3 Steps to Create a Successful Facebook Page

Last week I decided to do an experiment. I have been getting complaints from people who use my FPTraffic tool that it’s impossible to build up large Facebook Pages for cheap anymore because the market is getting saturated (more and more people are trying to do it). Well, I think Facebook is too large to truly become saturated so I decided to create a brand new Page and made it my goal to reach 10,000 Likes in 1 week for $100.

I will be doing a complete case study post with more information on that particular Page soon, but here are my 3 steps to researching and creating a successful Facebook Page. I have used this same method to not only build up a Page to 10,000+ Likes within a week, but to also create several large Pages with hundreds of thousands of Likes. The first thing you need to do is pick the right niche.

The Niche

Facebook is accessed by 669,000,000 users a day. Those people have a huge variety of interests. The key factor to building a successful Facebook Page is the niche. If you want to get cheap Likes that are worth your time and money pick a niche that has not been saturated by other people’s Pages and focus on that. For example, if you try to build a Justin Bieber Page than you are probably wasting your time.

Justin Bieber Facebook Pages

I’m not going to disclose my niche yet, but it was something I’d been thinking about for awhile and when I searched I found that there really weren’t any large Pages for it. This made me think that it could be potentially be a good niche to create a Page for, but before I created it I first wanted to double check that there was actually some interest in it on Facebook.

The Interest

It’s great to have a Page in a niche were you have little or no competition, but is there really any interest in that niche on Facebook? More than likely, yes. But, how much?

Go to the Create Ad page on Facebook and type your niche into the Precise Interests box. This will give you a general idea on how much interest there actually is in your niche. The Page I created has a potential reach (based on the niche) of about 320,000 people. Justin Bieber, unfortunately, has a pretty large potential reach:

Justin Bieber Facebook Reach

The Ad

If your niche does not appear to be saturated and there seems to be a large enough potential reach to make building the Page, finding content, and advertising it worthwhile then I recommend you create an ad for your Page to start generating targeted Likes.

Of course, prior to this you will need to actually create the Facebook Page, find and post some content, and potentially have more content scheduled out while you run your ad (shameless plug: FPTraffic Post Scheduler makes it easy!).

If you have all that done then you are ready to create your ad. Facebook has a cool feature that lets you actually create your Facebook Ad to get more Likes on your Facebook Page. When setting up your ad, select that option, find a good picture that emphasizes your niche and will capture the user’s attention, write a catchy headline, and use ad copy to entice the user to click “Like“.

Facebook Ad for Facebook Page

It’s really not that difficult. Make sure you choose your niche as the Precise Interests (shown in “The Niche” section above) and choose Optimized CPM for your bidding model.

Optimized CPM is by far the best bidding model for Facebook Pages. Set a low daily budget to start (I usually do $3-5) and once approved you should start seeing new Likes on your Page!

Make sure you keep posting good content to help get viral traffic (free Likes). With my campaign from my Page with the 10,000 Likes over half of them were viral!

Once you have your Faceook Page created, your content posted, and your Likes (users) coming in, it’s time to monetize your Page. I will be writing more about that soon, but for now, get to work building up your Page!

Build it, grow it, monetize it. Let’s make some money!


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