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I’ve mentioned a few times in the past how important it is for an affiliate marketer to get him/herself at least aquainted with simple HTML. It’s very beneficial to learn more than just basic HTML, but there are definitely some very successful affiliate marketers out there who don’t know anything more than how to setup a basic landing page. If you know how to setup a basic landing page you should have no trouble going through my examples listed below on how to setup your own HTML redirect using the Meta Refresh Tag. I have included a PHP example as well.

Setting up your own redirect can be beneficial in many ways. For example, I recently did a post about promoting PeerFly offers on YouTube. One of the restrictions we have in place is that you must create a redirect on your own domain if you want to direct link. We require this so there aren’t a million PeerFly links littering YouTube. It also should help your campaign because people are much more likely to trust a link with your domain than some random PeerFly link.

Redirect Script Examples

I have included both HTML and PHP redirect example scripts at:

The .html and .php files are the actual examples and the .txt files are the code that the examples use. You’ll notice that they both redirect immediately. If you want to be creative you could setup the page to show some text telling the user that they will be redirected in 10 seconds and include a countdown or something like that.

Please take a look through the examples provided and PLEASE let me know if you have any questions. I have gotten hundreds of questions about iframing our offers since my post and I want to help you get things setup so that your campaign can be successful and you can start making money with PeerFly, today!


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