Creating a Survey Landing Page

The survey landing page has been around a long time. My first experience with it was with PPV traffic back in 2009. It has evolved quite a bit since then, but it is still a strategy used by many affiliate marketers.

A survey landing page is a simple landing page that asks the visitor a few questions and then presents them with the call to action. In most cases, the questions and answers don’t even really matter to the marketer. The goal is to get the user engaged with the landing page and potentially answering yes to questions to get their mindset positive towards saying yes to our call to action.

The most popular use right now for the survey landing page is probably with adult and dating traffic. I have been using it quite a bit for my dating campaigns on Plenty of Fish.

Survey Landing Page Template

My friend David at AffPlaybook posted a free template on his blog that I have been using ever since.

Survey Landing Page Template

You can preview the landing page here or download the code here. The code is the same as what David originally provided, but I did clean up the tab spacing a bit to make it easier to read and edit.

You can see the template features a nice big headline, a smaller headline, a few paragraphs of info (including a countdown timer if you want to use it) and then the questions that setup the final section with a nice big call to action.

Landing Page Call To Action

Of course, you’ll want to change all the text and images to match the offer you are promoting.

Senior Soulmates Example

I started promoting Senior Soulmates on POF over a year ago and I have had some pretty good success with it. Once I started using a survey lander my results were even better.

I have made many variations of this landing page, but I thought it would be fun to share one of the versions I was actively running to give you an idea of the modifications you can do to the template above if you get creative with it.

Senior Soulmates Survey Landing Page

To be clear, I am not recommending you copy this entire landing page. Feel free to use it for inspiration on how to modify your landing page though.

It’s also worth noting that the template shown above is mobile responsive like the one I provided in my Bootstrap example.

In conclusion, if you are not testing survey landing pages, you need to! Set one up and give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions.

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