Control Your 7Search Traffic Quality or Die

Control 7Search Traffic Quality

Read this first about 7Search...

7Search is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

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This article was published 5 years, 1 month ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.
The following is a guest post by Chad Howarth. Chad is a bad man. Bad as in good, of course. He has studied internet marketing since 1997, and he is proficient in turning those wayward entrepreneurial spirits (whiners) into winners. If you like Chad’s style and want more tips for improving your PPC/CPA campaigns, he has a whole lot more to say at

OK, stop me if you’ve heard any of these before:

7Search is a SCAM!
All 7Search does is send me bot traffic!
I’m out of baby powder and my whine-lines are chafing!

Yeah? You’ve heard all those? Me too. Enough times to choke NASA and what’s more is, I have heard similar such complaining about every paid traffic source in the known universe. Now, why do you suppose this is? I’ll tell you why. It is because people want cheap traffic and who can blame them? I want cheap traffic. But do I expect quality traffic for a penny a click?


Now a lot of the “tips” out there about setting up 7Search campaigns go something like this: “Hey! Go to ABC keyword tool, cut and paste yourself ’bout 5000 hyper-targeted super keywords, and then bid a penny for ’em. Now just saddle up your make-money pony and git some!”

That’s right, you can safely ignore any advice of this nature. It is this type of advice that is responsible for the growing armada of 7Search haters. These guys are mad, and they aren’t shy about it and I feel bad for them. I feel bad because I am getting conversions, I am controlling my traffic, and I am profitable. I feel bad because I am bidding MORE THAN A PENNY. Wouldn’t these things just make you feel awful too?

How’s This for a Tip:

7Search 500 Top Paying Keywords

BAM! I will bet you your grandmother’s article submitter that no one is paying $6 a click for bot traffic. Now how did I find these gems? Well that’s easy, and this click is on me:

7Search 500 Top Paying Keywords

This is a script that updates real-time to reflect the top keyword bids. Check back often, but please don’t misunderstand, I don’t expect you to start out a new campaign with $6 bids. That would be what I like to call STUPID. But it does beg the question:

What do I do with this Top 500 list?

Man, I’m glad you asked. This is the part where I share a little secret with you. There are no iPhone or iPad keywords in this list. Hmm! But guess what, every CPA noob does the first time he/she goes to promote an offer? “Wow! Free iPhone/iPad offer?? Who wouldn’t go for that? Easy money!”

Sorry noob, you’ve got another thing coming and it’s not early retirement. Let me advise you, nay, let me implore you not to start your CPA career by getting excited about one shiny CPA offer. Absolutely familiarize yourself with the offers that are available to you, but do NOT get your heart set on one, not yet.

Also, forget about the aforementioned ABC keyword tool. You are using 7Search traffic, use the 7Search Keyword Suggestion Tool. Duh.

And forget about loading up hundreds of keywords. That is just silly. Dozens maybe, but not hundreds. I’m dead serious about that. Check out this cleverly masked screen shot of my most profitable 7Search campaign:

Most profitable 7Search campaign

(Update: 7Search no longer shows Top 3 Bids like is displayed above. Hover the magnifying glass to see top bids.)

See that? 39 keywords. And guess what? No penny bids. I’m above a dime on a couple of these and I have the clicks and impressions to show for it. Bear in mind that this represents a single week of data.

Now why all this talk about keywords when I started this conversation with talk about traffic quality? Well, because 7Search is a 2nd tier PPC network and their reach does not extend into all markets like you’ll see with Google or AdCenter. You have to know which markets work with 7Search, and which ones don’t. That is where the Top 500 list comes into play.

If you’re in some off-beat market, 7Search still wants to sell you clicks and they will find them for you, and they’ll even let them go for real cheap, but you won’t like it. You’ll enlist in the hater armada when your penny clicks don’t convert, and you’ll boohoo all the way to your favorite internet marketing forum.

Simply put, if you’re getting significant impressions and clicks for a penny you may be playing in a market that 7Search has a weak presence in. Use keyword research to evaluate the quality of traffic 7Search can provide in any given niche. When you see higher bids, it is reasonable to assume higher quality traffic. You don’t have to outbid everyone, you just have to be in the ballpark. And last but not least…

Fit Your Offers to the Traffic, Not the Other Way Around, C’est La Vie.

