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Over the past few months my buddy Oliver Kenyon from has been working hard on building up the new paid section of his affiliate marketing forum. The new paid section is called The Dojo. It really fits well with the theme Oliver has created for CPAFix and it has been very exciting to watch not only his community at CPAFix grow, but The Dojo as well. Well, last week The Dojo officially launched and I thought I would give you a quick tour of it and explain what makes it different than all the other affiliate marketing forums out there.

Before I continue, I should disclose that I am a Super Moderator and contributor at both CPAFix and The Dojo. Obviously I am somewhat biased towards them because of this, but I also have spent about a year and a half helping the community without any sort of compensation and I would not have done that if I didn’t think CPAFix was awesome.

A little bit about CPAFix

CPAFix is a free affiliate marketing forum run by my buddy, Oliver Kenyon. The community of affiliate marketers there has grown to over 8,000 people! There’s a ton of a great information being shared there in pretty much every aspect of affiliate marketing.

CPAFix Forum

If you are interested in learning more about CPAFix I recommend you head on over to the forum or check out my previous articles about it:

The latest addition to CPAFix, The Dojo, is an exclusive paid section of the site that is an affiliate marketing newbie’s dream.

A Tour of The Dojo

The Dojo is probably the most organized affiliate marketing forum available and the fact that it is just an exclusive section of CPAFix makes it incredibly convenient. I am on CPAFix throughout the day anyway and instead of having to login to a completely different forum (I check AffPlaybook about once a week because I forget all about it) the new posts on The Dojo will show up right on CPAFix when you’re roaming around.

The other really nice thing about membership to The Dojo is that it is only a one time fee of $147. Most paid affiliate marketing forums charge you monthly, but with The Dojo you pay once and then you have exclusive access for life. So, when an awesome new method is exposed two months from now and everyone is talking about it you won’t have to pay again to learn it!

The topics covered on The Dojo range quite a bit within the affiliate marketing space, but as I mentioned before, it’s nicely organized so you can easily find what you are looking for. For example, I have been doing a lot of work with Sponsored Stories and recently saw a post on The Dojo titled How to grow your Facebook Fanpages. After reading through it I got an idea for a way to implement one of the methods mentioned on my own fan page and saw a HUGE increase in interaction:

Facebook fan page stats

The post that caused that response also did very well within my Sponsored Stories campaigns:

Sponsored Stories campaign stats

That’s just one example of how I have used information from The Dojo. There’s some fan page discussion, but as I said, overall there is a lot covered and it’s very newbie friendly. Here are some of the articles recently posted:

The Dojo threads

You can build a very good foundation and expand on your knowledge/skills with the information provided at The Dojo. I highly recommend you take a look. The $147 price tag should not be your determining factor when deciding whether you want to join The Dojo. Do you want to find new ways to make money with affiliate marketing and are you willing to put forth a good effort to do so? If yes, then The Dojo is for you.

Click HERE to learn more and sign up at The Dojo!

Let’s make some money!

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23 thoughts on The Dojo Review

  1. Really good written as always Luke. Really good review and because of this I myself took the chance and became a member.
    I can honestly say I haven’t learned so much in such a short time! Best $97 I’ve ever INVESTED.
    Can only give out my thanks to both Luke, who opened my eyes, and Oliver who created this learning central. Thanks.

  2. As a member of the Dojo I can honestly say it’s some of the best money i’ve ever spent. The guides just condense all the information you need, it saves you sifting through hours upon on hours of crap and it is also full of knowledgeable people who will answer even the simplest of questions for you (Trust me, I know this first hand!).

  3. Great review and synopsis of the Dojo, Luke.

    I just checked out the Dojo and was impressed – it’s really off to a good start as a killer resource for IMers. Only a few days old and already chock full of unique instructional material and dialog.

