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I’ve mentioned a few times in the past how important it is for an affiliate marketer to get him/herself at least aquainted with simple HTML. It’s very beneficial to learn more than just basic HTML, but there are definitely some very successful affiliate marketers out there who don’t know anything more than how to setup a basic landing page. If you know how to setup a basic landing page you should have no trouble going through my examples listed below on how to setup your own HTML redirect using the Meta Refresh Tag. I have included a PHP example as well.

Setting up your own redirect can be beneficial in many ways. For example, I recently did a post about promoting PeerFly offers on YouTube. One of the restrictions we have in place is that you must create a redirect on your own domain if you want to direct link. We require this so there aren’t a million PeerFly links littering YouTube. It also should help your campaign because people are much more likely to trust a link with your domain than some random PeerFly link.

Redirect Script Examples

I have included both HTML and PHP redirect example scripts at:

The .html and .php files are the actual examples and the .txt files are the code that the examples use. You’ll notice that they both redirect immediately. If you want to be creative you could setup the page to show some text telling the user that they will be redirected in 10 seconds and include a countdown or something like that.

Please take a look through the examples provided and PLEASE let me know if you have any questions. I have gotten hundreds of questions about iframing our offers since my post and I want to help you get things setup so that your campaign can be successful and you can start making money with PeerFly, today!

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39 thoughts on Create your own Redirect Page

  1. I agree its always a good thing to have some basic knowledge such as this. However, if your site is running on WordPress there is a sweet redirect script called “Quick Page/Post Redirect DEV”. Its a free plugin and works great when you need to change something on the fly.

  2. The Apache will give you the fastest redirect since it won’t pass the request along to PHP (less overhead, faster response). If that’s not good enough because you need to perform some logic then a header redirect will be the next quickest. Finally, if you really need to use it, you could use a meta redirect.

    Many CPA offers supports only one country, so to get ads approved is harder as reviewers are not able to see the page. You can use Google’s Geo Apis for this purpose.


  3. Hi luke, i ve two questions:-
    1.Instead of redirecting from my own domain to PF offer, shall i just shorten it using bit .ly and then shall i post it in YT description therby promoting thru YT..?
    Just wanted to know.. correct me if thats not allowed..

    2.I will iframe the offer with my own domain and then i ll shorten it using bit .ly.. Is that allowed?

    Am a newbie. So ur guidance ll help me out. And thanks in advance for such a fantastic informations on ur blog.. its very very useful for a newbie like me. 🙂

    1. 1. No, you must have your own domain redirect setup for YouTube traffic. URL shorteners are not allowed.
      2. Yes, that is fine.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply Luke. Highly appreciated. And how about the below idea?
        –> ie., In order to promote thru YT, i ll create a redirect setup for the offer link with my own domain…, and then i ll shorten my domain name using shortener… is that ok?

  4. Salvesh –
    March 5th, 2013

    Thanks for your quick reply Luke. Highly appreciated. And how about the below idea?
    –> ie., In order to promote thru YT, i ll create a redirect setup for the offer link with my own domain…, and then i ll shorten my domain name using shortener… is that ok?

    Salvesh, why in the bloody hell would you do that?

  5. One more question. I guess we are not suppose to use ccTLD, say .in or In such case, will the traffic be considered as traffic from India?

  6. Thank you for this helpful guide. One thing that concerns me about redirecting is what will happen when sponsors find out that they’re getting traffic from a blank redirect page on my domain. I’m afraid that they might think I’m using unapproved methods to direct traffic to my redirect link, and will subsequently ban me or complain to Peerfly. Is this something I should worry about, or are my fears overblown?

    1. We don’t see many issues with this. If we get complaints about your traffic we may reach out to see what the issue is and ask you to remove the redirect (depending on how you set it up).

  7. can we use our website link like with the landing page with the peerfly offer so when the visitor visits our website then they can complete the offer.

    1. You can promote our offers on your landing page, but I’d recommend emailing your landing page link to your affiliate manager for them to review.

    1. Yes, you could add a geo-redirection to it, but you’d need to learn some php or potentially JavaScript. I usually setup my georedirects in PeerFly.

  8. Hi Luke,

    One of your responses about read “You can promote our offers on your landing page, but I’d recommend emailing your landing page link to your affiliate manager for them to review.”

    Does it mean that we have to submit every product review page (website) to Peerfly for approval. I haven’t seen condition is mentioned in the offers. When banners are available for a particular offer, obviously, they are placed on your website unless you use Media Buying.

    Once I submitted my website to an AM upon request (not Peerfly), and after that my conversion dropped to almost zero. They had copied my entire website, which I spent time and money to create.

    I really don’t understand the logic behind “submit the landing page for approval”. If banners and contextual links are allowed, does it really matter where the banners/links are placed?

    I appreciate if you could clarify this.

    Thank you,

    Plim West

    1. I understand your concern, but a lot of our clients require that each landing page get approved. We don’t work with clients that copy our publishers work (we’ll lose out if that happens too). Most of our clients want to see your landing page simply to make sure you are being compliant and not misleading.

      We’re happy to work with you to provide the best possible experience so feel free to reach out and we can discuss ways to make sure your work is treated properly 🙂

  9. Hi Luke,
    If I use a sub-domain names and redirect to peer fly CPA offers. with Quick Page/Post Redirect DEV. Is it fine to apply for a PPC Bing rules.

    Best Regards,

    1. I believe that would be fine. You may not have a very good quality score from Bing, but I believe you could get it approved.

  10. I’m a newbie here.
    I understand we can use google drive to host our Landing / Redirect Page.
    Can we use it in Peerfly offer?

  11. Hey Luke, can you help me….

    I put Meta Refresh for one facebook ads campaign and not approved…. That say casino not allowed… but i’m trying to promote game niche… i think because if it not is from UK and IR that redirect to that page casino… How to solve this? Thanks!

  12. I use the WordPress SEO plugin by “yoast” it has a feature to add a redirect to any page (lander etc) that you have created by simply adding a URL.
    Would that be an acceptable method for direct linking?

  13. Hey Luke, I’ve been wanting to know if I can do this to promote on Youtube since no one has asked this..

    1- I place the affiliate link on my blogger.

    2- I paste my blogger’s link on the description of the video.

    Would that be ok? Because in order to go to the affiliate link, you would have to enter my blogger first.


  14. Hi Luke
    Just to know whether you have some academy to give training to newbies in
    Affiliate marketing. I am very much interested in CPA marketing.
    Awaiting your positive response.
    Best regards.
    Gobind – Spain

  15. Hi Luke,

    About the custom tracking domain on PeerFly , needs to be a single domain , for each offer?

    the set up process onces i add the A records on my domain registrar
    its just scroll down on the offer and select my domain ? due i need to save it some where ?

    why every time y acces to the same offer , my custom domain is not select it any more ? is normal

    thanks for your help

    Best regards.

    Juan Echegollen

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