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51 thoughts on Control Your 7Search Traffic Quality or Die

  1. Great Work Chad and thanks to Luke for letting us know more about 7search. I am glad to see this wonderful information. I am so eager to start a campaign with 7search and still in process of managing 150$ as a start budget. I will definitely follow the guide lines provided by chad and will let you know the results too.

  2. This strategy requires a larger budget to experiment with everything.
    Newbies (like me) does not have it.
    One thing I can not understand – if you look at the three higher bid, it is seen that some of the first and second lines are pretty big difference (for example, the second row). I’ve seen it myself constantly. Why provide more than is possible to obtain a lower bid in the first place?

  3. How come your ‘most profitable’ campaign has ZERO conversions over the whole week??? You gotta be joking man! 😀 With 300 clicks a week you can hardly make sizeable profit on 7search or any other PPC networtk for that matter.

    So what’s the message of this post – to tell us that we gotta be bidding on $3-$6 CPC keywords?? You have no idea man on what products they are bidding that much, and without being in “their shoes” bidding that crazy $$$ is a surefire way to go bankrupt on 7 search!

    I guess the purpose of this post is to sell your $25 coupon, right? 😉

    1. A few points:
      1. This is a guest post.
      2. My guess is that Chad did not place the 7Search pixel in which case his conversions would not show up on 7Search.
      3. There was no mention of total profit/revenue, but if you know what you’re doing you can pull in a decent amount of money off 300 clicks. Not to mention, sizable profit is relative for your situation. $50/week to you may be a lot less than someone else.
      4. It was made clear that you should not bid $3-6 CPC on 7Search within this post. The point is not to be afraid to be a little more aggressive with your bidding than $0.01 CPC.
      5. I’m happy to push my $25 coupon if it’s going to allow someone the opportunity to start generating consistent conversions and I’m sure they’ll be happy too 🙂

  4. Great info. I have been using a similar method myself. M. Ahmad you can start with a small budget. I started with $25 and just added accordingly. Just watch your campaigns and add funds as you get them. I have definitely seen a positive ROI on my adspend. Give it a shot……

  5. Thanks to you Luke I started my affiliate PPC experience with your 7Search coupon (put in $25 and got an additional $50 worth of advertising). Till then I’d only made one sale in a couple of months. The first couple of days I tried out some CPA offers and after not making any conversions at all, I decided to try marketing some affiliate products. So far I’ve been able to make sales of $300. I can say for certain that for all the “guru” information out there yours was the one that made a difference and yes with 7Search you should be a bit aggressive don’t just go for the penny clicks. Thanks again man 🙂

  6. First of all, thank you for all of your responses!

    Secondly, I don’t mean to say that by simply bidding higher you get higher quality traffic. I’ve checked out most of the refering domains for my traffic. Penny clicks come from wanna be search engines with spammy serps. Dime clicks or higher often come from niche websites with more targeted traffic.

    This is not always true though.

    The point I mean to make is this: if you can get the top bid for a penny or two, the keyword may not be worth bidding on at all with 7Search, in fact you may be in a niche that 7Search doesn’t have much traffic for and you’re just going to get multiple redirect arbitrage traffic from Ecuador or something.

    Use 7Search’s keyword tools to find keywords with high bids, then find related keywords with bids you can afford, and then test multiple offers that pertain to these keywords. Find your market first, then your product/offers.

    As far as my conversion data, I track it in Prosper202. My CPC is .09, my EPC is .16. This campaign profits roughly $20 a week. The idea is to take the time and effort that it takes to make a couple dozen campaigns like this one.

    These figures include the first couple of weeks when I was testing, and losing money with this campaign. I’ve been testing and tuning it now for 5 weeks.

    I hope this answers everyones questions. Thanks again!

  7. As a newbie I find that most forums seem to be filled with gloomy figures of failure, makes me wonder if it makes any sense.

