How to Create Facebook Instant Articles For Your Blog

How to Create Facebook Instant Articles

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If you have been on Facebook over the past few months, you have probably noticed their new Instant Articles feature.

Facebook Instant Articles are articles that load within Facebook when they are clicked. Facebook says they load up to 10x faster than normal articles (links) and because of that they get more engagement.

I am always interested in trying the latest trends and getting more engagement on my content, so I decided to create Instant Articles for this blog on my Facebook Page. The setup process is fairly easy, but there are a few things required so I decided to create a guide to help.

Here is a quick guide on how you can do it for your WordPress blog too.

Instant Articles Example

Create Instant Articles For Your Blog

First, you will need to install the official WordPress plugin for Instant Articles created by Facebook.

Install Instant Articles WordPress Plugin

  1. Click Add New Plugin in your WordPress Admin
  2. Search for Instant Articles for WP
  3. Click on the Install button for Instant Articles for WP
  4. Activate the Plugin

Click on Instant Articles in your WordPress Admin sidebar and configure the Facebook Instant Articles Settings.

Next, you will need to go to your Facebook Page for your blog (don’t have one? Create a Facebook Page), click Settings, and open up the Instant Articles settings option.

Instant Article Settings

You should see the Instant Articles Configuration page shown above. Read through the Initial Setup and then follow the directions in the first two options of the Tools section to Claim Your URL and submit your Production RSS Feed.

Instant Articles Tools

Your RSS Feed URL is setup through the WordPress plugin you installed in step 1. The URL by default is:

Once you have completed the steps above, you can submit your feed for review. Facebook manually reviews Instant Article RSS feeds and once approved, your blog will be setup for Instant Articles!

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can install the Facebook Pages Manager app and actually test out your Instant Articles before they are approved. This is also the best place to test out a custom style for your Instant Articles.

Instant Article Style

Once Facebook has approved your RSS feed, you are able to publish your links as Instant Articles rather than traditional post links. You can do this under Instant Articles, Production in your Facebook Page Publishing Tools section.

I have not had Instant Articles setup for this blog long enough yet to tell you whether or not I am seeing more engagement using them, but I am optimistic I will.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues setting up Instant Articles for your own WordPress blog.

Good luck!

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19 thoughts on How to Create Facebook Instant Articles For Your Blog

    1. You can submit any RSS feed, but it needs to be structured a certain way for Facebook. They’ve created the WP plugin for it, which makes it really easy for WordPress blogs.

  1. Hey Luke,
    What a great article,

    But i need to know,
    If using instant articles, does our ads (such as adsense) still appear on visitor side? and have you tried audience network??


    1. You can add an ad unit to Instant Articles within the WordPress plugin or try our the Facebook Audience Network. I am not currently displaying any ads on mine.

  2. Hello Luke, thanks for parsing your valuable knowledge with your readers. I am sure many of your visitors will follow this post. I got this post very late but would like follow. I am sure it will help.. thanks a lot again my friend 😀


  3. Thanks you So much For sharing This Amazing Helpful Article. But I have still some questions in my mind.

    Is Facebook Instant Articles is best for your Website? How much we can earn?
    This Instant Articles is better for you If you are not get #AdSense Approval. because This is pretty much easier to get Facebook Instant Articles Approval.
    Did you Have also these queries in your mind then you must read my Article

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