How to Create a Viral Media Site

How to Create a Viral Media Site

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Over the past month I have been experimenting with a new viral media script that has exploded my incoming traffic from my Facebook Pages.

I am always looking for ways to use and monetize all my Facebook Page traffic. For example, a few months ago I wrote about how I took a blog from 0 to 1,125,671 pageviews in a single month with the majority of that traffic coming from a few Facebook Pages. 

Well, blog posts take awhile to write and I decided to try something even easier. I found a viral media script on CodeCanyon called Ninja Media Script. A viral media script is basically a website that allows you to upload media (images, videos, etc) and creates a page on the site for that media that you can share via social media. The focus is short, simple pages that you try to get to go viral using social media.

Ninja Media Script

Ninja Media Script is a great script that is really easy to setup a use. It has a nice admin that makes it really simple to add the media. I setup a reseller hosting account with HawkHost to host my new viral media sites. HawkHost has done a fantastic job of handling all my traffic and I haven’t had a single server hiccup, despite having hundreds of people on my viral media sites at the same time.

I have quite a few viral media sites setup already, the one I want to use in this example is Dunpheat. I set it up to share quotes from Phil Dunphy and other members of the cast of Modern Family. I own Phil Dunphy Quotes, which is the largest unofficial Modern Family Facebook Page (read: Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day). 

Dunpheat Viral Media Site

Dunpheat was super easy to create with Ninja Media Script and it’s making pretty good money from the traffic. I’ve made $118.98 in the past 7 days just from Google AdSense. I’m going to start working on other ways to monetize the traffic to the site as well.

The best part is, once I get more and more content up, I’ll restart reposting it every once in awhile (along with new content) and schedule all that with FPTraffic. After a few months I should have 100% semi-automated revenue of $300-500/month. I have 5 of these sites up already and will be adding more as I grow my other Facebook Pages using FPTraffic. I should be making a few thousand dollars a month from it in no time.

Getting Started

Now, the first step is obviously to create your Facebook Page and Twitter account so you can grow your audience. I have a guide for creating your first Facebook Page and an article that explains how I advertise on Facebook for Likes. I also recommend signing up for FPTraffic to help grow your audience organically.

Let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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56 thoughts on How to Create a Viral Media Site

  1. Hi Luke. Thank you for interesting article. Can you please write in more details how are you using Ninja Media Script, how does it help you in your work? Thanks.

    1. I should have noted this in the article and I will edit it tonight to reflect it. Yes, I am grabbing the content from various sources using FPTraffic (YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc). HOWEVER, these sites do fall within a grey area with AdSense’s “poor quality” content policy. I have not had any issues yet with this and I’ve had sites before very similar to the Ninja Media Script setup. Of course, that’s not to say tomorrow my AdSense account won’t be banned for “poor quality”. Working with AdSense and AdWords these days is a gamble either way. I’m willing to take the risk because I haven’t had issues in the past.

  2. Hi Luke Ii have looked into these viral sites, I noticed some of your pages / post just have a image or video. Do you not worry about your adsense account being that the page does not have much text and images from other sites etc.

  3. Hey Luke,

    Thank you once again for the great blog post. Anyway, I have a problem with adsense
    before and got banned with them. So, how can i earned with this in any strategy that you have?
    Are these for adsense only?


  4. That’s the way to go, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. i know people who made xx,xxx/day with viral sites. thanks for sharing luke

  5. Hey Luke – when you are first building a new Facebook page, do you find that CTR/cost per like is lower because the page has no views / very few views and some people may get turned off by that?
    Do you ever boost a page early by buying some likes to help this?
    I’ve started a few Facebook pages but never got anywhere close to 3 cents per like as you say you can get.

    1. Most people don’t care how many Likes your Page has when they see the ad. I’ve never bought likes aside from using Facebook ads because I’m always concerned it’ll get my Page shut down, which is not what I want 🙂

  6. Hi Luke , i will take action based on the article above , i have a fan page 1600 fans and i already sold to them T-shirts ( 26 t-shirts using teespring and i dident did any facebook ads , which worries me is the content .. if i post to them pictures, quotes , i think i will be banned from google adsence cause i dont own the content just i get them from other facebook pages and pinterest .. !

    what should i do ? any advice ?