  8. I see those sad stories too. I used to be one of those sad stories. I began studying internet marketing in 1997, and I’m just now becoming successful.

    Its just in the past year that I’ve started trying hard enough, and sticking to an idea until I master no matter how many failures it takes.

    Pick one idea, and see it through. For me it is PPC advertising, and CPA promotion.

  9. This post & the replies ave been great. I’ve used 7Search to no avail so far & this answers a lot of questions as to exactly why, what what I suspected & what good things we can probably take from this.

    Yes 7Search delivers a lot of crappy traffic. If you look in your web site stats you’ll see that there are a lot of 7Search affiliate sites that arbitrage traffic that’s worthless. I discovered that about a year ago.

    However, even though there are plenty of sites like that there are thousands of 7Search affiliates. I suspected that there must be some great traffic in there because of that. There are people making money from their traffic or they wouldn’t still be in business. You can’t mass scam people for 15+ years.

    The good we may be able to take from this is:

    1. If you pay a little more your ad might be shown in places cheap bidders ads wont.

    2. Most traffic sources have poor & strong niches. So we just go find the strong ones testing the traffic first buy rotating tightly related offers in many niches.

    I’ll start testing this today.

    Thanks Luke & Chad

  10. Hi Chad
    Thanks for sharing golden info
    I have a question though. Some say 7search is good only for email submit offers or offers with smaller payments like $1.50. Is there a truth in that? The offer you have run seems a smaller payment offer. Is it CPA or a clickbank?

  11. hi luke, thanks for this article

    can you explain at new post about when use broad, exact and phrase keyword type, i think this is important for ppc advertiser. Until now im still confuse when use broad, phrase or exact… when we must use broad, when we must use phrase or when we must use exact type… can u explain it at 1 new article

    thank you

    1. That was actually covered a bit in this 7Search case study. I only use broad simply because that’ll get me the most traffic, but if you’re trying to be specific I can see the reason that you’d go exact to try to increase quality. Definitely worth exploring for a future article for more in-depth analysis 🙂

  12. Chad , Luke,
    Thanks for publishing this article. There is a lot of useful information here. I have a couple of questions though: Are you using landing pages on 7Search to link to your offer? Is it possible to direct link to offers and be as successful?

  13. I always start out with direct linking. This is a great way to test ad copy, keywords, and offers. Once you have a combination that profits, or at least comes close to break-even, it is worth it to test and lander. A lander with video is the best choice, of course.

    The example I used here was a direct link to a CPA offer.

    E-mail submits are not the only way to go with 7Search traffic. CPA offers that convert on a download can be great too. As usual, test it out.

    There is more to traffic quality control that goes beyond the scope of this article. You need to be day parting and week parting. For offers that work in multiple countries you should run a different campaign for each country. (I lump US and Canadian traffic together though)

    I always start with Exact Match. If I find that I get substantial impressions and clicks, I go to phrase match and watch for negative keyword opportunities to keep my conversions up. I never use broad match. It may be appropriate for some niches though. As always, test, gather data, tune, and test some more!

  14. I’ve been using 7seacrh for almost 2 years now and I have about 5-6 targeted campaigns promoting some pay per sale sites and I never spend more than $100 a month and usually see 4-5 times that in return. And I hardly ever bid more than .10c but always at least .03.c

  15. Hi Chad,

    I subscribed your newsletter, I am still waiting for new posts from you but in 10 days I just got 1. I need more from you :))

  16. Hi Chad…

    1) Can you share some verticals with us beside email submits and downloads. Actually I want to go with big payout offers, may be with sales not leads. Do you think that 7search provide good quality traffic for that kind of offers like a snoring solution(sale) offer which pays 40 $?

    2) I see some higher bids like 12, 18 cents. How much are you paid for this offer, 1,30? Actually the question is what is you peak point for bidding? If an offer pays 1,30, What would be your max bid?

    3) I checked theTOP 500 kws list from 7Search, however most of them are Pharma, credit card and gambling related. Do you mean these are the markets that we can get good quality traffic from 7Search?

