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Last year I did an interview with Oliver Kenyon from and since then CPAFix has grown into a real competitor in the affiliate marketing forum space. Just last week they passed 2,000 members and as of right now they have 2,212. There are about 1,500 threads and about 13,000 posts. Pretty impressive numbers! Well, earlier this week Oliver released an all new CPAFix with an awesome new layout.


I like this new layout quite a bit because it’s a lot ligher than the last one. Everything blends together a lot better and it just makes the overall experience a lot smoother when reading through the threads and posting. Besides the cool new layout, CPAFix also added some new features including a blog and some affiliate marketing tools.

CPAFix Blog

To be honest, I am not sure what I think of the new CPAFix blog. Right now there are only two posts on it, but I’m not sure if I see it really taking off. I suppose of Oliver can get some of the other members of the forum to contribute to it then it might be useful, but then again, it’s that the point of the forum? 🙂

CPAFix Tools

I am much more excited for the CPAFix tools than I am the blog. The new tools feature has four different affiliate marketing tools available:

  • Landing Page Generator
  • Banner Generator
  • Google Exact Results Tool
  • Link Cloaker

The actual quality of the tools could be improved in my option, but I do like the direction they are going. Tools are critical to any affiliate’s success so having these at your exposure could be very useful.

I am pretty good friends with Oliver, so I asked him for a statement on the CPAFix relaunch and the future of the site.

The reason behind the relaunch was because I always saw the potential behind the idea, I have never envisioned CPAFix as a forum although to many that WAS the basis of the site. To me it was always going to be a complete “platform” and resource for everything affiliate marketing, so the time was right to expand the site and get serious. Adding the blog, tools, resources and so much more goes hand in hand with the future expenditure of the project and enables us to open up so many more doors, we are far from done. I know now the hard work starts and I have pledged my all to the project and will not rest until I remain as the number one affiliate hub online.

The real value in CPAFix is definitely in the discussions going on in the forum. As their affiliate forum continues to grow so will the overall value of it. There are some very smart people contributing and there are some very good discussions going on. If you’re not already a member, you should definitely check it out and consider joining. I’m a Moderator so you’ll definitely see me on there!

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7 thoughts on CPA Discussion on Affiliate Forum

  1. Thanks for sharing Luke.

    I registered. A very useful resource. Couldn’t find your CPAFix username to enter in the registration form though.

  2. I was on the forum from the beginning (because I was in CPA for a long time) but I didn’t visit the blog yet. I didn’t know that exist at all. However,I know Oliver offers some great informations, so I will probably bookmark this blog!
    Thanks Luke

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