questions for you: does facebook allows freebie offers like win ipad, iphone gadgets etc? which email/zip offers are easiest or profitable to promote on facebook? Directlinking vs landing page which one would u prefer for email/zip offers to promote on facebook?
    thanks in advance…

    1. Thanks. Not sure if you’ll be able to get an iPad or iPhone offer approved. I try to stay with unique offers. You are welcome to use an iFrame to try to direct link, but I’m sure you would have the easiest time with approval on your own lander.

      I would suggest looking through our top email/zip submits.

  8. Do you think it would work, if I iFrame PeerFly offer to Blogger blog? Technically it works, I just tested it, but how does Facebook like this, if I create ad pointing to my iframed blog? Is there possibility of being banned by FB?

    1. Honestly, I am not sure. I would suggest just getting your own shared hosting and setting it up yourself on your own domain. I am in the process of transferring to HostGator. Use the coupon lukepeerfly and get 25% off ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi Henrik, You can try it in an iframe, however I was not able to have ANY FB ads pointing to my wordpress blog because of the PF offers on it. They were not iframed though. They didn’t ban me, just declined the ads.

      Also, I was not able to link to my blog at all from my fanpage without getting the ” this site is not safe” pop-up because my site had PF ads on it. This happened with a simple link to my homepage, not the ads. I had to pull all the ads down in order to utilize my fanpage. So it’s a relationship type of thing. FB is getting as bad as the big G these days.

      Let us know how you make out w the frames.

  9. Hi Luke!

    Great information here, thank you for being such an active AM! I have a question regarding offline marketing, such as flyers distribution, etc. How do I know if this is permitted with various offers? I don’t see anything that specifically addresses this under allowed and restricted marketing.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. All offline promotion requires approval. Email Corey ( and tell him how you plan to do your offline promotion, the offer you want to promote, and the creatives you plan to use and he will let you know if that’s allowed or not.

      We plan to add more information about offline marketing to PeerFly soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Well I tried it and it worked for a couple of days. I had some FB coupons so I thought I’d use them.

    Well after a couple of days of running ads like this, they charged my PayPal account instead and partially to my coupon and then closed my ads account because the ads were breaking ToS. Sucks, but luckily I did not use my main account.

  11. Hi Luke

    Would it be possible to create a landing page similar to the offer I am promoting with an autoresponder set up to redirect traffic to the offer page upon submission, and also send a follow up message with a link to the offer? Would this method fall under “email marketing”? I know it is a bit redundant for the person clicking the offer, but I just want to look into alternative promotion methods. I believe this would be within FB tos if I am not mistaken. Otherwise, someone can correct me on this? Let me know your thoughts.

  12. If I place a link to my website on facebook on my wall or status update or anywhere for that matter and my site happens to have Peerfly ads or banners in it…is that OK?


  13. One thing, i would like to point out here. You can use Google analytic tracking code in this to see which visitors are more attracted towards your landing page. So you can target only those and reduce your target audience in increasing ctr and conversion without paying extra for non responsive audience.

    Google analytic is underestimated, but its most powerful tracking system of earth.

  14. Great method and post Luke!
    Can you tell me, do I understand it right that I have to use my own domain in order to use iframe?


  15. Hi Luke!

    I just wanna ask, how and where will I put the iFrame script in my wordpress site?

    I planned to put the iframe offer the subdomain of my wordpress site..

    When everything is set up, I will do facebook ad campaign for our peerfly lead offers..


    1. You can’t place it directly on your WordPress, but if you create a subdomain all you need is to copy and paste the script mentioned into your index.html file for that subdomain folder.

  16. Hi Luke, great article.

    I don’t want to use my real facebook account for my advertising campaigns. If we create a new one, do we have to use real name for this “advertising facebook account” to match with our credit card, or we can just use any fake name?


    1. I don’t think it matters. If you use your regular Facebook and your ads account is suspended you can still use Facebook with that account. You just can no longer create ads.

  17. My FB ad account was disabled.

    I never signed up for a FB ad account, therefore it never existed.

    How come they disabled something that didn’t existed?

    I sent them an email. They replied and said they might look into it sometime, if ever.

    My wife has a FB account. Create ad button is ok there. Can I use her account to create ads? Don’t want to do that.

    So, should I use POF instead?

    1. I have no idea why your Facebook account was disabled, but if you do not have an ads account on it then that wouldn’t be the reason. You could use your wife’s account for ads if you want. If the ad section of the account is disabled you can still use Facebook. Of course, that’s up to you and you are welcome to use POF.

  18. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for this post.

    I am an emailer and but want to start facebook and adcenter. Can you get me approve in Peerfly?

    Hit me back on Skype: arif.khan01


  19. Hello Luke! This method still works?

    What really reject is the affiliate link, not the content, right?

    If we iframe with offers stan noe allowed, however rejected the ad, right?

    1. Most of the time it’s the affiliate link that’s getting rejected, not the content. They are getting more strict about using email submits though.

  20. So you are saying that fb is now declining email submit offer ads that are iframed from your own server on your own landing pages? thanks for your insight

  21. Hi Luke,

    Instead of doing an iframe, can I copy the peerfly offer and send it to a domain i registered for forwarding to the peerfly offer? I that case, facebook wouldn’t see any peerfly but only your domain. Please i need to understand if it can be done.


  22. Thanks Luke. I’m completely new to all this HTML and META refresh stuff. Let me understand. I can see you have pasted an offer link. I have 3 questions:

    1. Do I copy and edit the META refresh in a notepad and have it saved as .html on my desktop or what? If that’s the case what do i do with it.
    2. Where do I do it?
    3. I learn well with video. Do you have this in video on how to do this?