    Thanks, I am waiting your newsletter and hope to see some case studies or live campaigns…

    1. Amurtes, I have also done CPS offers with 7Search. The highest paying offer that has worked for me so far is about $25. I am testing $70 to $100 offers now.

      I have worked with paid survey CPA offers as well. These tend to be 2 page submit and e-mail confirm. I’ve had some success here. For this niche I drive 7Search traffic to a squeeze page offering a free paid survey newsletter. Every issue of this newsletter is promotional, informing subscribers of new paid surveys they can try. This kind of works, but I find the cost-per-subscriber to be a tad high. Still working to increase conversions.

  17. wow! luckily you shared about this 7search thing luke. I was thinking of using it to drive traffic to CPA because it’s cheap! Thanks for the info! I hope infolinks gives quality traffic with their cheap clicks.. hmmm

  18. Sure wish I had run into this four years ago! It’s a bit of a dig, but well worth the time spent piecing together all of this information. I love Peerfly and I love 7Search. I’m going to spend whatever time it takes to get very very good at this. Thank you for your great explanations!

  19. Hey luke, how can i get into peerfly, to past through approval process. I want to run international mobile, don’t have website. Any way you could help me out.

  20. Luke thanks for your effort. Could you please post some more tutorial regarding using 7search. It will be very helpful..

      1. Thanks for the idea, I will try use the idea. Because I confuse to looking keyword and getting high PPC. Maybe you have more suggestion to me we wait the moment.


  21. Dear Chad and Luke, anyway to throw some campaign demo that converts well? ( it will give everyone a very positive competition to “refer” and “create” the campaign as soon as possible ).

    1. A campaign demo that converts well… Adam, I’ll give you a tip. Think sports, and how many folks wish they could watch them online. What if you could run a campaign for an offer that could do just that? And what if you only ran that campaign during popular live, televised sporting events?

      This is a vague description of a campaign that has consistently worked for me. Hope that gives you some ideas…

  22. I had started using 7 search 1 weeks ago and help me to generate one sales from clickbank and some cpa sales on Peerfly. However, it ONLY generate two opt-in out of 75 clicks for my squeeze page. Keyword for make money online is more than $1 per click.
    I am considering to use others and anybody had other suggestion especially increase your squeeze page opt-in rate?
    On the other hand, anybody had try Adknowledge before?

  23. Great post. Very good tips for 7search traffic, the bit about checking their top 500 to filter out their best markets is a real gem!

    For the record, I’m actually getting decent quality traffic from 7search with a $0.05 click, which is still really good if you can hook that up to a decent landing page.


  24. You know? I feel a little stupid now. I never thought about 7 Search having their own keyword tool. 🙁 As Chad said….DUH

  25. Dear Luke and Chad,
    This is a blog post I had to read twice as it is so packed with useful information for any CPA/PPC wanabee like me.
    In fact I have bought information which I will not name here that did not even touch some of those basic, crucial points.
    1) Keyword research and bidding by USING 7Search’ kw tool which totally makes sense but not so obvious for noobs (like me) who will stick to good ole Google kw tool if not told otherwise….
    2) The way you CHAD set your campaign: Bidding on “Exact”, bid in order to be the on the 1st rank for each KW and using a lesser amount of keywords and tracking from from this “small” data !! This is just BRILLIANT and simple to understand not to mention tracking.
    3) I SWEAR TO GOD I have not read about this anywhere else, in fact I just even realised it was a major point consider prior to launching and my second thought/question is How come no one says this in their WSOs for exemple ?? … “7Search is a 2nd tier PPC network and their reach does not extend into all markets like you’ll see with Google or AdCenter. You have to know which markets work with 7Search, and which ones don’t. That is where the Top 500 list comes into play.” Is it really because these guys are also ignorant noobs or because they want to keep the Golden Ticket to themselves ?? And wouldn’t it be nice to realise this prior to launching some irrelevant campaign <> ??? and then give up and cry like Chad suggests ? I would have paid for such USEFUL information, in all honesty.
    Thinking one know what there is to know on PPC (Google Adwords, Adcenter and else) because one has been promised it is simple to set up and forget (which it is – no false claim here) is pretty much heading for another failure and thinking “Oh well, Marketing on the Internet is only for the geeks and the super smart, not for me, no way…) Whereas now I pretty much realise what it takes in order to launch and run some PROFITABLE campaign. Again, I am so glad I have landed on this post.
    4) …Fit Your Offers to the Traffic, Not the Other Way Around, C’est La Vie… This is now written on a huge Post-If where I can see it several times per day and meditate before opening my wallet !
    Final thought on this thread / blog post : One must realise PPC traffic is nothing but a form of trading and as such involves a lot of analysis before the action. Anyone having worked in finance will understand this concept very quickly and for others it may not even appear for what it is and this is a bit sad since we all want and deserve to make money and fulfill our DREAMS.