    1. I agree that getting your AdSense account banned is scary and I can’t promise Google won’t ban it, but with my experience so far with these sites I haven’t had any issues. Only time will tell though. You may be better off using a different ad network with your site.

  7. Thank You for your replay Luke, Yeah there is different ad network BUT adsense still the best one , i will take the resk , right now i looking to invest in teespring compaigns with the profit that i had made 400$ what do you think , if you have any plan i’m ready to take the risk , thanks .

  8. Luke,

    I purchased the media script and managed to get the adsense code and everything set up on the right sidebar for my site. However, how did you get the adsense code above the media when you click on any of the media uploads? Just wondering, cause I would like to have adsense in both places to maximize exposure and such. Great post btw, thanks for the tip on the media script.


  9. Luke you always try new things to provide good tutorial. I just Signed new as affiliate with peerfly and start working on some good education offers 🙂

  10. Hello Luck,
    Thanks for your this article but does Google accept image site for adsense? I just got my adsense account approved but Will they accept image media site? Please let me know.

  11. Luke – I noticed that the mobile version of my site using Ninja Media Script did not even show the ad space assigned for the right sidebar area, along with the Facebook like section for my page.
    Mobile users account for over half of web traffic nowadays.
    How do you account for this in your media sites?

  12. Hi Luke, i just sign up for FPtraffic, but i kust find Tumblr and Bing as image source. How i can get Pinterest as my image source? Thanks!

  13. Hey luke
    Just want to ask that in this script fix ad are used, how is it possible google have already post about fix ad that they are against their policy.

  14. hello, it seems that this ninja media script has alot of problems !!! im not the only one who is experiencing that also. im having problems downloading the script, it keeps on showing ERROR COULD NOT UPLOAD ADMIN CREDENTIALS, , how can i contact the support to help me ?? , i assume that any website with a product should have a support team to answer for any issue that a client might have ! and seems this does not have !

  15. I’m so confused. What is a viral media script? So is it basically like myspace, except you can install your own advertising? I don’t get it.

      1. So why use viral media script instead of just adding that content to a regular website/blog? Is it just an easy theme? Thanks!

  16. hi Luke, Just wondering if the adsense script is still running on these viral media sites or has your account been banned?

  17. Hi Luke,

    i am always wondering where you are getting the pictures and whether you are not scared about copyright?
    Love your Blog by the way!

    1. I find the images from all my favorite image sources. I am simply sharing the images the same way other large viral media sites do. I haven’t had any issues with copyright and if anyone were to ask me to remove any image I’ve shared, I would happily do it.

  18. Whilst YES your page activity is amazing with 607k+ likes and followers, your website is dead. It doesn’t even have 1k traffic per month.

    How are you making money?

  19. 1. Are you use “Ninja Media Script” to create “charliedayquotes” this website? or other? Now this time Which script/WP you suggest for us?

    2. You told us, the fast time you make 300-500$ par website. Now this time, how many $ income from par viral website, that is using this script.

    3. Are only using fptraffic or with FB ads? if you use FB ads. how many budgets for par day and website (daily budgets)?


    1. 1. Yes: uses Ninja Media Script.
      2. It depends on how often I post the links to it and how my monetization goes. I’m using Content.Ad now too and it’s doing pretty well.
      3. I do not typically do any paid promotion to my viral media site. 95%+ of the traffic is organic from my Facebook Pages using FPTraffic.

  20. Hi
    1- Do you still using Adsense on new site? If no, than why?
    2- is based on videos so how we can get these kind of video which don’t have copyright issue?
    3: Does FPTraffic has the option the option to fetch the content for site?


    1. 1- Currently I have ContentAd ads on my viral media sites. They were performing better than AdSense.
      2- I am embedding the videos from YouTube. If there is a copyright issue, it would be taken care of on YouTube.
      3- No. You have to manually add the content to your viral media site. Of course, you can use the content you find within FPTraffic.

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