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Last week I sent out an email to the members of my newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, with a list of the top 1,000 keywords on 7Search with bids at $0.05 or lower. I also included a note that if they emailed me back requesting it, I have a list of the top 10,000 keywords with bids at $0.05 or lower. I sent that list to over 200 people! Well, I’ve decided to release the list publicly.

This list was generated by 7Search and given me to be exclusively. It’s been out since April 2nd and I’m sure some of the keywords at the top now have bids much higher than $0.05, but it’s definitely still worth looking through. There are some really great keywords hidden throughout the list. These keywords have good volume (the list is sorted by monthly clicks) and it’s cheap traffic. You can find the two lists at:

If you are still not advertising on 7Search I suggest you take a look through these articles:

I have discussed 7Search quite a bit lately and my publishers are seeing pretty good results with their 7Search campaigns. A lot of affiliates on WarriorForum and CPAFix are talking about their successful campaigns and that’s very encouraging. I’ve even had a few people email me that they have gotten their first conversions ever from following my 7Search posts!

As you look through those posts you’ll see I’ve pretty much covered everything 7Search. Now, it’s time to build some campaigns and make some money 🙂 Pick out a few of the keywords from the lists linked to above, setup a few campaigns, optimize those campaigns, and then scale by creating more.

I will be updating the lists above as frequently as possible (as long as 7Search will continue to provide me with updated lists). I am hoping to get an updated list at least once every other month.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help setting up your campaigns.

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