  26. I game across this guest post because I was furious at the quality of traffic from 7search. After doing a little digging, I wanted to share a little about what I discovered. I discovered that 7search was going through a company called Infolinks for my traffic. They were not even using their own publishers, basically for the most part. I started looking at these sites. What a joke. My kewords were “home business” and “home business opportunity” and I had my campaign set on phrase match, not broad match. I have hits from porn sites, sites in foreign languages, kid sites like Seriously, how does this happen? I know darn well that the keyword “home business opportunity” does not legitimately come up on a porn site and get clicked by some guy with his pants down around his knees. I have spent about $500 trying to get 7search right and when my last $7 runs out, I’m through with them.

  27. “Yeah, I’m hoping to get a case study up in the next week or so showing how to build your own email list using 7Search :)”

    Hi Luke, did you ever get to doing this? I had a look around the blog but couldn’t find the case study?

  28. If I understood Chad right, the 7Search 500 list are the categories we should be looking for offers. Correct? Obviously not with those exact general keyword terms, but with closely related perhaps longtail keyword phrases?

  29. Great post, Chad & Luke.

    I’m one of those who’d gotten p****d by all the negative feedback on 7search. Wish I’d seen this when it was still fresh.

    Which bring me to my question: is this stuff still valid… 2yrs on?

  30. I just launched a campaign on 7search. I noticed there is a mobile override section which gives me options to set bids for mobile traffic. Should I increase or discount mobile bids?

  31. Chad, thanks for the article. I learned how to make 7search profitable from a click bank course I bought a few years ago, but I didn’t have the scale to make any decent money. After reading this blog I’ve come to the conclusion 7search has a huge amount of traffic if you are in a niche they support. Many thanks to you and Luke for allowing you to post here.

  32. Hi Luke!
    Glad you guys are making money from 7search I’ve read all that was writen here and decided to try 7search and the results were absolutley discouraging. I’ve picked a zip submit offer as stated, not in this post but in this guide, as the easiest to convert along with email submits, the keyword was not a penny click keyword but was high as $0.90 so i’ve launched the campaign and waited for some clicks and conversions and waited for conversions to sort the bad affids rids and keep the good ones and waited for about 200…. clicks and not a single conversion…. so I decided to try some other niches and the result was the same and the courious thing was that in all kinds of offers from insurance to dating and weight loss some of the affids were always present and even (guessing as my offers were not converting) if I blocked the rids from those affids new rids from the same affids would pop up in the next day…. I even edited one of my ads with some nonsense headline and description and the traffic clicks didn’t declined….If this is not bot traffic I don’t know what is. In conclusion congratulations for you guys (Luke and Chad) 7search must have reserved all, if any, good traffic they have to you.

  33. Thanks for your information LUke and
    Please if you can get me out of doubt.
    I make a campaign 7search with prosper202 tracking, but leads me prosper shows zero “0”, and dashboard peerfly does not increase profit.
    The campaign I did pay NET15.
    my question is .: NET15 after that time are visible gains in peerfly?
    Sorry for the ignorance, I’m new.

  34. I have been using 7 Search now for a couple of days. I am getting quite a bit of web traffic. I am bidding about .10 cents per click and sending them to my affiliate pages. I noticed in Clicky that I am getting traffic from the following:

    I believe it is from 7 Search. You mentioned that 7 Search PPC traffic is from a 2nd tier network. Do you know how they get their web traffic?



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