  4. Hey Luke I always look forward to getting mails from you in my inbox. So when got an email about the Dojo I thought I’d post here. I’m also a member of cpafix and the dojo and agree it’s rather good. It’s a great place to come and get advice on campaigns you are doing or even just to find out what works. Like with all things there is no magical push the button receive money program. But an awesome community does go a long way and helps to get you on the right road.

  5. I was bought Dojo and I must say that this is the best investment I made. I was so happy when I first time visit Dojo. There is so many good learning material and great people who like to help. This is must have to everyone who want to be sucessful in this buisenes.

  6. Well this sounds pretty bogus.
    With a marketing line like this ” Warning We are only letting another 07 members join The Dojo. ” you might as well be Ryan Eagle himself if you’re gonna use his tactic.

  7. Even if you are new or experienced internet marketers, The DoJo is very suitable for all. Being a Dojo member myself, I could say that the administrator, Oliver Kenyon, is taking care so much about the forum. Furthermore, CPAfix is well developed with many features. It’s a no question ask to become a member at Dojo exclusive membership. For a one time payment, you’ll be gain access to the exclusive member area for life. Thumbs Up for The Dojo!

  8. A great, detailed post by Luke, as usual!

    I am a member of The Dojo and a tenured member of CPAFix. Let me add to this post from my first hand experience, for the benefit of visitors to Luke’s wonderful blog.

    The world of CPA will never be the same again with the launch of The Dojo. It’s like a whiff of fresh air after years of staleness especially pertaining to the community and coaching aspect of CPA. The Dojo is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition who are stuck with years old threads and strategies that actually belong to the last decade.

    Oliver Kenyon, the pioneer behind The Dojo is a force to reckon with having been there, done that. The biggest difference is that posts in The Dojo come from highly successful marketers in the trenches. The methods and techniques have been tried and tested and only then rolled out in the exclusive Forum, and not “revealed” for the first time to unsuspecting Forum members who then become guinea pigs for testing for the gurus like in the other places.

    No, The Dojo is not going to be just another Forum that you browse and keep looking for the elusive missing piece, as you might be thinking. Once you become a member the elusive information will be right there in front of you – all you have to do is take it, apply it and make money!

    If making money is the end result that you have in mind, The Dojo and none other is the right place for you. I am not sure how long the one-time fee system will last, given the mad rush to join The Dojo, but it is better to avail of it while it lasts.

  9. I am already a member of The Dojo and I can only say: the content of The Dojo is simply brilliant ! So much detailed information in only one address will hardly be found anywhere else in the net – or only after a long search.
    And that all for free for lifetime, once you have registered.

  10. I forgot to mention the drop down menu “What would you like to learn?”.

    This drop down menu makes The Dojo very clearly arranged and easy to navigate.
    It’s like a table of contents, and with only two mouse clicks you are right in the desired topic.

    I’ve never seen such well-organized content in a forum.

  11. I don’t leave a bunch of reviews about product and website memberships I purchase, however CPAFix & The Dojo is a pretty awesome place to pick up tips & techniques to improve your online marketing and beyond. My suggestion is to grab this while you can you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Hi Luke,
    Thanks for the review. I have joined a couple of weeks ago and I really appreciate the fact that anyone at any level can interact with Professional and gain from their experience and advice. Not to mention the cool features, trainings and the hosts’ direct responses to their members.
    In fact since I have joined I have made a leap in understanding how CAP networks work and find it easier as the forum does not provide distracting threads. I too highly recommend to anyone who wants to make it with CPA, PPC and any other form of Affiliate Marketing.

  13. Good to see you on this forum. It is valuable to be able to communicate with CPA offer managers to improve service level and value to viewers of these offers.

  14. Great review, the screenshots add a lot of value. I am a member of the DOJO, and love being part of the community. The DOJO is a must buy if you’re serious about Internet Marketing.

  15. Might want to let everyone know it’s $147, not $97. I was interested at the lower price point, but felt bait and switched once I got there. Take care.

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    I hope everything is going well…

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  17. Hello Luke,

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