  23. Hi Luke, can I create Peerfly CPA offer using iFrames apps in my fanpage, then advertising for people to like my fanpage?
    Need your advice.

  24. hi luke.. can u help me to create 1 offer from peerfly with this techniques? because i absolutely cant understand to do this.. ๐Ÿ™

  25. Hi Luck, I tried this today with a domain, was using it to post on my fan page as it seems facebook have banned Peerfly affiliate links. It didn’t work and now it seems the domain has been banned as well ๐Ÿ™

  26. Do you register a new domain for each campaign or do you use a general domain name and then use a landing page to iframe the offer?

  27. I really found this useful Luke. I submitted an ad to Facebook the other day (which uses an iFrame) and it is still in pending status. Are Facebook quite strict with this kind of thing now? Is it worth emailing them about it or should I just be more patient? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Hi Luke, you might want to write a tutorial on how to create our own link-shortener site like yours (

  29. It’s just in case your site is being blocked also by facebook (like and I guess it’ll be looking less spammy if I use my own domain. Sorry for my english. Thanks

  30. Hey Luke! In the comments you’ve suggested gaming offers to a guy. May I ask you what images convert the best for gaming offers?

  31. but don’t you think embedding the offer page in iframe would reduce the conversion rate? as some people wont be feel safe while entering information in a new domain?

  32. Hi Luke,
    First of all, sorry for my bad english, I really want to start earning money from peerfly through facebook right-hand-side advertisments. So first of all I want to try this Method ( making facebook ads,linking directly to the offer, without using a landing page) but here comes the problem.Most of the people,advertising on facebook directly to the offer, complain that their account is getting banned or something. So Im really confused how to make it, without getting your profile banned. ( I think that gaming offers should be ok, am I right ? ) Other people are using cloakers, but they are an expensive software for me.
    Thanks in advance Luke !!!

  33. Can someone please get a little more descriptive on implementing this iFrame.. If I understand correctly you need a domain and a host,which I have..question is if I am working with different ads does that mean I should build a different url and landing page for each different offer..also I would like to know is there a way to make this offer except the email submit and send it directly to the advertiser for credit for the lead or do we always have to have a redirect that takes the customer/lead to the original offers lading page for them to submit the email there.I am trying to figure out a way to get the emailsubmits to function directly from my own landing page as redirects or what is called a link through site by Google are highly scrutinized by most search engines and ad companies..they do not want to see a landing page that solely links that lead to another site as a link through and are penalized by blocking them or just not approving ads that lead to is there a way to create the landing page to operate as the original ad page with the email submits working properly on my own url and not have to send the lead to the actual offers landing page?

  34. Hello Luke,

    I am new to Peerfly. I know that there are restrictions when doing Facebook Ads. However, my plan is to create a general Fanpage and an independent blogpage. Now, I want to post in Facebook just as regular posts and advertise a few of the posts. The promoted post will have the CTA to visit my blogpage where the affiliate banner is located. When they click on the affiliate banner and be redirected to the affiliate landing page (and do the opt-in), will that count as a conversion?

    Also, I am not sure if I will proceed with this since it is stated that Facebook ads is only allowed if you have 10k Likes in your Fanpage. So in this case, (I don’t have the 10k likes yet). Am i not allowed to do any Facebook ads then?

    1. That would be fine. Your promotional method is Banner Display and you’re just using Facebook Ads to get people to your blog. You would not need 10,000 Likes to promote this way.

  35. Luke, can you tell us why can’t we promote through fan pages? What’s the reason fir that, do you have any kind of agreement with facebook?

    And a practical example: I usually use fb ads through promoted posts of my fan pages, is this also not allowed?


  36. Thanks for the infor. however i want to ask question not relating to this. i have started running campaign for my website and i tested out some offer from my dashboard. i got 3 unique visit and 3 unique raw but not conversion is that reasonable? also is it possible to have 100% conversion on peerfly hope this will not get one account banned for fraud because the last time i attended affiliate summit i raised this question but no reasonable answer to it. i believe you as my affiliate manager you can help me out. thanks

    1. 3 visitors isn’t much so I wouldn’t be too worried about that. 100% CR is very suspicious. It doesn’t usually happen without fraud.

  37. Hi Luke

    Thanks Can you please tell how to optimize a Facebook Campaign. If i want to run an survey offer ( like make money etc). Also i had approved account with Peerfly.

    I am using Facebook but not getting good conversion. Can you please write a tutorial how to target the exact user or how we can get ROI from affiliate product .

  38. thanks Luke for this useful post but i have a question Can i use redirection script to redirect to cpa offer page instead of using iFrame?

  39. Hey Luke, I didn’t fully understand the thing with FB Pages…am I allowed to promote an offer in the news feed if it’s only paid advertising or not I am not promoting to people that are connected to my page, no sharing…only paid ads but in news feed. I want to set up a campaign like this. Thanks!

  40. hi Luke, just a newbie question.
    i’m just starting using fb promote affliate offer, but im not sure where to put the offer link. i want to set up it in news feed, the paid ads, not sharing on my fb post.
    i ady done the iframe setting.

  41. Hi Luke! If I want to use Facebook Ads to promote an offer which doesn’t allow using any custom creatives or already has a nice landing page , can I promote it using direct linking with a custom tracking domain set up? Thanks for your answer.

    1. You would need to setup a creative that looked similar to the ones that the client has provided (assuming the offer allows Social traffic).

  42. I just recently joined as an affiliate but i am having trouble understanding how i can use the banners provided with the link to the offer! can you help?

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