Control Your 7Search Traffic Quality or Die

The following is a guest post by Chad Howarth. Chad is a bad man. Bad as in good, of course. He has studied internet marketing since 1997, and he is proficient in turning those wayward entrepreneurial spirits (whiners) into winners. If you like Chad’s style and want more tips for improving your PPC/CPA campaigns, he has a whole lot more to say at

OK, stop me if you’ve heard any of these before:

7Search is a SCAM!
All 7Search does is send me bot traffic!
I’m out of baby powder and my whine-lines are chafing!

Yeah? You’ve heard all those? Me too. Enough times to choke NASA and what’s more is, I have heard similar such complaining about every paid traffic source in the known universe. Now, why do you suppose this is? I’ll tell you why. It is because people want cheap traffic and who can blame them? I want cheap traffic. But do I expect quality traffic for a penny a click?


Now a lot of the “tips” out there about setting up 7Search campaigns go something like this: “Hey! Go to ABC keyword tool, cut and paste yourself ’bout 5000 hyper-targeted super keywords, and then bid a penny for ’em. Now just saddle up your make-money pony and git some!”

That’s right, you can safely ignore any advice of this nature. It is this type of advice that is responsible for the growing armada of 7Search haters. These guys are mad, and they aren’t shy about it and I feel bad for them. I feel bad because I am getting conversions, I am controlling my traffic, and I am profitable. I feel bad because I am bidding MORE THAN A PENNY. Wouldn’t these things just make you feel awful too?

How’s This for a Tip:

7Search 500 Top Paying Keywords

BAM! I will bet you your grandmother’s article submitter that no one is paying $6 a click for bot traffic. Now how did I find these gems? Well that’s easy, and this click is on me:

7Search 500 Top Paying Keywords

This is a script that updates real-time to reflect the top keyword bids. Check back often, but please don’t misunderstand, I don’t expect you to start out a new campaign with $6 bids. That would be what I like to call STUPID. But it does beg the question:

What do I do with this Top 500 list?

Man, I’m glad you asked. This is the part where I share a little secret with you. There are no iPhone or iPad keywords in this list. Hmm! But guess what, every CPA noob does the first time he/she goes to promote an offer? “Wow! Free iPhone/iPad offer?? Who wouldn’t go for that? Easy money!”

Sorry noob, you’ve got another thing coming and it’s not early retirement. Let me advise you, nay, let me implore you not to start your CPA career by getting excited about one shiny CPA offer. Absolutely familiarize yourself with the offers that are available to you, but do NOT get your heart set on one, not yet.

Also, forget about the aforementioned ABC keyword tool. You are using 7Search traffic, use the 7Search Keyword Suggestion Tool. Duh.

And forget about loading up hundreds of keywords. That is just silly. Dozens maybe, but not hundreds. I’m dead serious about that. Check out this cleverly masked screen shot of my most profitable 7Search campaign:

Most profitable 7Search campaign

(Update: 7Search no longer shows Top 3 Bids like is displayed above. Hover the magnifying glass to see top bids.)

See that? 39 keywords. And guess what? No penny bids. I’m above a dime on a couple of these and I have the clicks and impressions to show for it. Bear in mind that this represents a single week of data.

Now why all this talk about keywords when I started this conversation with talk about traffic quality? Well, because 7Search is a 2nd tier PPC network and their reach does not extend into all markets like you’ll see with Google or AdCenter. You have to know which markets work with 7Search, and which ones don’t. That is where the Top 500 list comes into play.

If you’re in some off-beat market, 7Search still wants to sell you clicks and they will find them for you, and they’ll even let them go for real cheap, but you won’t like it. You’ll enlist in the hater armada when your penny clicks don’t convert, and you’ll boohoo all the way to your favorite internet marketing forum.

Simply put, if you’re getting significant impressions and clicks for a penny you may be playing in a market that 7Search has a weak presence in. Use keyword research to evaluate the quality of traffic 7Search can provide in any given niche. When you see higher bids, it is reasonable to assume higher quality traffic. You don’t have to outbid everyone, you just have to be in the ballpark. And last but not least…

Fit Your Offers to the Traffic, Not the Other Way Around, C’est La Vie.

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